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As the weather warms, many of us will be heading out to hike the area’s trails or just enjoy the sunshine.
Early treatment is the most effective since late-stage Lyme Disease infections can reach deep into the joints or even infect the spinal cord and brain. Check with your OHM healthcare provider if you believe you’ve been exposed to Lyme Disease.
Almost five million Americans, about 80% of whom are women, have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.
Products labeled “hypoallergenic” are not a guarantee that you will not have a reaction to the ingredients.
Medical professionals agree that acne is a complex skin problem that is fueled by factors including diet and hormones. If someone in your family takes one medication three times a day, another two times a day, and has a third that must be taken with food, medication safety should be on your mind.
Here, in our Patient-Centered Medical Home, we work to ensure that patients understand what their medications are for and how to take them properly. If you’re getting more than your share of colds, or they are lasting too long, something else could be going on in your body.
Blood pressure is the measurement of the force of blood moving through your circulatory system. High blood pressure strains your heart and circulatory system and can literally take years off your life.
Diabetes is a complex medical condition that takes careful management by patients and their medical teams. Old Hook Medical now offers Shared Medical Appointments for established patients with diabetes. Cardiac catheterization is a commonly performed procedure that allows cardiologists to check blood flow in the heart and coronary arteries, assess the functioning of heart valves and the movement of the heart’s walls.
Now, a new method of accessing the heart through an artery in the forearm is being practiced by Old Hook Medical’s Joel Jacowitz, M.D. Tinnitus is a common hearing affliction where the patient experiences a sound that is frequently described as a ringing in the ears.  Learn more about tinnitus by reviewing the questions and answers below, or visit our hearing clinic in Kelowna. 9.     I heard that a certain diet might help to reduce the tinnitus?  Are chocolate and wine bad for tinnitus? It is the conscious experience of a sound that originates in the head or ears.  It is frequently described as a ringing, buzzing, humming, hissing, sound of escaping steam, etc. Disco Tinnitus is the temporary tinnitus due to exposure to loud noise.  It frequently affects teenagers and adults participating nightclubs and loud concerts. No, it does not mean you will lose your hearing.  Tinnitus may co-exist with hearing loss but it does not necessarily cause the tinnitus. There is no direct correlation of alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine influencing the prevalence of tinnitus.  A low salt diet helps to reduce the symptoms of Meniere’s disease but does not reduce or enhance tinnitus. Avoid the quietness – turn on the radio, fan, TV.  Having some sounds in the environment reduces the contrast between your tinnitus and quietness and makes tinnitus less noticeable.
Hearing aids generally will help to cope with tinnitus more effectively if you have a hearing loss.  Being able to hear better can take the strain off listening. Tinnitus can arise in any of the four sections of the hearing system: the outer ear, the middle ear, the inner ear, and the brain. Some of the most common include a sound of crickets or roaring, buzzing, hissing, whistling, and high-pitched ringing.
Other types of tinnitus include a clicking or pulsatile tinnitus (the noise accompanies your heartbeat).
The most common type of tinnitus is known as subjective tinnitus, meaning that you hear a sound but it cannot be heard by others. A much more uncommon sort is called objective tinnitus, meaning your doctor may sometimes actually hear a sound when he or she is carefully listening for it. We should also mention a combination of sound and meditation therapy that is known as Tinnitus retaining therapy. Even if we do have various tinnitus treatment solutions available, there is no guarantee that the problems can be fixed.
Ears are perfectly formed to capture sound, but the incredible efficiency of their design means they can sometimes capture too much. This can become a major problem, actually damaging your hearing and leading to permanent hearing loss. So here are our top tips on how to keep your ears safe, and protect your hearing and avoid causing irreversible damage. Ear plugs are incredibly useful when it comes to giving your ears extra protection, so they can be handy tools when you’re around loud noises. Headphones, particularly noise cancelling headphones, are much better than ear buds when it comes to protecting your hearing.
PPE (personal protective equipment including ear defenders) help to reduce noise.  Use of this type of protection is especially important if using power tools such as drills or sanders. If you find that your working environment is too noisy, speak to your boss or the HR department and ask how best to combat the problem.
Our hearing loss experts are here to help you with improving your hearing and providing you with the best service possible. Lyme disease is common throughout the country but the Northeast has the heaviest concentration of black-legged ticks.

Thousands more suffer with the symptoms but have not yet seen a healthcare provider for their pain. And, since symptoms often resemble other diseases or conditions, people can go undiagnosed for months.
Sometimes, even though you’ve been using a favorite product for years, you might become hypersensitive to one or more of the ingredients. However, rashes are more likely to appear where skin is thin including the eyelids, or where skin is cracked or dry.
It simply means that the manufacturer believes the product is less likely than other products to cause a reaction. At each appointment, we ask questions and listen carefully to discover any medication-related issues including side effects or problems with the timing of each dose.
Water is helpful in naturally reducing fever and flushing away waste products from the infection.
The top number is when your heart is contracting and working to push blood to every cell in the body. At Old Hook Medical, our healthcare providers will check your blood pressure and other overall measurements of health at your annual exam.
If you have diabetes, or you’re helping to manage the condition for a loved one, here’s news that can make things easier.
In this new format, about a dozen patients will meet at the same visit with our board-certified endocrinologist, Dr. In this relaxed atmosphere, patients and caregivers will learn from each other as well as from the OHM healthcare providers. Treatments and procedures to open clogged arteries are sometimes performed at the same time.
Please contact an Old Hook Medical healthcare provider for diagnosis or treatment of any healthcare condition. Tinnitus may co-exist with hearing loss but hearing loss may not be the cause of tinnitus.  Tinnitus is frequently associated with some diseases in the ear, such as otosclerosis, ear infections, and Meniere’s disease.
A relaxed body can cope with tinnitus more effectively.  Tinnitus is usually not a sign of a serious, ongoing medical condition. It can be caused by excessive ear wax build-ups, allergies and loud noises among other causes. It is actually one solution that is highly affordable and has been used with a lot of success for many years now.
Unfortunately we need to understand that the success rate of this tinnitus treatment option is low.
It is highly efficient but you will need to talk to a specialist that has a lot of experience in using this technique.
Unfortunately, there are some people that will need to live with the ringing sound for a long, long time. Our new, revolutionary ear wax removal technique only requires drops to be inserted the night before.Hearing Aids – The most important part of any hearing aid is the technology inside.
Tiny hairs within the ear are flattened when they come into contact with loud noises and if they fail to ‘unflatten’ then hearing is affected. If you wear headphones and cannot hear anything other than your music, it is too loud.  Likewise, if you wear headphones and other people can hear your tunes, it is too loud.
They drown out background noise more effectively allowing you to keep the volume relatively low. These pin-head sized critters, which used to be known as deer ticks, are the carrier for the bacteria which causes Lyme Disease. Fibromyalgia is characterized by long lasting and widespread muscle pain with 18 particular “tender points” throughout the body. People with fibromyalgia sometimes see between three and five healthcare providers before getting an accurate diagnosis. The manufacturer may have changed ingredients or you may have developed a sensitivity recently. The reaction can begin right after use, or take days or weeks of continuous exposure to appear. Everything from home remedies to pricey creams and lotions has been tried to make the blemishes disappear quickly. Our healthcare providers are linked by a sophisticated electronic health records system that displays medications, supplements, allergies, and medical history to all healthcare providers on the team. Get the rest you need so your immune system can re-group and defeat the viruses flooding your body. Whether you are young, middle aged, or old, knowing your normal resting blood pressure and comparing it to the recommended standards can give you insight into your overall state of health. Once you know your numbers, we’ll help you make a plan to keep your blood pressure under control. Sameera Daud-Ahmad, a Certified Diabetes Educator, and OHM assistant staff members for 90 minutes.
Shared Medical Appointments have proven to result in better glucose control and help take away the all-too-common perception of fighting diabetes alone.
Traditionally, the procedure has been performed by inserting a long, flexible tube into the large artery near the groin and threading it carefully up and into the heart chambers. Jacowitz is board-certified in internal medicine and cardiology and has had specific training to perform this transradial procedure.

In addition, there are more than 200 medications listing tinnitus as a potential side effect.  However, there is small percentage of normal hearing people have tinnitus. The only problem is that you do need to talk to a specialist as there might be interactions with drugs that you are taking at the moment.
In this case there is a need to stay focused and trying as many treatment options as possible. Many of our furry friends including squirrels, chipmunks and white-tailed deer are victims of these ticks and help them spread. Fatigue, depression, sleep disturbances, headaches, and irritable bowel problems are some of the other common symptoms of fibromyalgia.
Winter is a time of holiday calorie extravagance, comfort foods, and generally eating more than we need. Recently, researchers in Chicago and New York City studied 248 volunteers who kept careful food diaries and assessed their acne breakouts.
Memory loss and poor eyesight can lead to mistakes in taking daily drugs, or vitamin supplements. Ideally, the top number should be less than 120 and the bottom number should be less than 80. In addition to eating nutritiously and exercising smartly, there are many effective medications to keep blood pressure in a healthy range.
Daud-Ahmad, must make an initial one-on-one visit before attending the Shared Medical Appointments. Using the artery in the arm has many advantages including improved patient comfort, lessened risk for bleeding after the procedure, and fewer complications. In the past people did not really know what was causing the situation and there was nothing that could have been done. Sound therapy will generate pre-recorded sounds that are basically different than what the patient hears. There are different therapy options that will combine homeopathic treatments with herbal and vitamin based treatments. Hear what it can do for you with a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL.The Sound Lounge – Unique In Scotland – The Sound Lounge is a dedicated audiology room for each patient to get the very most out of their hearing aid system. This means using only 60 percent of your music device’s volume for no more than 60 minutes a day.
Steven Rosner, board-certified in Rheumatology, has expertise in diagnosing fibromyalgia and distinguishing it from other conditions. For something smooth, a container of honey yogurt is as sweet as any over-processed fast-food shake.
Those who ate a high sugar and high fat diet reported worse acne than those who ate a more balanced diet.
Seniors are at even greater risk if living alone, get prescriptions from more than one healthcare provider, or fill prescriptions at more than one pharmacy.
The good news is that this chance and we now know of many different ways in which tinnitus can be treated. We understand that it might sound strange but it is actually a highly effective tinnitus treatment solution. We use the room to explore and dispense all our audiological solutions.Hearing Aid Repairs in Glasgow – If you have hearing aids that are broken or simply not working, we can help – even if you didn’t buy them from our clinic!
The researchers are calling for larger, controlled studies to be able to draw more firm conclusions about the connection between diet and acne.
There will also be time to discuss diabetes management techniques with the other patients and caregivers present. Keep in mind that effectiveness will vary from one individual to the other but this does not mean that you should not try the tinnitus treatment solutions that exist. As you surely imagine, this option is not focusing on the actual disease but on the patient’s mind. Patient should bring their glucose log, a list of medications, and any questions about managing diabetes. It will help him control the sounds and concentrate on something else instead of the constant ringing sounds. To get help with your overall diet, weight loss goals, or nutrition needs, consult your Old Hook Medical primary care provider. All attendees will sign an agreement that they will maintain confidentiality about other patients’ medical conditions.
Why is Background Noise For Hearing Aid Wearers such a Big Problem?Background noise for Hearing Aid wearers can be the enemy of hearing aid wearers. Many simply couldn’t pick up on it before getting their hearing devices, but when it is there it can be very unwelcome.Blocked ears fixed — FAST!!Do you suffer blocked ears? UN-BLOCK YOUR EARS FAST WITH MICROSUCTION - Microsuction is a technique previously used exclusively by ENT specialists.

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