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The shape of each person’s ear is unique and not related to your body size or gender.
Having the right tools to enhance your listening experience and make it more comfortable is essential. It’s so rare that bluetooth speakers have something as convenient as a handle, so these really caught my eye. They also had a wide variety of phones, turntables and bluetooth radios that were in the Fifties style.
The suitcase turntables reminded me of my childhood, but I can’t imagine they would be popular. It used to be that you had to buy a Sling TV adapter, but they have made it easier to get set up with them.
They are quick to mention the channels that are included, but the channels that aren’t are quite popular. I haven’t been that impressed with Beats products, but this feature is really intriguing to me.
The new Beats Pill+ companion app will enable users to control the speaker using a smartphone, with features including the ability to control music from two Bluetooth sources and sync two Beats Pill+ speakers together for either simultaneous or dedicated right and left playback. I looked long and hard for a good speaker system that would let me play my music from my phone or the radio. I haven’t had cable for a few years now, but if I did, I would immediately be buying this TiVo.
That funky arc shape isnt just there to stick out visually however, as VP Jim Denney told us it also allows the smaller box to vent from the bottom. AKG’s Q701 headphones, endorsed by Quincy Jones, are a slightly modified version of the K701 headphones they have been making for years.
While these are nearly identical to the K701 headphones in appearance, the distinctive Quincy Jones features include green stitching on the faux-leather headband, Quincy’s signature on top of the headband, and a green audio cable that is detachable using a mini-XLR connector. As far as anyone has been able to determine, the Q701 headphones use the same audio components as their more expensive siblings, although they are made in China instead of Austria.
Apartment Therapy has a great tutorial showing you how to make your favorite earbuds both colorful and tangle-free using embroidery floss.
One of the nice things about working at Gadgets Page is getting to try products that other people didn’t like. Personally the Yurbuds fit me quite well and are much more comfortable than anything else I’ve tried. One thing that bothers me about them is I can’t get the covers to stay on the earbuds it came with.
In my experience with them I have found that they work as advertised for me, but that doesn’t mean that they work perfectly for everyone.
In January at CES, the nice people at Yurbuds gave me a pair of their ear buds to test for The Gadgets Page. The promise was that Yurbuds would stay in my ears through the sweatiest workouts and they wouldn’t hurt. The folks at the CES booth were quite adamant about the correct way to put the Yurbuds in my ears.
I’ve tested the Yurbuds for the last two months, during the cold walks and runs of January and February. If your ears usually work with this shape of ear buds, then you’ll be immensely happy with Yurbuds.
Music, audio books, or even just using earpods to keep others from hearing what you’re listening to on your phone or other media device? Many people can use more than one size of ACOUSTIBUDS, and your left ear may take a different size than your right.
ACOUSTIBUDS can help bring you that experience and now their NEW popular EPB-Crystal Sport Tips are functional, with a flair of fashion.
If they had included a digital radio tuner, I would have instantly fallen in love and went on a quest to find them. I love the huge gramophone design with its steampunk flair, an analog radio tuner and also connects to your bluetooth device to play your favorite tunes.
Ironically, because there was such a huge resurgence of Fifties nostalgia in the Eighties, it reminds me of my childhood.
They might be using old designs, but they have made them new and fresh with bluetooth technology. You have been paying them for so long that the prices have slowly crept up for years and are now choking you at $130 a month.

If you want to watch the games on your phone or tablet, they have an app that allows you to do that without a DVR or television. USA, MTV, VH1, BBC America, BET, and Bravo are just a few of the channels that are missing. It has four tuners (some of the best have six), but being able to record FOUR shows at a time is plenty good for me.
In a lot of respects, I do miss it, and having something like this stylish DVR might just convince me to join the fray again.
Fortunately for those of us who aren’t used to paying $300-400 for a pair of headphones, they have recently come down in price. They have very large earpieces connected by a plastic frame and a headband that moves up and down with elastics. This is because these are studio headphones, and they have a flat frequency response–this means that, as much as possible, they play low sounds and high sounds at equal volume. If you listen to them while making music, they will give you an honest picture of what it sounds like–exactly what you need.
There are holes on the outside of the earpieces, allowing the sound of the headphones to escape into the room and the sounds in the room to reach your ears. This is due to the elastic that adjusts the fit, and I’m sure it will press less after being used for a while. While you can get decent headphones for a much lower price, the Q701s are well worth the extra money. They are tiny little projectors that work with your smart phone and project on a wall or screen. Instead of an LED light source, they are using a laser and it also has auto focus, so no matter where that wall is, it will be clear and bright. Let me assure you, it refocused perfectly on his chest just as well as the screen behind him.
To see these tiny boxes that cost less than the replacement halogen bulb in the old projectors is AMAZING! They stay in my ear and they don’t hurt after a short period of time of wearing them. At the booth at CES, they measured my ears and said that the size 5 buds would fit in my ear, stay there and not hurt me.
I’ve never been able to use the Apple earbuds because they just fall right out of my ear.
I made sure that every time I put them on, I twisted them into my ear, just like they showed me. It was a warm day for my walk, so all I did was throw on a hoody instead of piling on the fleece and layers.
I really hoped that Yurbuds would work for me, but sadly they weren’t quite good enough. All rights reserved.Medical Daily is for informational purposes and should not be considered medical advice, diagnosis or treatment recommendation.
Then, to get channels like The Cooking Network or The Outdoor Channel, you have to add them.
The biggest problem I have with the Beats Pill+ is something so seemingly trivial that it shouldn’t stop me from buying one, but it does. Mine cost $169 from Amazon, compared to the $450 you can still pay for the K701 at some music retailers. There is also a black-and-white version, and one in a unique bright green that matches the audio cables. Depending on what kind of music you listen to, this may not be flattering–Beats headphones, for example, make most Rock and Hip-Hop music sound better by exaggerating the bass. If you can make music sound good on these, chances are it will sound great on other headphones, stereos, or car systems. This makes them sound more like listening to speakers–the music sounds like it is playing in the room, not playing in your head as with closed headphones. The plastic bands that connect the earpieces seem fragile at first, but they have survived being dropped a few times with no trouble.
They were showing it off in the bright lights of the showroom floor with barely a cover over the screen and it was easy to see.
Thats the same as a few cheaper pairs of earbuds, but whether or not its worth it is up to you.
I’ve always had to use the in-canal ear buds, but after a half hour running, they hurt and need to come out, not to mention the gross factor of ear buds that have been in my ear canal and covered in ear wax.

They had only fallen out once, when my hand hit the cord and literally YANKED them out of my ears. Had the tuner been digital, I would have been scouring the Internet for one of these cute boomboxes. To get as many channels as that bottom of the line TV line-up that you get with cable, you pretty much have to pay $45. If you usually have cable, stick with the basic cable package and you’ll probably come out ahead. In this review I’ll explain why you might want to pay this much for headphones, and see how they measure up to the price. Fortunately, the cable is detachable and AKG sells a nice black, coiled cable for $39 that should solve this problem. I used the microphone once when my mom called during a workout and she was able to hear me and understand me while I talked. Ear buds that shape just do not stay in my ears unassisted, and if your ears are shaped the same as mine, sadly, Yurbuds won’t work for you. These small cushioning tips easily fit over your earpods or earbuds, to help give you pain free listening.
Winner(s) will be contacted by email and have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. After two months of great workouts, I couldn’t understand why they stopped working, and then I remembered. ACOUSTIBUDS also help the earpods fit in your ear more securely so when you’re exercising they stay put.
The Beats Pill+ might be super cool and all, but I want something that I can USE, even if it looks like a square box from the Eighties. InnovationTechnology & the Business of Medicine This Soft Exosuit Will Help You Carry A Heavy Load Newly designed exosuit can assist those carrying a heavy load by reducing the amount of energy used while walking. The HillHealthcare, Policy & Governance Johnson & Johnson Loses Another Lawsuit Over Talcum Powder Products The company plans to appeal the court's decision. While most of us believe this debate is focused solely on the merits of sound quality, there’s a much more important health-related issue you need to address: hearing loss.
The answer requires further explanation… but first some necessary background info.Deaf ZoneAs many as 16 percent of American teens have reported some hearing loss that could have been caused by loud noise, according to a 2010 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
A slightly smaller proportion of adults (15 percent or 26 million Americans) have hearing loss caused by noise. Once your hearing is gone, it’s lost forever.While undoubtedly some noise causing all that damage is environmental and often unavoidable, such as traffic, or work-related and so necessary to your survival, such as machinery, a good portion of ear-bending noise is purely optional. It’s coming from your personal listening devices, whether phone or music player, linked directly to your ears via earbuds or headphones.Quiet sounds are not harmful, only high volume sounds need to be avoided. The amount of hearing loss you can expect from any overly-loud sound is related both to the volume, measured in decibels (dB), and the duration of exposure time, according to Dr. David Schessel, a hearing specialist and chief of Stony Brook Medicine’s Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery Division.Sound at 85 dB or below is considered safe. By Schessel’s reckoning, if you listen to sounds louder than 90 dB for an average of eight hours per day, hearing loss will most likely result. Foy, DO, an osteopathic pediatrician from Vallejo, California, explained in an article for the American Osteopathic Assocation.
Second rule of thumb: if you can’t hear anything around you, the decibel level is too high.
Turn it down!And so we return to our original question about earbuds versus headphones. To preserve your hearing, doctors recommend headphones, which sit on your head like earmuffs, rather than earbuds, which fit inside your ear. The main reason is earbuds naturally add about 9 dB of volume because they are closer to the ear canal. Add to that,  earbuds do not block out as much background noise, so most of us will crank up the volume to unsafe levels.
Plus, there are many cheap earbuds on the market which may be great in a pinch, but these poorly made products will distort sound or produce uneven levels of sound and this leads most of us, once again, to increasing the volume to harmful levels.

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