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Venous thrombosis lead to increased intracranial pressure, arching headaches and focal neurological symptoms (focal seizures, paresis, paralysis, etc.). Thrombosis of venous sinuses, may increase intracranial pressure and cause cerebral infarction.
Systemic hypotension as a result of attacks of Morgagni -Adams- Stokes and other factors can sometimes lead to ischemia of the distal stenosis (narrowing of the lumen of the artery). Stratification of the walls of major arteries of the neck with subsequent impairment of arterial blood flow in them can cause cerebral infarction (ischemic stroke).
MRI shows a hematoma after separation the left internal carotid artery, accompanied by flushing and sweating in the patient. A significant number of cases of separation of the arteries of the brain and neck caused by the transferred patients had head trauma and neck. Dissection of the internal carotid artery wall leads to paralysis or okulosimpaticheskomu Syndrome Horner's, when the patient arises ptosis, miosis and enophthalmos. These symptoms and transient blindness in one eye or transient ischemic attack (TIA) often precede embolic cerebral infarction (ischemic stroke) or heart attack in the area adjacent to the blood supply to the carotid system. Therapeutic approaches to bundle carotid wall in the neck include surgical removal and examination of stratified cluster and the intima with Fogarty catheter or medical treatment with anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents.
MRI shows a right vertebral artery dissection (white arrow), accompanied by a stroke in the brain stem (the medulla, black arrow). Patients with symptomatic bundle vertebral, middle cerebral or posterior cerebral artery in the acute phase of illness can also recommend heparin, and later - warfarin sodium. The cause and progression of the disease (etiology and pathogenesis) of fibro- muscular dysplasia is not installed.
Currently arteritis caused by bacterial infection or syphilitic, is not a common cause of thrombosis of the brain, as it was earlier in dopenitsillinovuyu era.
Necrotizing or granulomatous, arteritis occurs both independently and simultaneously with generalized periarteritis nodosa or Wegener's granulomatosis.
Idiopathic giant cell arteritis, which affects large blood vessels leaving the aortic arch (Takayasu's arteritis), can in rare cases cause the carotid thrombosis or vertebral arteries. Blockage of the branches of the ophthalmic artery in the temporal artery leads to blindness in one or both eyes for more than 25% of patients.
Used in the treatment of temporal arteritis corticosteroids provide a striking subjective improvement of the patient and often prevent the occurrence of blindness. Moya moya, - not studied artery occlusive disease, accompanied by destruction of large intracerebral vessels, especially the internal carotid artery and the trunk of the middle cerebral and anterior cerebral arteries. Strokes in young women is also explained by migraine and cigarette smoking, assuming the development of state of increased blood clotting (hypercoagulable state), leading to thrombosis and embolism of cerebral arteries. Polycythemia, thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura, idiopathic thrombocytosis, albuminosis and sickle cell anemia can cause patients to ischemic stroke (cerebral infarction). Binswanger's disease (chronic progressive subcortical encephalopathy) - a rare condition in which heart attacks exposed the subcortical white matter of the brain.
PARIS (AP) — Last fall, soccer fans celebrated refugee children at a legendary Munich stadium; today, European voters are boosting anti-immigrant political parties and governments are closing their gates to new arrivals. Massive infarction of the parenchyma of the brain (ischemic strokes) with secondary edema may prove his fatal for the patient, including a gross form of dislocation syndromes midline structures or brain stem, with its pinched under the edge of the cerebellum at the gallop tentorial opening. Cerebral infarction (ischemic stroke) occurs only in long-term persistence of hypotension, such as cardiac arrest.
More than 50% of the bundles of the internal carotid artery wall leads to the appearance of listening to the noise by the patient arterial blood.
When a patient with aortic carotid wall mark okulosimpatichesky paralysis (Horner's syndrome), or small stroke (TIA), it is preferable to holding anticoagulation therapy with warfarin. In the carotid or vertebral arteries with multiple segments exhibit annular narrowing alternating with areas of dilation (expansion).
If the clearance of the remaining portion of the artery narrowed more than 2 mm, then associate the disease with symptoms of transient ischemia (microstroke) or embolic stroke with caution.

It affects the small distal branches (diameter less than 1 mm) of the main intracerebral arteries and causes heart attacks and ischemic small in the brain, optic nerves and spinal cord. When the temporal artery is affected system external carotid arteries, especially the temporal branch, which develops subacute granulomatous inflammation with exudate. Several postmortem studies have shown that the narrowing of the lumen of the arteries accompanied by deposition of hyaline fibrous material.
This is due to thrombosis with subsequent arterial embolism, as listed disease accompanied by a heightened state of blood clotting (hypercoagulable state). The refrain of Europe's migrant crisis has changed from "welcome" to "enough already."Has Europe suddenly turned heartless? Cerebral infarction (ischemic stroke) have a tendency to localize in the remote (distal) segments of large intracranial arteries, including distal zones pools of blood supply secondary, anterior and posterior cerebral arteries. When the walls of the artery divides bundle tunica media of the vessel or intima is separated from the media. Spontaneous stratification of arterial wall may occur in atherosclerotic lesions of her as a complication of fibro- muscular dysplasia or gomotsisteinurii, arteritis.
However, the mechanism of formation of stratified lesions of the neck vessels and brain is so uncertain that adequate medical care by medical personnel is problematic. Surgical examination is recommended for patients whose weight increases transient ischemic attack (TIA) or marked progression of small strokes. Surgical enlargement (dilatation) of the cervical internal carotid artery in cases with available clinical technically possible, but with a high risk of complications. Necrotizing or granulomatous, arteritis - a rare disease characterized by a steady progression. Exudate in the temporal artery soderzht lymphocytes, monocytes, neutrophils and giant cells. In some cases, the postmortem study found arteritis of the aorta and its major branches, including the carotid, subclavian, and femoral arteries of coronary.
The course of treatment arteritis begins with application of large doses (80-120 mg per day), then reduce the dose values ??under the control of the ESR. Other collaterals include transduralny anastomosis between the superficial cortical branches of middle cerebral artery and arteries of the soft tissues of skull (scalp). Prescribe anticoagulants in patients with neurological symptoms should be especially careful, since it is possible subarachnoid hemorrhage rupture arterial anastomosis transduralnyh. If the detected occlusion (blockage of the lumen of the artery), then later a free cross-country in this vessel is restored.
Computed tomography (CT) scan of the brain reveal periventricular (around the ventricles of the brain) areas of low absorption of X-rays. Or is it just waking up to the reality that it has failed to collectively manage this drama?"It is not sustainable anymore that no one's playing a common game," said Yves Pascouau, a migration expert at the European Policy Center. That's what caused the development of cerebral infarction (ischemic stroke) in areas adjacent blood supply and the average anterior or middle and posterior cerebral arteries. Transient ischemic attack (TIA) and cerebral infarction (ischemic stroke) occur when blockage of the vessel or when the separation of the arteries causing embolism.
Frequently observed separation of internal carotid artery wall, but he was also exposed to vertebrates and the main artery, the trunk of the middle cerebral and anterior cerebral artery. After stabilization of neurological symptoms in such patients prescribed warfarin sodium for 6 months. The process of occlusion of the lumen of the artery are asymptomatic, but sometimes it is accompanied discernible noise, transient ischemic attack (TIA) or stroke. In patients with transient ischemic attack (TIA), which is characterized by increasing severity of clinical manifestations, more effective (compared with surgical treatment) may be treated with anticoagulants.
This disease occurs mainly among the peoples of the East, but it should be suspected in the development of transient ischemic attack (TIA) or stroke in children and young people. In some cases, recommended operations to create extracranial - intracranial bypass tract, but their effectiveness has not been established.

This fact can be considered as a major cause of stroke in women taking oral contraceptives, embolism (born with the blood clot).
In the small arteries of the deep white matter, as it happens and in hypertension invariably evolves lipogialinoz. In favor of this diagnosis showed weakness in proximal and distal extremities parietal deficit. Arterial hypertension (hypertension), if any, may be a consequence of renal artery stenosis. In recent years, began to use drugs that suppress the immune system (immunosuppressants), and thus obtained favorable results. Sometimes it leads to stroke due to occlusion of the internal carotid, middle cerebral or vertebral artery.
Needed to create a shunt craniotomy can lead to a break transduralnogo anastomoses and theoretically capable of causing an increase of neurological deficit. Binswanger's disease may experience heart attacks in the deep white and gray matter of the brain that corresponds to the zone of the adjacent blood supply to the arteries penetrating the circle of Willis and cerebral cortex. For systemic manifestations are as anorexia, weight loss, malaise, and polymyalgia rheumatica (a common fibromyalgia or muscle pain).
The diagnosis is based on the detection of arteritis tenderness thrombosed or thickened cranial arteries and confirmed the nature of lesions in the study of biopsy.
In addition, extracranial - intracranial bypass surgery may cause blockage (occlusion), proximal (upper) middle cerebral artery area.
In the postmortem study involved in the arteries and cardiovascular system shows that they are in good condition. Pathophysiological nature of the disease and even fundamental changes patologoaiatomicheskie remain unclear.
Border guards greeted weary travelers with a hearty "Welcome to Germany," and Chancellor Angela Merkel inspired other nations to do the same. Players on the Munich field promoted integration, holding hands with a refugee child on one side and a German child on the other.Then, the refugees kept coming, along with economic migrants from Senegal, people fleeing repression in Sudan, and many, many others.
Amid the swelling tide was a handful of violent extremists, who found common cause with angry young men whose families arrived a generation earlier.Paris was attacked. Attitudes shifted, creating a turning point in the crisis that has dominated Europe for the past year and will define its immediate future.Now, resentment of the open-arms approach is driving support for a German nationalist party that made gains Sunday in three state elections. Extreme right forces, he said, "are the real threat for Europe now."Governments are cracking down, too. The route hundreds of thousands of migrants have taken through the Balkans effectively closed over the past few days, one nation after another shut its borders.
Some 42,000 people are now stranded in overwhelmed, debt-weakened Greece, including 14,000 desperate souls languishing in a fetid field in the border town of Idomeni.Some European leaders consider the unilateral border closures to be a threat to a continent meant to be borderless and based on consensus.
But her government has been tightening controls — declaring that several Balkan nations and North African nations are safe countries of origin, making their citizens ineligible for asylum — as it tries to reduce the influx of migrants who have little chance of winning permission to stay.Deterring those migrants is central to the complex EU migration plan being worked out this coming week. The idea is for Europe to send back to Turkey anyone from any country who doesn't qualify for asylum or has tried to evade the rigorous asylum application process.
For every person sent back, EU countries would take in one confirmed Syrian war refugee."The policy of waving (people) through is over," German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere told ZDF television Thursday. And a solution is that we end these illegal ways to Europe, and so break the business model of the criminal smugglers."The coming warm season may provide answers. With the Balkans route closed, others may emerge — and an even more dangerous journey from lawless Libya across the Mediterranean to Italy may offer renewed promise.___Lorne Cook in Brussels and Geir Moulson in Berlin contributed.

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