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When I was younger, I watched my older sisters add to their collections of piercings: they started out with a simple lobe piercing, then added several more, then cartilage piercing, and now my eldest sister has her eyebrow, lip, and belly-button all pierced.
Now, I can’t wait to start trading out my ear studs for large hoops, or maybe even eventually trying for ear gauges. I already had a conch piercing, a tragus piercing, a helix, a nose, and two cartilage piercings; I was ready to have something hat completed the set. This past weekend, I walked into my nearby piercing shop, Skin City Body Art, with my three best friends and we all pierced our ears.
I love the look of the jewelry, but after hearing harrowing stories about infections and piercings gone wrong from friends, I was scared to get some myself.
I had been talking about it with my friends for months; two of my closest friends also haven’t had their ears pierced and wanted to take me to get them all done. The fashion options are limitless, and I could embrace any style I want to: punk, fashionista, indie…there are earrings for all those genres. My piercing isn’t anything fancy, just a basic stud, but I’m so proud that I was finally able to convince myself to get it done.

At first I wasn’t sure; after going without earrings for so long, I wasn’t sure if I needed to mix up my style at all. The different colors and styles are creative, and the idea of stretching your ear is both weird and cool: a definite fashion statement. On a couple times when putting in earrings, I lost the hole, so blood kept pouring out until I was able to get the earring back in (It was extremely difficult and time consuming, because of how short the earring stems were) After all that, I finally was pleased. However, it swelled up a lot and was a bit red, and within a week it still didn’t look much better.
It requires up-keeping though, as the studs keep falling off after a couple weeks, so I have to keep gluing them back on.
So I went along, happy with my new rook piercing, and one morning I wake up and it’s gone. After all, I got over my fear of needles to go and get my ears pierced; who’s to say I can’t go for gauges as well?
I went online and read horror stories about piercing infections (like how one girls infection got so bad she had to have surgery, and part of her ear was removed and was deformed for life) and got really paranoid that I had an infection.

It was strange though, because it wasn’t leaking blood or odd fluids, just bad swelling. I couldn’t push it back through that morning, and being a theater major I basically have no free time to even eat, much less go to a piercings shop. They told me they had to taper it through, and for those of you who don’t know that means they shove a needle that progressively gets bigger and bigger as it goes along.
So after having the jewelry shoved through my ear four different times, after having it freshly re-pierced, I finally have my rook jewelry in my ear…hopefully for quite a while.

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