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Posted on July 26, 2012 by Monica Bedi Cartier Boca Raton and tagged Boca Raton Florida, Cartier, diamond, Fashion, Jewelry, ladies, love, Paris, Raymond Lee Jeweler, ring, rolling, rose gold, Stainless steel, style, tri-color, Watch, Watches, white gold, yellow gold. Founded in 1847 in Paris, Cartier gives love meaning as it stands as one of the world’s most esteemed companies in the luxury goods industry. Today, the Maison is renowned worldwide for its high jewelry creations and watches, perfumes and prestige accessories – symbols of craftsmanship and elegance, quality and excellence. Among the elite, Cartier is worn to signify undying love and is the ultimate symbol of status. The style and craftsmanship of this fabulous ring will make you fall in love infinitely with its design not one, not twice, but three times. This decidedly luxurious watch will be a product of cupid’s arrow as your love for this watch will be the epitome of love at first sight. Raymond Lee Jewelers complies with Florida state law stating we can legally charge up to, but not greater than, 25% interest per month equaling 300% APR.

As seen on celebrities and the world’s most famous,  Cartier is responsible for the love affair each of its customers engages in with each desirable Cartier accessory.
A match made in heaven, this watch is a timeless essential with stainless steel Roman numerals to accent the bezel.
Immediately, you will covet its 18k rose, yellow, and white gold metal that results in a divine appeal and exudes a sensational triple threat. Become infatuated with its quartz movement, factory original diamond and 18k yellow gold bezel, and double locking fold over cast. Monthly interest payments act as renewals, extending the loan 30 days when a full interest payment is made. Like no other, this exquisite watch could be destined to be your one true love when it comes to incredible jewelry that is nothing short of extraordinary. The winding mechanism is decorated with a sapphire cabochon,around which the dial orbits, and is moreimposing than ever before due to a precious metal protective arch.

The art of displacement,the art of rupture With soft curves reminiscent of a pebble and a case that is rounded on both sides, the style is somewhere between classic and futuristic. Avery private circle for House of Cartier experts The guilloche dial, the sword-shaped hands, the links of solid gold or solid brushed steel for the bracelet…At first glance, the latest model from the House of Cartier joins Cartier's horology galaxy of time, with one exception.
Cartier was a forerunner in the use of platinum in jewellery and one of the pioneers of watchmaking.

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