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Cartier jewellers select the most exquisite stones which are further enhanced by the skill of the setting to create a unique and magic sparkle.
Ever since the exotic spots of a panther appeared on a Cartier watch in 1914, the famed jewelry house has forever embraced the power and elegance of the iconic jungle cat. The addition of Jeanne Toussaint, a fearless woman in her own right, solidified the panther as Cartier’s when she introduced the full cat in 1919.

When the Duchess of Windsor commissioned a brooch featuring the ferocious feline perched atop a cabochon emerald in 1948, Jeanne Toussaint commenced a formidable trend to own one the house’s newly iconic wild animals, as other wealthy heiresses commissioned Cartier to create bejeweled jungle cats of their own.
Ever since, the panther has become an ever-evolving figurative motif at Cartier, who crafts a handful of jewelry in its image each year. Cartier Biennale Lion Ring – Platinum, one cushion-cut sapphire, onyx spots and snout, emerald eyes, brilliants.

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