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There is a feature of the Psyko Carbons where you can lever open the side of the earpiece so that you can hear what’s going on outside the headset. As part of my quest for awesome 5.1 surround-sound, I picked up this cute little Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi.
Tried adjusting volume - Though it reduces, it's still there and also recording sound goes down along with buzzing noise. I can't spend 1000s of rupees for PCI sound card and this USB sound card doesn't seem like a good product. When I touch the headphone wire, buzzing noise increases and even more when my foot touches the ground.
Do you have any tube lights connected along the same mains line having choke that has starting giving humming off lately? Thanks for the tip (workaround to switch on), I checked couple of youtube videos to get the idea. I uninstalled realtek hd audio driver to see if there is any difference, but it gone worse. If you own Apple headphones, and have tried to make them work with an Xbox One controller, you must have heard a weird, buzzing sound while using them. Other than making it difficult for users to utilize its headphones on non-Apple products, it is unclear why the tech giant switches the connections on its headphone's connector.

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Switch to the List layout for an index with chronologycally listed news items or Grid layout for a block based layout. I know with realtek installed, sounds are amplified (both speaker and mic), now with no realtek sounds went back to normal and I can't hear my voice well with this buzzing noise.
Almost no other company does that, but if you own a pair of headphones from an ambiguous company and face the same buzzing problem when connecting it to the Xbox, you can try to use the trick mentioned above.
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Sound from a left channel reaches first the left ear and with a delay it also reaches the right ear. I wish this kind of technology could be applied on the fly, and I wonder how it would handle standard stereo streams.
If the source code were availible (I couldn't find it, so I assume the software is non-FOSS), one could probably write a audio filter for mplayer (or mpv), which could be loaded with the --af-add headphone cli arguement (assuming that headphone is the name of said audio filter). They range from brilliant candy colored, ultra-bass headphones and $6,400 luxury headphones to girlie faux earring buds. The first ring, starting from the tip, is the volume out for the left ear, the second is for the right ear, the third ring is for the mic, and the fourth for electrical grounding. Higher frequencies muffled more than lower frequencies. This is simulated by deliver the signal from the left sight filtered and delayed to the right sight and visa versa.
Apple switches the grounding ring with that of the mic, and this is why you hear that annoying sound in your headphones when you plug it in the Xbox controller jack.

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