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Zyrtec works great for my allergies but it makes me drowsy and even after taking it for almost two weeks i still get drowsy from it, and Zyrtec works the best for me when i take it in the morning. I've been taking Zyrtec daily since it came out OTC in January, so far it is has been amazing. I currently got Zyrtec-d 12 hour but i also got singular 24 hour relief and nasal spray Neophrine. I normally use Zyrtec, and it does a good job, but recently I started using Zyrtec AND NasalCrom-- and for the first time my symptoms were totally gone! Plegine T and Zyrtec or any other kind of allergy med.I'm curious because I have a teenage daughter who tends to get into my pills from time to time like my Somas I had for my back. For all you allergy sufferers out there do you find that taking Advil cold and sinus works better than Allegra D or Claritin D or even zyrtec D?
I have read a lot about the positive benefits of ginger supplements and I want to start taking them, but I am also on Zyrtec for my allergies. My boyfriend seems to have allergies all year long but he hates Benedryll because it makes him feel like he's high and sleep. I have hives caused by heat, and I was just wondering if anyone has tried allegra or zyrtec, and which one is best of these?I have tried 1 10mg zyrtec, and it helped some, but I am wondering if allegra may be more effective. My six year old is truly suffering now that it is allergy season, his eyes are swollen shut each morning and they are red watery and painful.
Is it ok to switch between Zyrtec and Alavert all the time, depending on how bad my allergies are? I used to take Alavert every day, but sometimes it doesn't work for me, so now that Zyrtec is OTC, I take it whenever my allergies are really bad and go back to Alavert when I'm better. July 17, 2013 By McKenzie Leave a Comment This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Zyrtec for SocialSpark. However I've noticed for the past few days it hasn't been working as effectively as I'm used to. My daughter had no luck even double dosing with Reactine as well as showing every day [to remove dust from her hair] and nasal spray.

GONE!I am very allergic to cats, and my friend's cat is especially aggravating to my allergies. I want to be able to leave out her Zyrtec and other meds without having to monitoring her pill intake. None of these work for me, and my sinuses are pretty bad during allergy season, but that is the only part that bothers me so all I need is a good decongestant and Allegra zyrtec or claritin dont seem to do the trick, so i was wondering if advil cold and sinus works better?
It turns out that only one isomer (configuration of the same molecule) is active in blocking histamine (the chemical that causes bad allergy symptoms).
However, ever since I started taking allergy medication I've started to get these weird head pains, which feels like my head is building up pressure.
The symptoms you are having indicate that you are allergic to something in that generic med (possibly the coloring or other additives).
The one is for bacterial infection and the other basically to shrink the blood vessels and lower the nasal reaction to histamines.
Lately he's been having them really bad because of the warm weather with all the pollen in the air plus our cats are shedding and he's allergic to cats. Zyrtec is about as strong as Benadryl and less likely to cause drowsiness than Benadryl, but it does make some ppl drowsy.If Claritin is too weak and Zyrtec makes you drowsy, you will have to reduce your exposure or suffer until you get a prescription. Allegra (Fexotenadine) claims that it is non-drowsy, so thats why it maybe the most expensive, other than the fact that it is Rx only.
I have hay fever and allergic conjunctivitis (eyes are irritated all the time), but now there is volcanic residue (vog) in the air and it's much worse than pollen and dust combined. She didn't say it was children's Zyrtec, but when we got to the drug store that's what it was.
With just the Zyrtec my sneezing and itchy, runny nose were reduced, but they were still there.
Your daughter is going down a very dangerous path unless you take serious steps to make her understand that her actions have very serious consequences. Nasalcrom is OTC and useful for some ppl, but only if its used 4 times daily so this medication does not make sense for ppl who have allergies for many months of the year.

She also takes Nasonex nasal spray and is 100% better.One non OTC we also tried on suggestion of a friend is Omega fish oil supplements. When I added Zyrtec it was like there was no cat at all!Anyone else have success with NasalCrom plus Zyrtec? Before I recommend anything, please check with your doctor before taking any medications or changing medications. He's is eventually going to go to a doctor about it but for now what is the best allergy medication?
It prevents but does not reverse allergy so you have to use it for a few weeks before you feel the difference, unless you start it before the exposure.In the meantime consider using a Neil-Med sinus rinse, a HEPA vacuum, washing the cats (or cleaning them with Aller-pet) frequently, keeping the cats out of the bedroom. I also use neilmed nasal rinse, alaway eyedrops, systane tear drops, and gonna start using nasalcrom. Will it still have the same effects or should she have given regular Zyrtec?BTW: My mom is the one who told me to ask this. The allergy medication is a generic brand from Target and the active ingredient is cetirizine hydrochloride 10mg.
If you keep the windows closed to keep out the pollen (usually a good idea in spring) you will also trap in the cat allergens, so only do that if you also use a good air filter in your bedroom (like the 3m filtrete or honeywell---never use an air filter that makes ozone, please).sounds like your bf is a perfect candidate for allergy shots. Nasonex is prescription from your doctor, and fish oil supplements can be found anywhere [Safeway too!] BUT always better to get from a health food store. I was so worried when it went over the counter cause I had tried the Claritin and it did not help.
Hopefully you are not like myself and can take most meds without problems.Good Luck and Hope Zyrtec works for you as it does work for me and my kids. I also love the tip about putting a gold toned eye shadow just below your brows to help draw the focus up and brighten your eyes!

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