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Majority of gadget designers do not have the physically challenged users in their mind making these unfortunate people feel unwanted in the tech world. The Jitterbug cell phone is an easy-to-use, simple cell phone for seniors that is an entirely new experience. However, there are designers like Noraiki Okada, Jaeyoon and Kang who want to bring to the fold of digital revolution every human irrespective of their physical deformities. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us.

Assistive speech aids like an electrolarynx can help with communicating clearly and speech recovery.
The B&D messenger is a device created by the trio to help the visually and the hearing impaired to communicate on a regular cell phone. The messenger is connected to a computer and the internet and translates the Braille text to normal text and vice versa. The hearing-impaired persons could use this as a normal cell phone to read and send messages.

Although, to keep the price of B&D messenger low it is connected to a computer but for the sake of mobility a Bluetooth module could be attached on to the micro controller for wireless communication.

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