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According to Mayo Clinic, labyrinthitis is one condition which can cause dizziness and sudden hearing loss. Meniere’s disease, which is associated with excessive buildup of fluid in the inner ear, is another condition which can cause dizziness and fluctuating hearing loss. Perilymph fistula is another condition which causes dizziness and fluctuating hearing loss. Acoustic neuromas, which are also called vestibular schwannomas, are noncancerous growths which cause hearing loss and dizziness. The University of Califormia, Irvine School of Medicine reports that migraine related dizziness can also cause hearing loss in some patients. Regardless of age, cancer patients may experience a variety of common side effects caused by chemo and radiation therapies, such as nausea and hair loss. Antibiotics that might help reverse ototoxicity are also being studied, and there’s research being done to develop chemotherapy drugs that won’t cause hearing loss. Remember to ask your physician for a referral for a hearing evaluation and consultation if you notice dizziness, tinnitus, or hearing loss while undergoing chemotherapy treatment. By having someone else voice their view on what you may be missing, we can help pinpoint where we can help the most.

Due to each patient’s individual needs, we need to take time to truly understand their situation before making any recommendations.
Other symptoms of this condition, which is caused by inflammation in the inner ear include nausea, vomiting and imbalance. Other symptoms of this condition include tinnitus or ringing of the ears, which may be associated with a feeling of fullness or pressure in the affected ear. This condition, which is caused by trauma to the head or pressure changes when one is SCUBA diving, is treated surgically.
Other symptoms of these tumors affect the vestibular nerve and include tinnitus and disequilibrium or loss of balance. Other symptoms of this condition include motion sensitivity, tinnitus and a sensation of pressure in the ear. But many people may be unaware that hearing loss is also a common side effect, and it can impact patients years after treatment. If you or someone you know is taking these drugs, we recommend you have a conversation regarding their effects on your hearing. Cancer researchers are looking at agents that might prevent hearing loss but won’t inhibit the anti-tumor effects of the cancer treatment.

Frost earned her Doctor of Audiology degree in 2005 through the Arizona School for Health Sciences in Mesa, Arizona.
Treatment of labyrinthitis includes the use of medications to control the nausea and dizziness.
The American Journal of Neuroradiology reports that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) may be used to evaluate the inner ear structures and rule out associated infections in patients with Meniere’s disease. During the operation, the surgeon uses tissues from behind the ear to patch up the leaking inner ear fluid.
Migraine related dizziness is treated by practicing stress management techniques, good sleep hygiene and diet modifications to avoid triggers like red wine and chocolate. Toxicities from chemotherapy and radiation can cause damage in the inner ear structures that leads to hearing loss.
Mild cases are treated with a low sodium diet, stress management and elimination of caffeine and alcohol from the diet.

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