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Is it really worth continuing with something if it is causing you anxiety to the point of being detrimental to your health? As an example, let's say you like to volunteer in your community, and that you are involved in three different local organizations. Or to take it a step further, maybe there's a person in your life that you've known a very long time. This is great if you're able to change the situation, but what if you have a stressor that you can't remove from your life?The key here is to remember that you still have some control.
With metacognition you're simply paying more attention to your inner thoughts and feelings.The more you do this the more you'll start to notice how various situations impact the elephant, and the more you can learn to detect these patterns then the better you'll be at guiding the elephant back onto the path that you want.
If my finger twitches a bit on its own I will worry that it is the first sign of a severe neurological disorder when in fact it is far, far more likely that it is just stress or fatigue. Just as your mind can manifest the symptoms of stress within your body, taking care of your body can reduce the stress experienced by your mind.One of the primary examples of your body affecting your mind is how you really are what you eat.
If you're struggling with anxiety, you're probably better off avoiding both for a while.Another way your body can help your mind relax is through exercise. Click here to see the magnesium that ?has helped my anxietyBut that all changed when my neurologist recommended magnesium.
You're Not AloneWhen it seems like everything is crashing down around you, remember that you are not alone. Personally I haven’t noticed a difference between an empty stomach and a full one when I take my magnesium, but then again everyone is different.
What the magnesium is bonded to will impact absorption, and sometimes it can provide benefits beyond the magnesium itself.
Keep up your work – it givespeople like me hope that my problem can be solved without heavy drugs. Magnesium has done wonders for my anxiety but I think you’re better off asking first. I have a talent for hitting the grocery store at the precise moment when it's mobbed, the lines are a mile long and there are cashiers in training. Most times when I do this, what I see isn't pretty--there are a LOT of people out there whose 4 food groups are Kraft, Frito-Lay, Campbell's and Kellogg's.
And I'm not talking just one bottle!A  Most carts had several 2-liter bottles, 6-packs or even one or more cases! Before I tell you the best kind of soda to drink, let's take a look at some facts about all soda in general, as well as some specific things about both diet and regular soda.
In fact, soda is SO acidic to your body that it takes 32 cups of water to neutralize the acid in just ONE 12 oz.
The average American now consumes about 45 gallons of soda a year--that's well over a can a day and 39 pounds of sugar packing on your backside each year! Even scarier is that millions of people drink FAR more than the average--teenage boys lead the pack with at least 2-3 sodas a day.
A European study recently published in the journal Diabetologia concluded that drinking just ONE 12 oz. And other studies conducted in North America showed even more grim results--daily sugar-sweetened soda consumption was associated with a 25% increased risk of diabetes! Of course this goes above and beyond the obvious--that all that extra sugar consumption is one of the major reasons that currently 1 out of 3 Americans is obese. While diet soda does admittedly have few or zero calories, that's no cause for celebration. An 8-year University of Texas study showed that soda use was linked to excess weight and obesity, which isn't surprising.A  However, when the researchers looked at people only drinking DIET sodas, their risk of obesity was even HIGHER than the regular soda drinkers!
The study showed there was a 41 percent increase in risk of being overweight for every can or bottle of diet soda a person drinks each day. Another reason is that people often believe that because they are drinking a diet soda, that gives them more leeway to eat more of everything else. Better, healthier alternatives to soda are iced herbal teas, water with a splash of fresh-squeezed lemon or lime juice (and no, lemons and limes are NOT acidic to your body!) and fresh vegetable juices. If you want to sweeten your iced tea with a non-calorie sweetener or make a low-cal homemade lemonade, try using Stevia.A  It's been around for centuries and has a proven track record of safety.
In addition to avoiding soda, the best way to reduce your risk of Type 2 diabetes and obesity is to have a diet of real foods that nourish your body and digest easily. You see, when you eat real foods that your body can digest well, you get the maximum nutrition from them.A  This helps keep you feeling satisfied and FAR less likely to snack or overeat.
Plus delicious nourishing foods are inherently lower in calories, so you'll naturally take in fewer calories overall.
Your elimination channels will be better able to detoxify your body and reduce fat without the undue strain from excess acid wastes. And eating more real foods means avoiding refined carbs--which can not only help you drop the pounds but also help reduce your risk of Type 2 diabetes!
Eating nutritious foods that feed your friendly flora (including fresh vegetables, whole grains and yogurt) is a good start.A  But for many, especially lovers of soda and fast food, it's typically not enough. So when you supplement your diet with a high-quality probiotic formula, it helps restore AND maintain a proper population of beneficial bacteria in your gut. They also aid in the digestive process, further ensuring that your wastes move along like they should--which helps in your weight loss efforts! Hopefully Ia€™ve given you something to think about next time youa€™re in the grocery storea€¦and youa€™ll think twice before going down the soda aisle.
I have a talent for hitting the grocery store at the precise moment when it's mobbed, the lines are a mile long and there are cashiers in training.A  Recently as I waited in a L-O-N-G, slow line to pay for my groceries, I began doing one of my favorite things. Whatever is the quality and amount of sleep a person can get from the previous night can greatly affect with his or her efficiency and performance in school or at work during the day. Magnesium is an important mineral that is needed to keep almost all internal organs to work properly, including the heart, muscles in the body, and both kidneys. Consuming products that are rich in magnesium can help in improving, if not relieving insomnia symptoms. Morgellons Disease Awareness -  Artist and Morgellons sufferer, Ayla, journals her experience with the disease   I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Ayla, a 59year old artist and graphic designer who contracted Morgellons in Jan.
When it comes to medical care, often people dona€™t comparison shop when it comes to their medications or treatments.A  They seem to believe that just because a doctor says, a€?You need to take this pill, or you need this surgery,a€? there is no question that the pill or procedure will be of benefit.
Ia€™m going to discuss the use of preventative headache medications in two types of headache.
There are preventative medications used for unusual headaches like cluster headaches but that will not be covered in this article.
The outcome that is most often used in scientific studies is the ability of a medication to decrease your number of headaches per month by 50%. On average, these studies show 2-4 headaches fewer per month with the prescription medication than with placebo.A  Perhaps someone would go from 20 headaches a month to 16 headaches a month. For instance, take this trial with Topiramate in patients with more than 15 days of headache per month at a target dose of 100 mg per day. Procedures such as Botulinum Toxin injections, salt water injections, and real and fake acupuncture seem to have similar results in episodic headache.
Why does it seem that Botulinum Toxin and salt water injections result in people experiencing more days per month reduction in headaches than Topiramate? Or maybe there is something beneficial in having needles put into the forehead muscles that helps to cut down on the number of headaches. A good study would be to look at the effect of Topiramate versus injections with salt water or just using acupuncture needles at trigger points on the head. There are preventative medications used for unusual headaches like cluster headaches but that will not be covered in this article.A  The focus here will be on prevention of migraine and tension type headaches. At the end of one of my classes yesterday, one participant told another to go home and soak in an Epsom salt bath to help muscle soreness. First Epsom salt is not salt at all, but rather the mineral magnesium sulfate heptahydrate. The other issue is this – even if Epsom baths did work as claimed and your body did in fact absorb magnesium, you’d only benefit if you were suffering from low levels.
Honestly I looked high and low for research on this subject and I can tell you it seems to merely be a bit of an urban myth. Matt, December 3, 2013Log in to ReplyI dunno, I appreciate Alfonso's matter-of-fact approach. Furthermore, your assumption that nutrients are absorbed through the skin carries no weight. It is true that your skin benefits from some magnesium in topical applications, the same applies for things like vitamin E, as the skin processes those minerals itself, but the skin doesn't allow it to pass through and cure your aches and pains as Alfonso stated.
Michele, March 18, 2014Log in to ReplyI am no doctor, but if the skin is impenetrable, how do hormone creams work?
Your makey-uppy "logic" isn't how things work on a biological level and obviously isn't "critical thinking" at all. In the future if you'd like to show a different side of a topic to me, perhaps you should consider backing it up with evidence rather than being obnoxious. If the skin were able to ABSORB vitamins and minerals through topical treatment without a carrier, which I'm not saying it can, it's NOT THE SAME as allowing penetration into the blood stream.
Ask any dermatologist about the droves of people who rub Vitamin E on their skin - it does nothing. Andrew, May 2, 2014Log in to ReplyWell I don't have time to get into details, but I'm speaking from many, many years experience as a massage therapist, physical therapist, and overall health carer, Epsom salt does seem to have some benefit.
I have countless clients who soak in it a few times a week, and if they don't you better believe they'll be hurting.
Nate, May 4, 2014Log in to ReplyThere is no medical journal or scholarly articles citing epsom salt baths work. Claudia, November 17, 2014Log in to ReplyAs many have pointed out, you are actually lacking the necessary knowledge to write a blog like this. Here's an idea for the all of the mental giant's commenting on my lack of knowledge - learn the difference between permeable and penetrable first. And if you still think sitting in Epsom salt baths raises your magnesium levels, then go right ahead. Jessie, November 25, 2014Log in to ReplyI just got out of an hour long soak in Epsom salts in in the tub using the hottest water I could stand like the bag said. It feels like there's a weight on your chest and you keep catching yourself holding your breath. If you're worried about mortgage payments, or your boss is driving you nuts at work, or you're going through a rough patch in a relationship, it's easy to become overwhelmed to the point where you start to feel anxious all the time. Some medications are prone to causing anxiety and there are also certain medical conditions that can trigger it.Our brains depend on a healthy balance of a number of different chemicals and if any of them go astray it can cause a wide range of symptoms from anxiety to depression to aggressive behavior.How to Deal with AnxietyWhat is the key to dealing with anxiety? It may mean dropping an activity (or even a person) from your life that you care about, but it is critical that you also take into account your own well-being. Two give you a sense of satisfaction that you are helping people but the third sucks up a lot of your time and is filled with people that are extremely difficult to work with.While the third organization itself may provide value to the community, you might be better off dropping it. You enjoy their company and care about them, but they have come to rely on you for a lot of things they should be taking care of for themselves. Over time you use your mindfulness to better notice the subtleties of how this person impacts you emotionally.You begin realize that your first emotion is anger, or guilt, or a feeling of inadequacy. If I can just stop thinking for a short bit and focus on the physical world around me, an incredible sense of calm washes over me almost every time.The key is that I first have to notice my anxiety and then I have to get myself to take the few moments required to let things go. You name them – work, family, health, friends and spirit – and you’re keeping all of these in the air.You will soon understand that work is a rubber ball. I would dwell on things to an extent I never had before and my breathing became so fast I would come close to passing out.I had trouble falling asleep and I would wake up with terrible nightmares. He suggested it primarily for the dizziness and headaches I was also experiencing, but my anxiety was almost completely eliminated when I started the magnesium.Once I started taking magnesium glycinate it was like night and day. You won’t pay any more for the supplement but I will get a small commission that I then use to offset some of the hosting costs for this site. I took one pill the other day in the morning just to make sure I didn’t have some weird reaction. It feels like a tight band around my head and also as if someone has put a sheet on my head. I have been suffering from severe depression and anxiety for the last 2 years (4th episode) – impossible to live with. Without knowing your site, it made sense to me that magnesium glycinate would be worth a try.
I was told magnesium is not good if you have appendicitis as it would cause your appendix to rupture.
I’ve never seen anything that says magnesium is bad for appendicitis but if you have any concerns about it at all I would definitely suggest talking to a doctor before trying it. You should not use this information as self-diagnosis or for treating a health problem or disease. A person who is suffering from insomnia can suffer from poor performance, which can greatly affect his or her life. In fact, magnesium also contributes in the formation and composition of the skeletal system and the teeth. Magnesium has an effect that can induce sleepiness, since magnesium is proven to have a sedative component.
A The goal of the study is to figure out what percentage of people taking the medication are actually helped---meaning how many people met the goal. A combination of riboflavin, magnesium, and feverfew for migraine prophylaxis: a randomized trial. Botulinum toxin type A for the prophylactic treatment of chronic daily headache: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Acupuncture in migraine prevention: a randomized sham controlled study with 6-months post-treatment follow-up. This type of headache pattern is called either chronic daily headache or chronic daily migraine.A  As you might expect, the episodic pattern responds better to the medications than does the more chronic daily form. A He has about a 50% chance that Drug A will give him some benefit after taking it for one to three months.

Taking an Epsom salt bath, is meant to detoxify the body, cure muscle aches and soreness and alleviate join pain.
It obtained its name because it was first discovered and produced by boiling down minerals found in Epsom, England. If you had normal levels of the mineral in your body, your kidneys would certainly just flush it out and rid the excess from your system. However you will find people who swear by the use of Epsom Salts and will argue strongly that they do indeed work. Please see your physician before changing your diet, starting an exercise program, or taking any supplements of any kind. Hormone and nicotine creams and patches contain a 'carrier', in most cases a transdermal chemical agent, that assists the product in penetrating the skin and delivering the agent to the bloodstream. It's a well-known fact that the skin absorbs minerals, vitamins, oils and all kinds of stuff. There's no debate about this, there are many papers in the most well respected journals out there talking about things that penetrate the skin without any magical "carrier". They have tried with just normal hot baths and there is undoubtedly a noticeable difference.
Like any treatment it doesn't work for everybody, but you should at least try it before you knock it. Then see what, if any compounds, solvents or chemicals that PENETRATE the skin actually make it into the bloodstream. Your muscles are tense and ready for action as though a tiger is hiding around the corner waiting to pounce on you.It's hard to relax and sleep is illusive. It would save you a lot of stress, and your improved mood and energy level could be put towards the other two organizations. Then you start to get better at noticing when the emotion is just beginning to stir.Rock says that when you get to this point you can start to redirect those feelings to something more positive. If you drop it, it will bounce back.But the other four balls – family, health, friends and spirit – are made of glass. Start with a friend or a loved one and see if they can help you see your anxiety from a different perspective. Your support is very much appreciated!?The content provided here is for informational purposes only and should not be used in place of the advice of a healthcare professional. Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. Aside from being an important mineral for the proper functioning of many different internal organs, magnesium plays a role in energy production, which helps in the proper regulation of calcium, copper, zinc, potassium, vitamin D, and some other essential vitamin levels. For people who are suffering from magnesium deficiency will usually experience difficulty in falling asleep, or even insomnia.
Taking in natural supplements of magnesium or taking in foods rich in magnesium can help in relieving Restless leg syndrome, which can also improve symptoms of insomnia.
I've been moved to create awareness tools that help educate healthcare practitioners and the public about Morgellons Disease (see Awareness Poster) as well as share what I've learned from this experience.Many of the skin photos in the photo galleries are mine. Plus as I’ve stated when speaking of taking vitamins and supplements, you only reap the benefits while using the product. I believe that even if a trivial amount of magnesium were to somehow make it’s way into the body, it would hardly be enough to prevent aches and pains, let alone produce a feeling of calmness (another supposed benefit), detoxify the body or produce any results linked to magnesium. However if something is "familiar" to the molecular structure of that organ you better believe that the skin possesses the innate intelligence to "allow entry". Just because something is "familiar" to your body, (magnesium), doesnt mean your body has some inate drive to allow it into your body. Again, my own opinion about epsom salts is still undecided, but it's not because of the skin issue.
I have soreness on the back of my neck and pain that runs down my left arm to above the elbow.
Our emotional mind is the elephant, and our rational mind (and willpower) is the rider.The elephant is big.
When you first notice the initial negative emotion starting, immediately change your focus to a happy memory with this person. If you drop one of these they will be irrevocably scuffed, marked, nicked, damaged or even shattered.
It soothes our muscles and calms our minds.And not having enough magnesium can cause our bodies to create an incredibly strong feeling of anxiety. I would sit for hours and worry about making the call.It was just a TV, and it completely paralyzed me.
I tried many different kinds of magnesium while recovering but only glycinate impacted my anxiety levels. While I have been taking magnesium glycinate every day for years, I can't say how it might affect you.
For the last 2 days I have been taking glycinate (from Pure Encapsulations) and it already calmed me down. If you are experiencing any form of health problem, always consult a doctor before attempting any treatment on your own.
Insomnia is usually caused by stressful events, anxiety, extreme changes in the environment, and many other factors. Aside from insomnia and restless leg syndrome, deficiency of magnesium can also cause anxiety, irritability, constipation, and muscle cramps, which all can lead to insomnia. The proponents of Epsom salt claim that magnesium found in the ‘salt’ is readily absorbed through the skin and into the body. IF salt baths did work, you’d have to take one every day to maintain the levels of magnesium. Here is a website discussing the skin's permeability in a funny, less-boring-than-it-sounds kind of way.
With no relief from the Epsom salts, I made a quick rice bag that I heated in the microwave. This is how you guide the elephant back to where you want it to be.As you continue to do this over time your default reaction to them pushing your buttons will change. It was such an awful feeling of helplessness that thinking about it now still brings back vivid, unpleasant memories.
My Magnesium Deficiency will not be held liable or responsible in any way for harm of any kind that may result from the use of its content or anything related to it, including those obtained from any and all of the external sites linked to. If this were true and magnesium levels were raised by soaking in the salts then perhaps there would be some benefits. Without some type of topical carrier to help the magnesium penetrate the skin and get absorbed, it follows that nothing comes of an Epsom salt bath. Hence, it is able to be transported topically(via the skin) because the body recognizes its essential and critical status within the body.
Instead of that initial negative emotion you will be training the elephant to feel something different.
People with insomnia or insomniacs usually don’t take their sleeping condition seriously, which is very wrong. Like most, I panicked bought a lot of unnecessary products—some toxic, then managed to pull myself back from the brink of actually hurting myself. You can’t simply sit in magnesium saturated water for any length of time and expect that the mineral will miraculously appear in your body. The cells of the skin is made up of magnesium so it is not like the magnesium has to pass the skin barrier to be effective.
Your muscles get increased circulation, thereby allowing whatever nutrients your body needed to recover to be more effectively delivered. Insomnia can put a person at higher risk from developing certain medical conditions, such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus, heart diseases, and many more. In fact in the hospital, magnesium injections and IV’s are given to patients who are deficient. Always wary of doctors, I tried to stay out of that loop but finally caved when my beloved ones pressured me to seek help. In addition magnesium is heavily involved in protein synthesis, energy production and detoxification. I believe an application of critical thinking skills would have had you render a more logical presentation of this subject.
A dermatologist gave me Ivermectin which caused a Herxheimer (die-off) reaction and many of the black particles I'd been seeing with a scope surfaced.
This gave me great relief from the discomfort of what felt like fiberglass embedded in my skin. There were NO fibers visible in my skin in the previous months before taking the medication. Within two days of taking the Ivermectin, I watched in horror as fibers started to rise to the surface of my skin.
That plus coming off the tail-end of the pharmaceutical seemed to stop all the symptoms of itching, biting and crawling for approximately the next 4 months. The only thing that hadn't cleared up was the hyper-sensitivity to my skin which I thought I was stuck with for the rest of my life, an unfortunate consequence of having Morgellons. Had I not been actively using a microscope to look at my skin during this period, I might have presumed I was well. The skin however, doesn't lie and told a whole other story for under it's surface, fibers and particles were clearly still present—multitudes of them. Early on, I'd heard about the testing that Pam Crane of Morgellons Focus On Health (site no longer active) was championing and felt that it was probably the way to go.
My only problem with moving forward was a lack of practitioner, as I felt having the best testing in the world wouldn't mean anything unless someone was up to the task of decoding it's contents into a meaningful protocol, sort of like buying a Cadillac that arrives without the key. I wanted to have a conversation with whatever doctor I was going to see and to hear them speak about their philosophy of healthcare. Just try to get a physician on the phone before actually making an appointment and you will find it is an impossible task (especially the high-end specialists). She talked about The Great Plains Labs and why the testing used in Functional Medicine is so important for our community. She sounded like she knew how to do her job well and was more than capable, indeed she had impressed me as understanding how to approach the disease in a holistic manner that aligned with my own healthcare philosophies. I believe my first words to her were, "Where do I sign the dotted line?" (While focusonhealth has been taken down, here is another radio show with Nancy speaking with Pam. Let me remind you that I felt fine when I first contacted Nancy, but the emerging fibers showed me I was not.
Nancy forewarned me that treatment would kick up all the initial symptoms I had when first ill with Morgellons, such as itching and stinging and that I might experience more fatigue with die-off, possibly even get lesions although I hadn't had many lesions previously. Within a week and a half of beginning this new protocol all the discomforts she mentioned came back. Black particles began coming out from the skin, sand-like crystals were suddenly pushing from the scalp, I was itchy and uncomfortable but this time around it was at a much lower volume then at onset. I have experienced some lesions, in the form of 'papercuts' and blood spots appearing on the skin. They were tiny and healed quickly. It took close to 3 months for the symptoms of this detox to disappear, lessening with each week. We added in another few products to my protocol fine-tuning the process. Once all my symptoms had abated I was ready to move on to the next step and do a colon cleanse.
I used supplements for one month that gently cleansed the colon (Colon Cleanse by DaVinci Labs??). After that, I began with chelation therapy (Chelex by Xymogen) to remove heavy metals. Nancy has taken me through this journey with constant support through email.
The fact that she is able to tell me what I can expect and interpret what I am going through is invaluable. Having gone through the early treatment phases and emerging symptom-free, makes me feel that I did indeed work through something—hopefully clearing biofilm. So where am I right now and what are the changes that happened over these few months of treatment?My skin cleared of many of black particles, although I still have them (my great lament was that I didn't have a camera back when I first got sick, because my skin was so saturated it was alarming!). Actually, I feel spry and 10 years younger than my 55 years of age (at the time this was written), an unexpected and very welcome gift.
Still, they are here and I am monitoring them carefully. I am convinced of the value of the Great Plains and Metametrix testing. It just makes sense that one would want to know the particular weaknesses of their body before embarking on a journey of healing. Getting the labwork done and seeing Nancy are the two smartest things I did throughout my ordeal. Morgellons for me is like that impossible teacher I had in my youth.
But it has also left me savoring hard-won battles and set me straight on how to live more in balance. Therefore, I try not to rail against the unfairness of the experience, but to look at how much I learned and the ways in which it has stretched me as a human being.
Yes it has been a miserable teacher, but by it's hand I have been become an attentive student.I wish you all full recovery. AylaWhile I am not comfortable sharing my protocol as it is specific to my lab results, I will outline what I feel are the bare-bones minimum I'd look to take if I were building a protocol.
This would be a good probiotic (I use 3 different kinds throughout the day as was indicated by the results of my testing).
FOS, according to Nancy can promote yeast growth so I'd stay away from a probiotic that includes it.
I'd include a biofilm buster which breaks down the cellular matrix in the gut that inhibits absorption of necessary nutrients. I used Interfase Plus and Wobenzym at different times (there are different kinds of Wobenzyme. I've used Carlson's liquid D3 which is lipid based, but recently have switched because of assimilation issues with fats to a dry encapsulated D3 (Prothera brand 5,000 I.Us a day). Certain of the B's can become depleted when the body is fighting infection, so a good B-complex seems necessary. Also, Mr. Common Sense and now Clifford Carnicom have written about NAC and it's benefits along with vitamin C in helping quell the symptoms of our condition. I'd look into this as a close friend from the community began taking both high amounts of Vitamin C and NAC and her symptoms disappeared. She was taking 3,000-5,000 mg of C spread throughout the day and 600 mg 2x's a day of NAC both in the morning and at night. She eventually reduced it to 2,000 mg of vitamin C and 600 mg of NAC because the NAC was giving her headaches. The lesser dosage has been fine for keeping her symptoms of crawling, biting and stinging away. When she went off the protocol symptoms came back and when she again resumed, they went away.

I might mention, that my protocol has always called for 1000 mg of vitamin C, three times a day.
While I was not on NAC as a separate supplement, it is in another product I take daily ?(Liver Protect by Xymogen).
Nancy has stated that the clients she sees that do this first make themselves much worse and take longer to get better.
If I am going to do this right, I want to know what my baseline toxic load is so I can measure my progress over time.
The results arrived right after I finished my third week of chelation. My total toxic representation was OFF the chart with high levels of antimony, silver, cadmium, tin and magnesium. I have a host of other metals as well, they just were at lower levels than those mentioned above. Once Nancy reviewed my test results and knew how I was responding to the treatment she modified my protocol to include a liver support, and the addition of 3-4 new products that would also help balance me out.
I keep an ongoing visual journal using photos which I share with her so she can see any new developments. During chelation I was more tired, needing to take naps and sleep longer on most days.
I also had some tiny red spots appear on the skin without breaking through.Red spots appear on the skin.
Based on what was going, on Nancy pulled back on the chelation so that the process is even slower and gentler until my body can adapt. Using shea butter and coconut oil mixture as a moisturizer seems to draw fibers and black particles from my skin if left on for 3-4 hours. Most are not readily apparent unless you really look for them. Hair The Morgellons has moved into my hair. An acupuncturist, pointed out after looking at my hair photos, that there were multiple "hairs" emerging from one follicle.
This is probably why my hair feels thicker even though it has been brittle, weak and falling out. Helicobacter pylori, the bacteria I had with high levels the first time I was tested, is completely gone.
There was a new bacteria that showed up on this round of testing that wasn't on the previous.
Nancy feels that this is something that could have morphed, or, could have been present all along, but like peeling an onion back, was hidden under layers.
She is adding seven new supplements to my protocol to address adrenal support as sleep has become fitful and I feel somehow too 'plugged in.' Fight or flight mode. I'll be taking a prebiotic to address the new bacteria as well as some new products from Xymogen to open detox pathways. I'm excited to be moving in a new direction. Every time we do a new test, I see the value of this approach.
Randomly throwing supplements at the body without being tested, with the hope that something might work, seems a dangerous practice.
Not terrible full-blown itchy, just enough to let me know that I was reinfected or maybe this is an allergic flare-up. This episode might have lasted longer than necessary had I immediately washed all my clothes but I got lazy and didn't wash them for a few days.
Was not constantly itchy, but found I'd get itchy at odd intervals, sometimes once a day, sometimes not for days at a time and sometimes for a mere few seconds or so. I am putting a garden in upstate and often have my hands in the soil (without gloves) and have found that I am fine. The only itching I've got is from the occasional mosquito bite (and yes, these are real mosquitoes). Now, instead of direct application of GSE I brush my teeth twice, once with toothpaste and once with a clean brush that has two drops of GSE on it. Note that I have been letting my supplements run out in the last few months because I needed a break from taking approx. I wonder if the return to itchiness had something to do with my letting down my guard and not watching my pH. After the first day of swimming, I noticed small circular red blotches appear under the skin of my calves and thought, uh-oh, here comes trouble. I FINALLY have a microscope again (it was replaced after more than 7 months at the manufacturer!). I had a few breakthrough 'papercut lesions' on the hands which I don't know what to make of.
I stopped the Ormus because I wanted to document F-6, which has gotten quite a buzz in the Morgellons community.
I still have 1.5 bottles left and intend to take it in a few months feeling I didn't give it a proper shot. For now, I want to concentrate on doing one therapy at a time, so I can really be sure what each does. October 17, 2011: Began using F-6 and have started a new link documenting that experience including photos showing what is emerging from the skin.
I'm going to take it slow with this product as I don't want to have any major herxheimer episodes. Caroline Carter, A healthcare worker that has Morgellons and works with ozone therapy (and who made her Morgellons worse with ozone saunas) said she cannot even be around it anymore. I have since talked with another person that had strong outbreaks from doing an ozone sauna. Ozone therapy is typically great for cancer, AIDS and herpes, but for this disease might make us worse.
There seems to be improvement to the hair which feels stronger and seems to be falling out less. A lot of "debris" is coming up through the skin, fibers, black particles, granules and many more fibers then ever seen before.
A week and a half later I ate some quinoa with my lunch and two hours later had 3 oatmeal cookies (oatmeal, walnuts, carob chips, baking soda, vanilla). This forage into complex carbs was unusual for me.While eating the cookies I started to itch.
By the third cookie, I was having full-blown symptoms of itching, stinging and biting sensations (no crawling, thank God!). The fact that it came on with such force and was related to food, makes me think that Morgellons counts among it's causes a hyper-allergic reaction to food. In this case, I don't really know what specific ingredient triggered the reaction.By eliminating carbs again, symptoms quieted down. I am noticing flare-ups of the arthritis in my foot which had so improved at the beginning of my treatment (but I kill my feet dancing one night a week, so that could play into this). The ones I can visually see without a scope are bigger then I've had before but there is no increase in the amount I generally see with my scope in the skin. Will keep you posted of new developments.I've noticed that when it's very hot (93-97 degrees) and my skin is exposed to the air, I have more sensations on my arms.
It's not unusual to feel a single pin prick sensation on my left upper arm, often I'll feel the same type of prick mirrored in the same spot on right arm sometime later, as if they were somehow linked.The other day on my bike I felt as if I hot poker were being pressed momentarily to my arm.
When I looked down, there were three distinct tract marks in that spot, about a half, to an inch long that hadn't been there before. Since having Morgellons, it feels like the skin is no longer a reliable friend but is capable of erratic changes suddenly. They took about 5 days to disappear.?September 27, 2012 • Live blood microscopyJust posted a new link with photos of my recent session with Rick Panson, a microbiologist and healthy body coach who did a live blood and dried blood microscopy and gave me additional guidance for my health. It's a bird's eye view into the system, giving a fuller, deeper understanding of what's going on  then just looking at lab results—although lab tests have their place! In the next two weeks I get more testing done so will post those results when in. There were many problems with the blood. We are in a seasonal shift and my fingers have had a few tiny papercut lesions since the change began.Started the protocol Oct.
Beginning with one pill a day of capyrilic acid with one pill olive leaf extract and 1 tsp. The L-glutamine is supposed to strengthen the gut lining and prevent leaky gut syndrome caused by the yeast die-off.
Will stay on this for a few days and slowly double the dosage, then determine where to go from there. 16, 2012 Went back to Rick Panson for another live blood analysis and posted the photos under my last blood microscopy.
This is encouraging for all of you who wonder how long it will take to knock back candida and even if our protocols are working.
Rick recommended Candex and Nancy told me she loved the product except now they are adding corn to Candex (and it's unknown if it's GMO corn), so she is no longer recommending it.
Adrenal system had a number of markers indicating a lot of stress to the system, very low levels of vitamins C and B's, four different pathogenic bacteria showed up—Helicobacter Pylori was high, Clostridia, E. Kreb cycle needs support. Heavy metals hair test—all toxic metals were down except arsenic which went up with cadmium. Lead which was extremely high on my first test showed a considerable decrease as well as silver but lots more chelation ahead.
It's been 2 years since I started using supplements to pull the metals out and I think it will take a couple more years of work. The process is slow but steady which is a good thing because I think if the body released too much metal into the system at once there would be negative impact on the health.
Nancy pointed out that lead and cadmium are antagonistic to calcium absorption and bone health, so seeing this rise in cadmium and knowing I still have too high levels of lead makes me think that I might have to give up the painting at some point or switch mediums rather than compromise bone health. The heavy metals test also measures "essential and other elements," (minerals) It seems as a consequence of pulling heavy metals out, the minerals have been compromised. Nancy suggested this organism is a pleomorph moving from bacteria to fungus according to favorable conditions in the body.
This is the third time it's changed. Feb 3, 2013 Just an acknowledgment that I just passed my 3rd anniversary since getting sick with Morgellons. The only time I really have symptoms is when I really mess up on diet (itchiness will start) or when ?very overheated and sweating from physical exertion like dancing, where it sometimes feels like needle pinpricks are sticking my skin from the INSIDE out, accompanied by itchiness. Thieves is a great oil for preventing flu or when one is coming down with illness, but I am unclear if it can damage beneficial bacterias. Stopped taking thieves after a few weeks but do still take lemon and added in lemongrass and grapefruit to my daily capsule. Itchiness did not return. September 22, 2013 Decided to go on Stephen Buhners herbal protocol for Lyme disease (crafted from his excellent book, Healing Lyme). Although I tested negative for Lyme and feel fine, I don't trust the traditional testing one gets with their regular MD, and even though I don't think I'm dealing with Lyme, I can't discount the fact that so many Morgellons sufferers also have Borrelia and other co-infections that might be related to our disease which seem to improve with Lyme treatment.
Also, his protocol addresses other issues I feel are pertinent to my health (even before Morgellons). Certainly, I see over time that my immune system is weak, and my gut reaction now to coasting is that it could be an eventual time bomb.
I'm taking Cats Claw, Sarsaparilla root (Jamaican—which I grind in my coffee grinder), Eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng), Astragalus, Japanese Knotweed and Andrographis. To his formula I've added in Ashwagandha and Sweet Cinnamon (from Sri Lanka) for the brain, as well as nettles (excellent herb for trace minerals and general support of system) and Pau D'arco (fungal). I take a quarter level teaspoon of each herb (which is roughly the equivalent of one 00 capsule) added to some water and drink it down.
Surprisingly, I did not feel exhausted, although the protocol was pretty intense and caused a lot of flushing through the digestive system.
This is not a new symptom and usually happens in the first few weeks of starting any new protocol. As these breakouts have always been so minor and short-lived? (an occasional papercut lesion or what looks like a pin prick), I paid them little mind.
In this case, the skin continued to break open for the duration of treatment and I had some long "scratch" marks come up as well.
It seemed like the last papercut I got was deeper and for the first time I started to worry that perhaps I was giving myself a lesion problem that I might not be able to turn off.
This little spot has bothered me on occasion on and off throughout the years of my Morgellons experience, but during the Buhner protocol, it itched almost constantly. On the plus side, I could tell there was a lot of detoxification going on and all of those bitter herbs were really helpful for quelling sugar cravings. I believe I will revisit this protocol modified in the future, but for now, am taking a rest from it.
Note that when I ceased treatment, the papercut and pinprick lesions stopped, although I recently had a three-inch long "scratch" appear on my leg weeks after stopping his treatment some weeks back. This was a surprise, since problems usually only show up on my hands and 3 inches is rather a statement!For the first time, the scratch resembled images I've seen for Bartonella. There is much about it that I think is helpful, and I encourage people to study these herbs and supplements carefully, and decide for themselves if they want to incorporate them. This is a very difficult protocol and for any who have detoxification pathway issues, this could impact their health negatively. The release of toxins in a system that cannot remove them properly can be deadly, so it is important to not rush carelessly forward with something this strong. I did feel like the protocol helped me on many levels, but I could not tolerate the heart issues with pressure on the chest, burning, and breathing difficulties. The creator of the protocol feels that Bartonella is at the core of the Morgellons infection, and Bartonella likes to set up shop in the endothelial tissue of the heart.
Thinking this was just a severe Herxheimer reaction, I went back on the protocol but was unable to advance more than one drop of each tincture before heart and breathing issues returned with a vengeance.
This time, the heart issues did not abate immediately, and it's been some weeks now in which they often come back on a low level. His original protocol (which he posted on Jenna's blog and which is now removed) did not use MSM, or Silver Sol or various other supplements.
It also did not include baking soda, which is not inherently a problem, but at 2 teaspoons a day, might become one.

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