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Use Coupon Code C585EB0 when you purchase your new hearing aids to receive a FREE box of 40 hearing aid batteries! Multiple memory settings can be programmed into the aid to give the user the ability to cope with changing sound and noise environments with the push of a button. Volume control is generally considered to be a manual adjustment that the user can control. This feature helps make hearing aids acoustically comfortable by dampening sudden loud noises, such as a dropped dish. Wind noise is an important feature for those that spend time in the outdoors by reducing the roar of wind across the microphone.
Acoustic Feedback, is also known as squealing, buzzing, 'your aids are talking to you', etc.
Communication from one hearing aid to the other is a very low strength signal designed to keep both hearing aids operating in the same mode at the same volume. Being able to couple your hearing aids with a BlueTooth-enabled device, such as a cell phone, allows phone conversations to be heard through your hearing aids. DAI is only on Large and Full Size hearing aids due to the need for terminals on the outside of the case. Conventional Hearing Aid Batteries cost less than a dollar per battery and are very easy to change. Automatically streams your telephone call to both ears, allowing for improved telephone communication.

Wi Series delivers on the true promise of wireless — by eliminating the need for body-worn devices during programming and daily listening. Starkey’s noise reduction and speech preservation algorithm is so fast and smart it reduces noise between syllables of speech.
Starkey’s industry-leading feedback canceller puts Wi Series in a class all its own with more robust feedback cancellation and intelligent artifact elimination to ensure you get the best possible performance in every listening environment. Starkey’s proprietary moisture protection system that integrates nano-coating, unibody construction and smart component placement. Starkey’s industry-leading directional system, is designed to better perform in highly complex environments with background noise.
Alerts you to the status of your hearing aid, low battery, memory and telephone modes in your choice of male or female voices in a wide variety of languages.
Automatically detects telephone use and adjusts to the optimal acoustic frequency response for telephone listening.
Precise Hearing's trained specialists are happy to assist you in choosing the right hearing aid solution for your unique loss. If you have a copy of your hearing test, please upload it here so that our specialists can better assist you.
It features high-tech noise reduction and speech preservation systems and virtually eliminates buzzing and whistling (feedback). Digital is newer and considered to be much more flexible, capable of doing more operations, and the only technology used in modern hearing aids.

Hearing aids are built so that this group of frequencies (250 to 6000 Hz) is divided into smaller groups, called bands or channels.
All hearing aids have automatic gain control designed to make soft sounds audible and loud sounds tolerable. Using DAI allows other devices to connect directly to the hearing aids and input their audio signal. Its two part algorithm uses dynamic voice identification, coupled with a spectral noise control that calculates appropriate gain on a per channel basis.
The result is a hearing aid uniquely designed to have superior water resistance both inside and out. The result is unprecedented sound quality, ease of listening, and intelligibility of speech in noise. Wi Series can also stream stereo sound directly from your TV, radio or computer to your hearing aids, just like a pair of headphones!

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