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When the Sound Kick is not in use or being transported it sits upright, but when you want to use it, you easily pull out the back XKICK and tilt the speaker. Some things you should note about the Soundfreaq Sound Kick is that it is portable and will last up to 7 hours on battery power.
You can purchase Soundfreaq Sound Kick on their e-commerce site and nationwide at Target, Radio Shack, Walmart, and Sears stores. Check out Soundfreaq today and get your music loving friend, husband, wife, mom, dad, anyone this amazing speaker.
OK, I just found out this only happens when I plug my headphones into the front green port of my PC case. I'm having the same problem with my GA-EP43-DS3L and the front port on my Antec Sonata III case. Just had a thought for a possible workaround: my desktop speakers are really old, and don't contain a headphone jack. BTW, contrary to Lsdmeasap's thoughts, I'm suspecting that this is an issue with the mobo, and not the case. And as said above did you check your case wiring diagram to be sure your case supports the output from the board?

Would I be correct in assuming that getting a pair of speakers that have a headphone jack and plugging my headphones into that, instead of the front panel, would make this go away?
Hmm well your case diagram say HDA (High Def Audio) which is What Reltek is but some of the wires are not matching up with the board. I had a similar problem with an EX38-DQ6 and my current EP45-DS5 moboard but fixed it by rerouting the front sound connection via the top of the case, well away from the MB and most importantly the graphics card. I have an Antec 300 case and it was very easy (on my boards anyway) for the HD front sound cable to lie on the graphics card when plugged in. Make sure this is not so as there is a lot of noise generated by the graphics card which can be induced into the headphone wiring. Since re-routing the cabling well away from the MB and Graphics I have no noise, I am plugged into the motherboard HD connection using the Antec HD front panel connector.
I even tested out the volume and kept turning it up…my son complained that it was too loud! As a mom to 2 kids, she knows the importance of living a simple, healthy, and natural lifestyle.
Ever since I began using headphones, I hear constant static and general signal noise coming through from the sound card.

It will play any audio from your mobile device which includes music, movies, TV shows, videos, games, Internet radio and apps.
On my blog you will find all the wonderful natural products I have discovered, DIYs, and recipes. I don't necessarily consider myself an "audiophile", but it sure would be nice to have some clean sound. A couple of years ago I bought my husband a small amplifier that connects to iPods or iPhones, but the volume does not get very loud.
The Sound Kick is really easy to use when connecting through Bluetooth as well as when you are adjusting the volume. This season I found something that will make the holiday music sound soooooooo much better.

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