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Bracelet, white gold, carved rock crystal, baguette-cut diamonds, onyx, brilliant-cut diamonds. Ring, white gold, one 12.40-carat cushion-shaped yellow sapphire, black lacquer, brilliant-cut diamonds. Ring, platinum, one 11.70-carat light orange sapphire, cabochon-cut light orange sapphires, brilliant-cut diamonds. Ring, platinum, one 15.64-carat cushion-shaped light yellow diamond, brilliant-cut diamonds.

Necklace, platinum, 25 Burmese rubies totaling 55.00 carats, pear-shaped diamonds, oval diamonds, baguette-cut diamonds, brilliant-cut diamonds. Ring, platinum, one cabochon-cut 36.74-carat ruby, one pear-shaped rose-cut diamond, brilliant-cut diamonds. Necklace, platinum, one 115.03-carat cabochon-cut Ceylon sapphire, sapphire beads, quartz beads, onyx, sapphire eyes, brilliant-cut diamonds. Platinum, one 236.27-carat aquamarine, one natural pearl, facetted aquamarine beads, baguette-cut diamonds, brilliants.

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