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Repeated middle ear infections and poor eustachian tube drainage: Usually when middle ear infections become chronic, the eardrum will be sucked inward due to a vacuum that is formed in the middle ear as the fluid becomes thicker. A perforation of the eardrum that occurs because of a chronic infection or direct trauma: The skin over the outer surface of the eardrum can grow through the perforation and into the middle ear. Cholesteatoma present at birth: This is due to skin being trapped during growth of the fetus, however, and is not very common. Since the spread of infection is major concern, the primary goal of surgery for cholesteatoma is to treat it.
The procedure can last anywhere from one hour to three hours depending on the size of the cholesteatoma and extent of infection. If the cholesteatoma is extensive and is growing into the inner ear or facial nerve, it may not be possible to remove the entire cholesteatoma, and a radical mastoidectomy has to be performed.

Surgery can be performed either through the ear canal or in combination with an incision behind the ear.
This is because when the dead cells accumulate in the middle ear there is no way for the body to get rid of them.
Aching in or behind the ear, along with dizziness, or partial facial weaknesses are also signs of Cholesteatoma. If left untreated, Cholesteatoma can lead to deafness, brain abscess, meningitis, and, in very rare cases, death. If the Cholesteatoma is small, the infection can be controlled, and hearing remains at an acceptable level, it is possible to clean it out in the office under microscopic examination at periodic intervals. If the cholesteatoma is small and can be removed entirely in one piece, the eardrum and the ossicles are reconstructed all in one operation.

Eventually a skin-lined sac forms which continues to grow and cause infection and bony destruction. An audiogram is a hearing test conducted in a sound proof room by an experienced audiologist.
In other circumstances, surgery is necessary to prevent the progression of infection and destruction the bone. If it is larger and cannot be removed in one piece then a second and sometimes third procedure may be necessary.

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