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Tinnitus is a condition characterized by constant hissing, ringing or buzzing sensation in the ears.
Not many people know that feet have a direct connection to the ears, nose, throat and even head. In case of tinnitus, you can get great relief by soaking your feet, first in hot water and then in cold water. When you chew dry fruits (like apricot, dates and raisins), it improves the blood circulation in the areas surrounding your ears, which helps in relieving the discomforts caused by tinnitus. Wearing earplugs puts your ears at rest, which can be very beneficial in relieving the buzzing or hissing sounds in the ears. Lie down in bed and put it in each ear while facing the ear upward, one by one, with a gap of 5 minutes.
Conventional treatment for peripheral neuropathy involves treating the underlying cause, such as the diabetes, and treating the neuropathy with anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-convulsants and narcotics, all of which can cause side effects. Though it is not itself an ailment, but a symptom that can be caused by an array of health conditions, such as Meniere’s disease, inner ear problems, high blood pressure, excessive air travel, hearing disorder that comes with ageing, build up of wax in ears, sinus infections, nasal allergies or ear infections.

But, there are certain natural remedies that can minimize the effects of tinnitus to a great extent. That’s why massaging feet is an important part of treatment for many diseases connected to those parts. When you take cold and hot water foot baths alternatively, it relieves the ringing sensation in the ears. It soothes the ear passages, which provides you relief from the whistling, beeping or buzzing sensation in the ears. Eating fresh pineapples everyday also helps, as it reduces inflammation in the ears that causes hissing or ringing sounds.
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Acupuncture relieves pain and discomfort while restoring sensation and helping nerve tissue to regenerate.
However, the above natural remedies for tinnitus work in almost all cases, regardless of the factors that cause it.

The damage arises from any situation of insufficient circulation, by far the most common cause being diabetes.
I use specific acupuncture points depending on the cause of the neuropathy, on both sides of the body as well as in the lumbar or cervical areas. Nutritional deficiencies, prescription drugs, kidney or liver failure, uremia, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, compression of nerves, toxic substances and infectious diseases, such as Lyme disease and AIDS, can also cause peripheral neuropathy. Regular exercises, especially early in the morning, are also very helpful in curing tinnitus faster.
Last, but not the least, adequate amount of sleep is also important, at least 7-9 hours every night.

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