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Could it be that this genius, practical woman had an object or symbol which she felt closest to her essence?
The white bodies of the flowers are crafted from white agate and set onto an 18 carats white gold frame. Rings, bracelets, pendants and necklaces are also available in the same white agate variant. This brand is keen on keeping their elitist character and shows no surrendering to the nowadays globalization politics practiced with fervor by all marketing departments. Mademoiselle Chanel entered the world scene due to her great ambition of making a chance: sick and tired of the opulence of the Belle Epoque fashion she decided to innovate the way people dressed.

The perfect white flower is complimented with a delicate leaf, made of white gold and generously sprinkled with brilliant cut diamonds. For the ladies who may frantically fall in love with the delicacy and utmost perfection of these Chanel Camelia Earrings, the French designers have been generous. The camellia became the brand’s signature as Mademoiselle loved its almost perfect roundness and the classic symmetry of its pure white petals. These earrings seem to have materialized from the unsubstantiated bodies of white summer clouds.
The jewels are also available in a black interpretation, breathing a deep mysterious air and a dark sensuality.

Gabrielle Chanel found in the androgyny and ambiguity of the camellia – a flower without thorns, nor perfume – similarities corresponding to her persona. They have a discrete, clean and delicate feel to them and bring the utmost sense of youth and serenity to whomever wears them. Although, somewhat a homophobe, Coco was said to have maintained relationships within the same sex, herself.

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