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Sensory presbycusis: This refers to epithelial atrophy with loss of sensory hair cells and supporting cells in the organ of Corti. Mechanical (ie, cochlear conductive) presbycusis: This condition results from thickening and secondary stiffening of the basilar membrane of the cochlea. The rest of my answer is based on this book, some parts of which exist online (which I'll quote).
As you can see from the graph, severity of age-related hearing loss depends on sound frequency: older people need high-pitched sounds to be displayed more loudly, in order to hear them. It's not described much on the website, but the book explains that there is a relationship between how loud a sound has to be to harm you, and which frequency it is. Here's a plot of the connection between loudness and frequency in auditory perception, in which you can see that sounds around 4kHz can most easily harm us.
Does this explain that when I was younger, I was more sensitive to sound and slept less well? Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged medical-science or ask your own question. A new study finds that the kind of hearing loss that persons usually experience after they have suffered through an explosion or blast, can be treated. A new study finds that the kind of hearing loss that persons usually experience after they have suffered through an explosion or blast, can be treated.  The study that was conducted on mice, found that long-term hearing loss in such situations can be potentially reduced. The researchers therefore believed that a person can be given the right kind of medications to limit the extent of hearing loss soon after being exposed to an explosion to limit the extent of hearing loss.
When I diagnose patients with a loss of hearing, they usually want to know if there is any way they can stop the progression of the loss.
One of the most important things that all adults over the age of 50 need to do is to have an audiological evaluation that will establish their baseline hearing, and they need to keep that on file with their primary care physician and with their health records kept at home. Noise is a leading cause of hearing loss, and hearing loss from noise exposure is usually preventable.
Visit a local hearing center for advice regarding the best options for ear plugs or other noise protection to wear during these activities, and get your hearing checked on a a regular basis. By having someone else voice their view on what you may be missing, we can help pinpoint where we can help the most. Due to each patient’s individual needs, we need to take time to truly understand their situation before making any recommendations. Not all children with hearing loss become successful readers and there is not one way to improve reading ability for all children. The ability to apply text processing strategies for the purpose of figuring out unfamiliar words and passages. So how does one ensure that children with hearing loss learn reading comprehension strategies?     Research encourages conversations with peers and grown-ups before, during and after read-aloud time to nurture literacy, as well as routine conversations with expert communicators such as teachers, peers and parents to help children develop their background knowledge of the language. A child with strong language skills is more likely to learn to read as the words already have meaning, he just needs to learn the printed representation. If your child is primarily using his listening skills to learn, use stories that he is familiar with and have him follow your finger under the words as you read aloud. If your child needs visual support, sit side-by-side and encourage him to listen and watch your face as you read, then repeat the line, moving your finger along the words.
Encourage language development by having him repeat the story plot to a family member or a favorite toy.

If your child uses sign language, be sure to sign the story or use speech and sign at the same time, depending on how your child communicates most easily (see 15 principles for reading to Deaf children). Use these strategies to help improve reading skills but remember, reading should be a fun sharing time for the two of you.
Studies show that regularly reading out loud to children will produce significant gains in reading comprehension, vocabulary, and the decoding of words. Children with a large array of reading materials in their homes score higher on standardized tests. Establish a daily 15 to 30 minute time when everyone in the family reads together silently.
Entice your children to read more by taking them to the library every few weeks to get new reading materials. To help your children improve their reading, use textbooks, computer programs, books-on-tape, and other materials available in stores. Characteristically, presbycusis involves bilateral high-frequency hearing loss associated with difficulty in speech discrimination and central auditory processing of information. This process originates in the basal turn of the cochlea and slowly progresses toward the apex. The thickening is more severe in the basal turn of the cochlea where the basilar membrane is narrow. The question is being unable to hear ranges as we get older, starting from childhood, while presbycusis is specific to post middle-aged people.
Sounds that are near our auditory thresholds (under 20 Hz and above 20.000 Hz in the normal, healthy hearing range) can't harm us even if they are extremely loud. Common sense (and a large body of research) tells us that hearing loss tends to get worse as we get older, but each case is unique. Getting a comprehensive audiometric  by a board certified audiologist ensures that you have been evaluated by a professional who has the most training for this purpose, and who ascribes to the highest ethical practice and continuing education requirements available.
Both the level of the noise and the length of time you’re exposed to it determine if a noise will cause damage to your hearing. Here are 10 ways that families can improve their child’s reading skills, with or without a hearing loss!
They also encourage development of phonemic awareness (letter-sound associations) in meaningful contexts through wordplay activities, such as reading in character and using interactive books.
Children with language delays may be learning the meaning of words at the same time as they are trying to learn the printed words. Ask him questions about what happened in the story, what characters may be thinking and what he thinks may happen next. Use of the strategies should not interfere with his enjoyment of the story and being with you!
Whether your children are preschoolers or preteens, it will increase their desire to read independently. Tempt your kids to read by having a large supply of appealing books and magazines at their reading level. Have them read menus, roadside signs, game directions, weather reports, movie time listings, and other practical everyday information.
The library also offers reading programs for children of all ages that may appeal to your children and further increase their interest in reading.

Find out if your children can sound out words, know sight words, use context to identify unknown words, and clearly understand what they read.
Games are especially good choices because they let children have fun as they work on their skills. These changes correlate with a precipitous drop in the high-frequency thresholds, which begins after middle age. This correlates with a gradually sloping high-frequency sensorineural hearing loss that is slowly progressive.
The wiki page does refer to the issue as presbycusis, yet every reliable source on presbycusis lists it as being limited to post middle-aged people. We don't hear them because they cause no mechanical change in our ear that responds to those frequencies, and consequently no harm is done. A good rule of thumb: If you have to raise your voice to be heard by someone standing three feet away, the noise around you could be damaging.
If a significant change is noted, your hearing professional may refer to you to an ear doctor for further evaluation. Follow your child’s lead and use stories with known vocabulary and topics interesting to him. Sometimes ask silly questions so that he can enjoy explaining what is really going on, experienced by characters, etc. Also, make sure they always have something to read in their spare time when they could be waiting for appointments or riding in a car.
Track their progress in acquiring basic reading skills on report cards and standardized tests. Make sure your children receive necessary help from teachers, tutors, or learning centers as soon as you discover a problem.
The abrupt downward slope of the audiogram begins above the speech frequencies; therefore, speech discrimination is often preserved.
It seems the wiki page is the only source referring to range of audible frequencies in young people as presbycusis? In the case of age-related hearing loss, the hair cells in the inner ear that should respond to high-frequency sounds, have already stopped responding, so there is nothing left to harm. Well, if your hearing changes, it will be much easier to gauge the rate of progression of the loss if you have clearly established a starting point and have annual re-evaluations to document any shift in thresholds. Everyday sounds, such as music, power tools, or a lawn mower, have been shown to cause hearing damage. Histologically, the atrophy may be limited to only the first few millimeters of the basal end of the cochlea.
And remember, documenting that starting point could be very important — no one wants to borrow trouble, but don’t forget that 17% of all of those involved in motor vehicle accidents with air bag deployment have permanent sensorineural hearing loss as a result! That could be difficult to prove in a court of law if you haven’t had a recent hearing test.
One theory proposes that these changes are due to the accumulation of lipofuscin pigment granules.

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