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Gallstones are hard particles that form in the gallbladder, and they can be difficult to detect or diagnose because they do not usually trigger external symptoms.
Gallstones develop in the gallbladder – the organ beneath the liver that is responsible for the concentration of bile and its distribution in the digestive system. Stones can range from the size of a grain of sand to the size of a large pebble, and can form over many years. Somewhat confusingly, those who have undergone extreme or rapid weight loss are also prone to developing gallstones, whether this is through very low calorie intake or weight loss surgeries, such as the insertion of a gastric band. Estrogen can have a cholesterol-increasing effect in bile, so women are more susceptible to growing gallstones than men, particularly those who have been through pregnancy or hormone replacement therapies. Gallstones are diagnosed through various methods, including ultrasounds, endoscopies, and other scans. Unless you are experiencing discomfort, it is best to focus on treating the cause of the gallstones rather than worrying too much about the stones themselves. There are a number of actions which can be taken by a woman who wishes to lose weight during and after menopause.
Cravings for unhealthy foods may increase during menopause as a woman's stress levels increase and she seeks ways to manage this problem.

Many women going through menopause become disconcerted with the extra weight they seem to put on suddenly, and for no apparent reason. Stones develop as a result of chemical imbalances in this bile; in four out of five cases, excess cholesterol crystalizes and grows to form stones, and one in every five gallstones is formed from excess levels of bilirubin, a waste product created when red blood cells break down. Usually, they form without external symptoms and do not pose a threat to a person's health. Diabetics, sufferers of liver cirrhosis, and those with a family history of gallbladder issues are also among the most likely to develop gallstones. Trapped stones are usually treated with the removal of the gallbladder itself during keyhole surgery. Fever, chills, nausea and upper abdomen pain that comes and goes can also be an indicator of gallstones. You may notice excess weight on your body if you have gallstones; this is because obesity is a common cause of gallstones, rather than a side effect of them. However, when a gallstone becomes trapped in a duct in the gallbladder, it may trigger intense bouts of abdominal pain known as gallbladder attacks. Studies have also found that those who carry their weight around their middle (as opposed to their hips and thighs) are more likely to grow gallstones.

Though this may sound drastic, a person is still able to function normally without a gallbladder; bile, rather than being stored, concentrated, and secreted from the gallbladder, is constantly dripped through the digestive system straight from the liver. While gallstones can be uncomfortable for the patients, there are usually few serious complications that result from the condition. Keep reading to learn more about gallstones, understand the links between body mass and the gallbladder, and discover when medical treatment is necessary. Other symptoms of a trapped gallstones include jaundice, fever, light-colored urine, and the passing of claylike stools. Foods such as potato salads containing mayonnaise and dairy products that have been out of the refrigerator for an extended period of time can develop bacteria, in turn causing illness after ingestion.

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