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Nikolai Sarles Following in his father's footsteps, Nikolai Sarles recently passed the Bahamas Real Estate Association (BREA) exam and will be a licensed real estate sales agent, selling properties throughout The Bahamas and working with his father, prominent broker James Sarles, President of Coldwell Banker James Sarles Realty in Grand Bahama. Growing up in Freeport, Nikolai attended Sunland Baptist Academy before graduating from Ridley College in Ontario, Canada, and received his B.A.
No stranger to real estate, Nikolai grew up earning his allowance helping his father put up real estate signs, and lived and breathed real estate from a young age, absorbing knowledge and insights around the dining room table. With his exposure to a wide range of real estate projects, Nikolai developed a keen interest in the commercial and development side of the business, and is looking forward to focusing on renovation properties, rentals, and first-home opportunities as he learns every aspect of the business.
Well-traveled and with family ties in many parts of the world, Nikolai could have chosen anywhere to live, but wanted to come back to his roots in Grand Bahama to build his future.
Nikolai Sarles is especially interested in revitalizing real estate that was part of the island's mid-century heyday.
En haut, Monaco a conforte sa troisieme place et Lille a chipe la cinquieme a Saint-Etienne. His mother, a Bahamian author, is the daughter of the island's first doctor and nurse - Dr.

As part of the next generation, Nikolai sees Grand Bahama's glory days not only as history, but also as a platform on which to build a bright future for himself and his fellow Bahamians. Eijnar and Owanta Gottlieb were medical practitioners brought in to serve the Pine Ridge lumber camp residents when early Freeport was being built. They later relocated to Abaco and served the Marsh Harbour and surrounding communities for many years.
Au quatrieme, je me suis senti mieux mais sur certains points cruciaux il a mieux joue que moi, tout simplement. Je n'etais pas au niveau auquel je souhaitais etre, surtout sur la deuxieme partie du match.
Mon niveau de jeu n'etait pas aussi eleve que lors de la finale contre lui il y a quelques semaines a Rome. Donc dans un match en cinq sets, c'est tres difficile de jouer contre lui dans ces conditions. Etiez-vous touche physiquement pendant ce match ?Comme je le disais tout a l'heure, a la fin du second set et tout le troisieme, je ne me sentais pas tres en forme.

C'est decevant, mais ce n'est pas la premiere fois que je vis cette experience Que pensez-vous du soutien du public ? Quand je joue contre Rafa, ce sont toujours des matches absolument passionnants pour nous a jouer et a regarder pour le public.
Je ne vais pas essayer de chercher des excuses en disant que c'est de la faute du public, cela fait partie du sport. Est-ce que cela vous donne encore plus envie de revenir pour essayer de gagner ici ?C'est fantastique.

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