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Yes, it is possible to go to from having normal hearing to little or no hearing very suddenly.  Typically a hearing loss is considered “sudden” if it occurs all at once or gradually over the course of a few days and has changed your hearing levels by more than 30dB (decibels) in 3 or more frequencies (pitches). If you experience a sudden change in hearing in one or both ears, don’t take the wait and see approach. It may not be possible to completely restore your hearing to normal levels.  You may also experience either a gradual improvement or even a gradual decline in hearing over the months following the sudden change of hearing. If you experience a sudden of hearing, contact your physician or head for the nearest medical center as soon as possible for diagnosis and treatment. Your Care?Our hearing care professionals have a doctorate in audiology and provide a precise assessment of your hearing and tailored care that goes beyond the hearing aid. You know the feeling, your heart starts to race, your palms get balmy, and you got into a panic; you lost your hearing aid. Get out the trusted metal detector you use as a hobby on the beach to search an area to pick up the metal from the parts in the hearing aid. We hope you never have to feel the stress of losing a hearing aid, but if you do, know that Whisper Hearing can help.
One of the common health conditions that happen to senior citizens is the deterioration of their hearing. Talk to a psychologist or your home caregiver about how it can feel demeaning to think that you are “no longer part of the normal world.” You are part of the normal world.
It can affect anyone, but for unknown reasons it happens most often to people between the ages of 30 and 60. The sooner you determine the cause of the problem, the greater your chance of restoring hearing to the affected ear(s).

If that’s the case, the technology in today’s hearing aids allow for changes to the programming of the hearing aid to accommodate those fluctuations in your hearing. If you are unsure you can call your hearing aid provider and they will be able to tell you. Newer hearing aids from popular manufacturers ReSound and Starkey, come with a tracking featured.
You have to be sure that the metal detector is of decent quality to pick up on the small amounts of metal used in the hearing aid or battery.
Follow these tips to find your hearing aid to increase your odds of finding it or quickly replacing it.
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Many people wonder how they can accept hearing loss and cope with the effects it can have on their lives. Think about the many times in your life that you have overcome seemingly insurmountable hurdles. Knowing what to do when you’ve lost a hearing aid will help you stay calm and find a solution. A comprehensive warranty will normally cover loss, damage, and repairs, though there may be a deductible cost associated with replacements.
Try to remember when you last had it during this timeline and revisit that spot to look for it. They can be paired with an app on your smartphone so when you’ve misplaced the hearing aid, simply login and see where you left it!

Use this method in tandem with tracking your steps from your day to the best chance of finding it. If after all of these steps, you still cannot find your hearing aid, you can contact us to help replace it. Like many of life’s changes, there is a psychological component to dealing with hearing loss aside from the hard facts of how to manage the physical disadvantages. There is a whole deaf community out there who live daily life as normally as you did when your hearing was sharp! Getting this warranty and also extending it on a hearing aid is worth it, just in case of an accident. You can also call businesses or hotels to ask if anyone else found it and gave it to the customer service desk. We have locations all throughout San Francisco Bay area and Greater Sacramento so you can come in and quickly have a solution to your lost hearing aid. Your income, age, and health condition will help decide what type of hearing equipment is the best fit for you.

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