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It’s another fact why hearing loss should be treated carefully- in order to grow and stay healthy; the ‘downstream’ neural parts of the hearing system involve input from the ‘upstream’ sensory parts. The reasons of sensorineural hearing loss can be put into two major categories: Congenital and Acquired. Sensorineural hearing loss will mean you may have issue on understanding, When present in both ears, even when speech seems loud enough. Remedy for sensorineural hearing loss varies on the severity of your hearing loss and it also depends whether you are affected in one ear or both.
Hearing aids can help people with mild to moderate sensorineural hearing loss in both ears.
If you have severe issue and hearing aids are no longer working for you then you may want to learn more about cochlear implants. CROS hearing aid is the most common treatment solution; if you have severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss in one ear. You have a right to know your Hearing Aid Audiologist's & Speech language pathologist's qualifications.
We are very happy with the proper suggestions offered by the audiologist about selection of right type of hearing aid.
Bengal Speech provides very good & affordable hearing aid solutions for any kind of hearing problem. It’s pretty difficult for a parent to tell the difference between encephalitis and meningitis because they look a lot alike. Mumps is another viral disease that’s not nearly as common today as it was before experts developed a vaccine for it. Sometimes a head injury can cause hearing impairment or tinnitus, which also affects a person’s ability to hear. Loud noise can damage the hair cells, which are the tiny sensory cells that receive sound and convert it into electrical signals that our brains then interpret and understand. For four years prior to this I had experienced bouts of sudden hearing loss in my left ear with periods of remission, which at the time my ENT diagnosed as Cochlea Hydrops. Please support the Hearing Health Foundation in funding stem cell research to repair damage in both the cochlea & the vestibular.

Dogs that are affected by hearing loss are similar to ordinary dogs in their behavior and habits, except for the fact that they hear only loud noises and this might lead to problems in dealing with them in day-to-day life. Now we know that in most of the cases this problem originates from the inner ear rather than from the hearing nerve.
It can be either inherited or generated by abnormal development in the fetal moments of life. You may have difficulty locating sounds or hearing in background noise, when present in one ear. It is an electronic device which is surgically implanted- so to stimulate the hearing nerve directly, it bypasses the damaged inner part of the ear. In the past four years I have acquired moderate hearing loss & 45% vestibular weakness in my left ear.
I think one of the best hopes for treating Meniere's disease will be found in stem cell research. Acute hearing loss and other problems could be dealt with by learning to communicate with these dogs effectively. Though, we continue to group these two issues together, as the inner ear and the hearing nerve are connected and require working together. Maternal rubella or German Measles was a common cause of congenital hearing loss before the development of a vaccine. These contain age-related hearing loss, trauma, noise exposure from machinery or firearms and meningitis.
Cochlear implants transform sound waves to electrical impulses in a way that imitates your natural hearing. Sometimes, a bone conduction implant can be great option for you, if you have normal hearing or mild hearing loss in your good ear. Moreover they are the only one who provides Replacement of hearing aids, On call service for senior citizen at their places, After sales services at your doorstep, 15 days money back guarantee, Best price challenge & EMI facilities.
I was diagnosed with Meniere's disease in November 2007 shortly before my first vertigo attack. Stem cell therapy could help my inner ear repair itself and give me back my independence & joy of life.

By making use of sign language and having a willingness to take proper care, it is possible to have meaningful interactions with them. The cause of congenital deafness is the presence of a defective gene that leads to a non-functional or malformed ear. In this test, the electrical activity that takes place in the brain in response to the stimulation provided by sound is recorded. I can somewhat circumvent the hearing loss with the hearing aid I was fitted with last month but there is no such device for vestibular damage. Problem of acquired deafness on the other hand, could result from many different reasons such as accumulation of dirt, wax, hair, etc.
The dog may tilt its head sideways due to the irritation resulting from painful or itchy ears. In this test, earphones are used to direct a clicking sound in the ears of the dog, after which the brain activity is studied. A smelly discharge from the ears is also one of the signs that should be considered while determining whether a dog is deaf.
No matter which language or signals one uses for interaction, consistency needs to be maintained while doing so.
The test which lasts for not more than 10-15 minutes can be conducted on any dog above six weeks of age. Many times, puppies that are weaned do not wake up at their regular feeding times because of deafness. Temporary loss resulting from accumulation of wax, hair, or dirt can be dealt with by keeping the ear clean.
It is only when they sense the vibrations or are bumped by their littermates that they wake up. This is because the affected puppy observes its littermates and imitates them, making it difficult for owners to decide whether it is deaf or not.

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