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Hopefully you were instructed by the piercer in how to care for your new jewelry.  Make sure it is cleaned daily with the antiseptic provided. Alternatively, there is a better type of system that will not allow the over tightening of the earring.  This is a dome fastner, which  snaps  onto the shaft of the earring and cannot slide off at all. So take a look at your earrings, and those of your kids and check to see the method of closure.  If they have butterflies, remember to inspect the ears regularly to make sure there is no growth into the flesh. Who Is Marion Shaw?As a lifelong beauty industry professional, life is now all about the Business of Beauty. The email messages I received, while automated, clearly indicated that these guys care about their customers and their orders and that they are available on a more personal level if a problem arose. The tone of their messages is polite and inviting; I imagine that if this were a brick-and-mortar business I would be offered a cup of coffee while browsing. Best and most respectful customer service I have received in eons!- Elizabeth S from Amherst NYExcellent product, arrived quickly, smooth transaction.

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