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BVLGARI AQVA MARINE POUR HOMME EDT 100ml MenBvlgari's Aqua Pour Homme Marine cologne is a fresh and luminous aquatic scent dedicated to a lighthearted, active man with a vibrant personality. BVLGARI AQVA MARINE TONIQ POUR HOMME EDT 100ml MenAqva Pour Homme Marine Toniq includes the freshness of mineral waters in each of its crystal droplets. BVLGARI AQVA POUR HOMME 100ml MenBulgari Aqua is a crisp blend of mandarin, petit grain, spiced with sexy mineral amber.
BVLGARI AQVA POUR HOMME TONIQ EDT 100ml MenAqva Pour Homme Toniq is an invigorating fragrance that creates long-lasting feeling of freshness, dynamic and clear as sparkling water. BVLGARI EAU PARFUMEE EXTREME 100ml Men TesterLaunched by the design house of Bvlgari in 1997, BVLGARI EXTREME is classified as a sharp, oriental fragrance.
BVLGARI EXTREME 100ml MenIntroduced in 1999, Bvlgari Extreme cologne for men is a classic, enduring fragrance. BVLGARI EXTREME 100ml Men (tester set)Introduced in 1999, Bvlgari Extreme cologne for men is a classic, enduring fragrance.
BVLGARI MAN 100mlBVLGARI MAN is a white woody oriental fragrance that interprets a new ideal of masculinity. Omnia Amethyste de Bvlgari es una fragancia de la familia olfativa Almizcle Floral Amaderado para Mujeres. Me encanta este aroma y mas cuando mi madre lo utiliza, a pesar que no es mi perfume insignia, debo reconocer que Bvlgari maneja una linea muy delicada y fina en aromas, tanto femenino y masculino. Con este bulgari me lleve una sorpresa pero de forma negativa, si bien su aroma es hermoso y lo elegi porque era muy parecido al crystalline pero mas suave no me perduro mucho en mi piel, una lastima, no lo volveria a comprar como si los otros dos omnia. Esta fragancia de Alberto Morillas, es un perfume sencillo pero agradable que puede usarse con gusto en la temporada de calor, tiene pocas notas y no resulta saturado para el olfato.
Cuando oli este perfume por primera vez hoy, senti un Deja Vu, porque ya lo he olido antes en varias personas que conozco, y que no conozco, claro.
Debo admitir que es un perfume muy rico, las notas mas predominantes son el Heliotropo, el iris y las maderas.
No va conforme a mis gustos, no lo adquiriria nunca (o eso creo yo), pero es un perfume que, a pesar de que no lo considero, por ejemplo, para ponerselo en una ceremonia de etiqueta, lo veo elegante.
Amethyste esta esperando a ser el companero de toda la vida de una mujer que reuna las caracteristicas necesarias para disfrutarlo, puesto que es una de esas fragancias que se fusiona totalmente bien con el ph de la persona en cuestion, convirtiendose asi en un perfume, de esos que sueles relacionar con ciertas personas que conoces (este perfume huele a x persona), ya que lo usa. Hace mucho tiempo en un centro comercial me regalaron una muestra delicioso, me fascino instantaneamente magico, lamentablemente lo volvi a oler hace poco y no senti esa emocion o que me fascinara.
Cuando seas miembro de esta Comunidad de Perfumes en Linea, podras agregar tus propias Resenas de Perfumes. Esta pagina contiene informacion, resenas, notas olfativas de fragancias, fotografias, anuncios nuevos, posters vintage y videos sobre la fragancia Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste pero no garantizamos la exactitud de la informacion.
The collection of Bvlgari Man was initiated with the fragrance Bvlgari Man launched in 2010. The new composition is signed by perfumer Alberto Morillas, who created the successors as well - Bvlgari Man and Bvlgari Man The Silver Limited Edition. The composition opens up with a blast of citrus being the grapefruit & bergamot, followed nicely in the mid by the floral of white freesia, warmed up by Cardamom with the amber giving it a slight touch of sweetness. Lovely, this baby seems to draw a certain "Ahhhh!!" By mature women and mature men also appreciate this scent.
Don't get me wrong I'm in my 30's and just don't really see this taking the liking of the demographic below that (you should see some faces of younger men and women when I walk by them :-( ). The opening is fresh, bright and almost electric without being metallic, if that makes sense. Nice Smell, its refreshing and not synthetic at all, this frag is all natural made wt non synthetic notes and nt cloying, bt this frag is all about the cactus juice, thats all you will smell from the opening and until the perfume dies. BME starts with a crazy blast of fresh citrus, that disappears quite fast and becomes more fruity and spicy, with a hint of sweetness. I Believe That People with good taste and with deep knowledge about perfumes are the people that will appreciate this. Cardamon and vetiver?this smell staying like brave soldier on my shirt and don't think about dissappear. Musculine,grown up but not retro .it's also can be for women who don't interested at sweet fragrances. However this is an extremely sporty cologne as it does have energy and it most certainly does have an active personality within the notes. Citrus notes from the bergamot and grapefruit with the cactus in the top, mostly a slightly spicy cardamom coming in the heart before the usual woody vetiver suspects in the base.
I have worn it for summer nights, during the monsoon and winter and it works equally well in all of the above. Why do they name it Bvlgari MAN Extreme when it has no, really zero, similarity to Bvlgari MAN?! A very nice summer scent in the vein of Versace Man eau Fraiche, but with much more power on the zesty grape and bergamot side and sweet starfruit quickly followed by a background layering of vetiver. Once it has dried down, I get a suggestion of spiciness to underpin the citrus smell (which settles down after the initial burst).
An hour or so after the initial spray I start to detect the woodiness in this fragrance and I love it. What I got from smelling this is a blast of citrus notes at first, then it slowly gives way to some woody notes after a few hours. I do love Bvlgari Man in Black Extreme, and within a few minutes of application, I have had compliments.
Trouble is that it's an average performer, and it seems to be gone in 2-3 hours, but if you get it on your clothing, far more.
I will persist with Bvlgari Man in Black, as it is a great scent, and the cactus makes it unique.
Bvlgari Man Extreme opens with an aromatic citrus that settles down with some sweetness coming through from the amber middle note.
Bvlgari Man for me it's very ordinary fragrance with weak performance except the bottle design is really good , I wish the performance was up to the bottle design!! This is nice, but is really soft and close to the skin, I'd wish it had more longevity and projection.

This cologne smells too soapy for me and I made the mistake of spraying maybe too much to the point that I wanted to puke. It opens with a superb violet leaf note that is combined with some sublte lotus flower and sweet citrus. It's hard to really describe what I like about Bvlgari Man from the notes, as it's a fragrance that needs a proper wearing to show it's full potential.
If you look at suggestions for everyday office fragrances, you'll most often get either 1) a clean or citrusy fresh scent like Bleu De Chanel, or 2) a serious, most probably vetiver scent like Terre D'Hermes. Bvlgari Man is an interesting alternative: it's got a slight seriousness due to the vetiver, but also something (the honey?) that makes it feel younger and even just a tad sexy. Update: was getting notes of pencil shavings wafting up to my nose on the drydown while at work. I'd say Homme Soir is a better option, unless you're into manly completely sweetless, citrusy, dry and a bit bitter scents, which this Bvlgari Man perfectly is (or Man Extreme is, only fresher and more projection).
For the citrus smell comparison, I would categorized the citrus smell in this juice smell and feel like Versace eau Fraiche (VeF), however in VeF the citrus smells solid throughout it lifetime from middle to base, while in Bvlgari Man the citrus smell airy or ozonic which make it more appealing and turns into a little bit honey sweet which makes it settle down with just a hint of sweetness.
I have this and aqua marine would love to trade for something else if anyone is interested both bottles both are 3.4 the bvl man has a few sprays out of it and the marine has about 80 to 85% left im not picky so hope someone's interested. In the middle, there is a slight woody, citrus, pine smell that lasts for the majority of the life of this scent.
I Believe That People with good taste and with deep knowledge about perfumes are the people that will appreciate this good scent. I thought this would be a toned down version of Bvlagri Extreme, but it goes off in a completely different direction entirely during the outset. The problem with Bvlgari Man - you know, Saturday was fragrance shop day, and I was looking for autumn stuff. It's like Chanel Bleu Parfum minus one or two portions of fruit and that's not necessarily a bad thing; also, I cannot pinpoint with precision as to why women love this fragrance on me, but they do. It is indeed in a class all on it's own in this sense, Blvgari Man accomplishes being: masculine, sophisticated, loud, and musky, all WITHOUT being offensive.
I don't care if someone tells me I smell great while not comfortable with the scent myself.
MEDITERRANEAN EDEN ring in 18 kt yellow gold with amethysts, peridot, topaz, rubellite and pave diamonds. MEDITERRANEAN EDEN ring in 18 kt yellow gold with pink tourmalines, pave diamonds and rubellites.
MEDITERRANEAN EDEN earrings in 18 kt yellow gold with citrine quartzes, amethysts, peridots, diamonds and pave diamonds. Si tienes mas informacion acerca de Bvlgari Omnia Amethyste, puedes contribuir agregando una resena de perfumes personal.
After the original perfume, limited edition Bvlgari Man The Silver Limited Edition with silver stripes on transparent glass was introduced – it depicts charisma of a modern man who chooses this sensual fragrant composition. It excites with its composition starting from the first note and luminous accords of pink grapefruit and Calabrian bergamot.
Though it is somewhat odd which is probably from the cactus, almost has a musky floral smell to it.this could be used everyday for spring and summer. This must be the cactus juice component as I have never smelled that before and it makes it unique for sure.
The middle and base notes actually remind me a lot of Lanvin L'Homme Sport, just less sweet and a bit sharper. Personally it reminds me of axe shampoo (cant remember which one specifically) or burning church candles.
I personally like it and think it gives this frag a uniqueness but some of my friends who tried it found it a bit weird so this is definitely a try before you buy. The cactus note is there for pretty much the whole scent life so it might be a deal breaker if you dont like it.
I personally think it is a bit of a formal fragrance, works better if you are well dressed and is office friendly if you dont go crazy with the sprays.
Still, I'm finding it ironic that this is called extreme as longevity isn't very extreme, it lasts only a good three hours on me. I didn’t get any vanilla on my skin, and that's a shame as I like vanilla, but I did get a strong, enjoyable citrus (I think it was the Bergamot) lingering through even to the drydown. I have had others smell this and they either say it smells too powdery or like an old woman. It's a bright and fresh opening accord that's really well made, and quite different from most other fresh fragrances.
The violet and vetiver combo gives the fragrance a slightly earthy tinge at this point, that set's it apart from the pack. The Terre's of the world are too serious for me, and the Bleu De Chanels are too laundered or generic in their mood. I really liked it as soon as I smelled it and it suits my office needs as an early-30s just perfectly. Former is fresh and citricy still reminding you of Bvlgari Man, latter is smooth, fresh, a little sweet and citrucy.
Today, when I finally tried Homme Soir I regretted buying a 100ml tester of Man instead of it a month before - Homme Soir is smoother, very lightly sweet and much more elegant.
I love how it makes me feel fresh, but not summery fresh, and smell good in the morning and afternoon. I agree with one of the comment below, it won’t make you smell outstanding, but it will definitely makes you smell good. Most are right about this scent not being a powerhouse, but you can definitely over spray if you're not careful. It is very soft and could be categorized as below average projection and longevity frags even for office or private affairs, but it does not mean it is bad.
Extremely strong similarity to Guerlain Homme for the first hour and then begins developing into a resemblence to BE.
I sampled Bvlgari Man in Black the other day and was blown away, but thought it too dark for every day office wear.

This aforementioned combo is indeed a very difficult accomplishment to pull off and to do so well. I've been wearing it for two years and I still can't completely figure the cologne out, or why people love it so much. I got few compliments with it but I stopped wearing it coz woods spicy things are not my type.
I really feel like Bvlgari doesn't make bad stuff so far I've tried 5 of their colognes and I like them all. Es interesante pero en mi piel no dura casi nada :-( pero en la ropa si me dura muchisimo mas. No me remonta al concepto de emular a una piedra semipreciosa como la "amatista", pues a mi gusto le falta intensidad, sin embargo, lo encuentro mas que aceptable y con un aroma natural, cosa que se agradece.
No importa tu edad si sabes fusionar en ti esas dos cosas, pues te mereces el perfume entonces, sin mas, sin excusas. Es lo que se conoce como un "flanker" de la serie omnia de bvlgari y es un perfume elegante y fresco como los demas de la serie.
Fragrantica tiene un sistema unico de clasificacion guiado por el usuario en el que tu puedes clasificar Omnia Amethyste por Bvlgari.
The new fragrance will be presented in 2013 as the extreme version aimed at men who desire new sensual experience.
I glanced through previous reviews and caught some people saying it is "transparent" and kind of difficult to smell, I can vouch for that. It could definitly be used as a signature scent for somebody who is young, energized, and active.
I honestly cannot tell the difference between this one and the original other than perfect longevity this extreme version has. It has cactus in it as well, and I’m guessing that is the green note that lingers behind the citrus. As others have said, that could almost be its strength, in that it makes it versatile and unassuming. I don't think patchouli or tea are listed as notes, but something that resembles them comes through in the initial top notes. This is absolutely masculine but has a nice touch of floral, Longevity and sillage aren't outstanding but I don't worry about that too much and they are still adequate. Haz clic en las opciones del formulario de clasificacion de fragancias que se encuentra debajo de la imagen del perfume. This doesn't mean its weak or has low performance, after a few hours I cant really smell it on myself any more but upwards of 6-8 hours later co workers and my gf say they can still smell it. Moreover, it seems more suitable for active people and it could easily be used as a Sport fragrance. It’s nice, and it probably helps turn the scent into more of a masculine than feminine perfume.
I will keep buying it like i do with YSL L'homme, Eau de Cartier and Allure Edition Blanche and Bleu de Chanel. Everyone looked at it, and all of the sudden they become quite because Bvlgari Man is so handsome, so innocent, with a lot of love in its eyes. It's got a very strong alcohol opening, which thankfully passes after a minute or so - what you're left with is something akin to a body moisturiser with a strong element of honey, which smells very warm on the skin. Strange I know, but I love fragrances like this that challenge me to think about it's contents until I fully understand it. I like the scent, it’s comforting, airy, alluring, and it carries that enduring citrus bite. If that is the case you may be able to get away with spraying this on the wrists or on your chest under your shirt. I'm not sure where the 'woody' notes are supposed to be - everything is so well blended together, it just creates are rather intoxicating and 'different' scent. Without being able to describe the notes, I would say this is an EDT that works well in any situation. No garantizamos, ni somos responsables por lo que encuentres en estos sitios web o de futuras consecuencias que incluyen, pero no se limitan a la perdida de dinero. Out of my colognes which I don't have all that much, this isn't my favorite but its an easy go to for everyday. The only bad thing is the sillage is poor and the longevity is not that good (5-8 hrs max). For a hot summer day when I want to wear something with elements of citrus and soft aromatic woodsey notes then this will be the one that I turn to.
This citrus plays the background when all of the notes settle and you're left with a scent that will get you compliments because it's fresh, masculine, but subtle in a good way. Las resenas de Omnia Amethyste por Bvlgari representan solamente los puntos de vista de los autores acreditados y no reflejan los puntos de vista de Fragrantica.
It’s not standout, but if you can get it at a decent price then it’s well worth buying as secondary hot day scent. Since it is very clean and soft I use it after shower before bed time that gives me a double clean feeling. I can literally put on 20 sprays and contort my body or shake my hands in front of the wife, and she'll wince in concentration to catch the scent. Perhaps if you used it with the shower gel you'd get some projection, or perhaps I'm just the wrong skin type? It worked best lunchtime at the gym - I ran from work to the gym and after about 5 minutes of exercise, there it was.
So, maybe its a Summer scent that reacts best to heat - knowing my luck, I'll probably get mistaken and stung by a bee.

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