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Award-winning personal style blogger, who wears so much jewellery, some compare it to heavy weight lifting.
This was a Chanel Handbag cake I made for Angela’s birthday, it was a surprise from her sister and family in Australia! The colour brown is one those that does not frequent in the blogosphere or in the fashion sphere in general. For those who have a second and feel that I deserve it, please nominate pret-a-reporter in the Best Established Fashion Blog category. Of course, I am not talking about those sandy, warm colours that you see on MaxMara wool coats or Burberry tweed jackets and trenches, nor am I talking about perfect brown leather or suede accessories. Styling it with green may leave you looking like a weirdo, styling it with yellow may work well or if the shades are wrong may end up in a style suicide.

But this particular styling; with some Ralph Lauren lace, some blush oversized trousers, a somewhat Eastside hairdo and gold jewellery convinced me that unless I mention that porn thing, no one would ever think that. Should we blame SJP and her red meets coral Halston Heritage piece, when she was artfully contemplating life whilst walking on a sandy shore in SATC2? Styling it with other hues, including other shades of brown itself may end up really and truly awkward.
But what kind of blogger would I be, having the opportunity to make you sing bow-chika-wow-wow aloud and not taking it?
While that scene may have added a boost to the red dress dream (and Halston Heritage sales, duh), the crimson-fabric-in-the-wind look has always been a bit of a fantasy to any fashion follower. The contrast the colour red brings to the otherwise serene view consisting of calming shades of blue, beige and yellow is just to seductive to ignore.

The reason for this is that generally the colour brown is considered to be black’s awkward ugly sister.
So without any further ado, I wish you all a very merry Christmas – hopefully Santa’s going to be nice and generous this year!

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