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Covers Keloid removal, keloid scars treatment, piercing on nose & ear, creams, injections and other. Tattoos, be Careful Prior to all surgical procedures, thoroughly discuss a history of abnormal scar formation or a family history of keloid scar formation with the patient. Current: 12g firsts, 14g seconds, 14g thirds, 16g tragus, 16g L nostril, 12g nipples, 12g vch, 1 tattoo. When I was in highschool I freaking pierced my nose myself (shitty idea) and it wound up getting a huge ass ugly bump like this. In May of this year I decided I would try with a nose piercing again and got them done professionally this time.

For piercing candidates with a family history of keloid formation, avoid piercing after age. My piercer, who is a member of the APP, said that since I've brought my bump down once I can do it again.
So my piercer didn't want to change the jewelry, because typically they run bigger than 20g and my nose bump is already irritated.
You can never have too many opinions on weird things like this, go check another APP approved piercer in the area. Also that it isn't a keloid, because keloids keep growing continuously and I wouldn't of been maybe to make it go down once if it was a keloid.

However these bumps were not psycho like my first one (or what yours looks like right now) and they finally went away with simple tender lovin' care and a jewelry switch.

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