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Pneumonia is an infection of lungs caused by bacteria, viruses and other microorganism and sometimes by physical and chemical irritant. The length of pneumonia depends on the specific organism causing it and the type of pneumonia the person has.
Besides this the length of the pneumonia also depends on the fact, how far the pneumonia has penetrated into your lungs, your age, weight, and yours body’s unique way of handling the healing process, the treatment method adopted and the medications prescribed. Most types of pneumonia resolve within a week or two, although the cough may linger for several weeks more.

When a person has pneumonia, his lung tissues are filled with pus and other fluid, which makes it difficult for the person to breathe.
Some pneumonia last as little as several days, although two to three weeks is more common; but the cough can last even longer.
Again it also depends on your fitness and activities during that time, food and liquid consumed during the treatment and the environment where the patient is getting treatment. If a complication has occurred, then it may take longer time for you to completely recover from pneumonia.

Considering the contagious nature of pneumonia, it is important to note that pneumonia itself is not contagious but the bacteria, viruses and microorganisms that cause pneumonia can be contagious, particularly the viruses.

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