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VS are assessed… Generally every 4hours or every 8 hours VS can be monitored q 15 mins, q 30 mins, q 1hr, q 2 hrs Drs.
Factors that affect body temperature Food intake – malnourished have low temps Age – young and old have no adipose Climate – colder climate = vasoconstriction Gender – sl. Signs that accompany fever Flushed skindisorientation Restlessnessconfusion Irritabilityseizures Poor appetite Glassy eyes Increased perspiration Headache Elevated pulse and R.R. Low temperature related to hypothermia Illnesses such as hypothyroidism and starvation cause the core body temp. Symptoms of hypothermia Shivering until the body temp is extremely low Pale, cool and puffy skin Impaired muscle coordination Listlessness Slow pulse (bradycardia) and slow R.R. One of the most common patient visits to Emergency Room for clinical evaluation and investigation is injuries following car accidents. Injuries such as profuse external bleeding, abdominal trauma, internal bleeding, head injury, neck injury and compound fracture are considered serious injuries. Brain Injury- Laceration of the brain is most detrimental injury and may result in death or permanent brain damage.
Lung Laceration And Slash- Lung laceration or slash causes bleeding within lung and outside lung. Penetrating Wound Of Heart- The condition is life threatening and time is essential to save the life.
Tear or Slash of Major Blood Vessels- Penetrating chest wall injury may cause tear or slash of the aorta resulting in life threatening bleeding.

Tear or Laceration of Viscera- Abdominal viscera such as stomach, intestine, liver, spleen, kidney and pancreas may be severely damage by penetrating injury causing laceration or tear.
Tear Or Slash Of Major Blood Vessels- Penetrating posterior (from back) abdominal injury cause tear or slash of the abdominal aorta resulting in life threatening bleeding.
Blunt trauma, severe twist of body and leg as well as penetrating wound of extremities can cause fracture of skull, ribs or extremity bones.
Skull Fracture- Skull fracture causes concussion or laceration of brain and bleeding secondary to laceration or tear of meningeal blood vessels.
Rib Fracture- Chest wall injury following blunt trauma often results in contusion or fracture of ribs. Fracture of Extremity Bones- Fracture of lower or upper extremities occasionally associated with severe bleeding because of rupture or tear of major blood artery or veins. These patients are transferred to hospital ER immediately by ambulance after initial resuscitation and airway management. Injured patient may end up with quadriplegia (paralysis of all four limb), paraplegia (paralysis of two limbs) or hemiplegia (paralysis of one side of body). It is preferred not to remove the object penetrated in the chest wall until patient is in the hospital.
Penetrating object may prevent severe bleeding if wedged within the aorta and left in place until patient is in operating room. The tear of viscera causes continuous bleeding, which could be life threatening if not treated within first few hours after accident.

Penetrating object may prevent severe bleeding if wedged within the aorta and left in place until patient is in surgery. Major joints often dislocated in car accident are hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow and wrist joint. Severity of injury depends on driver's awareness of surrounding, severity of impact and physical conditions of occupants in the vehicle. Initial clinical assessment is often done by pre-med accompanying ambulance and fire truck.
Continuous bleeding can cause blood clot formation resulting in brutal pressure over soft brain tissue.
Application of tourniquet to extremity immediately following accident by ambulance specialist can prevent continuation of severe bleeding. Patient is examined by physician in the ER and may be advised to undergo multiple investigations.
ER physician will consult specialist depending on outcome of clinical examination and findings of investigation.

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