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Luxury brand Chanel has paid a record sum to secure Bond Street premises for a UK flagship store in a building opposite the new Louis Vuitton flagship store. Chanel will pay more than A?4m in cash to cover the cost of leaving to the present occupier, Nicole Farhi, and as a result of competition for the property. Chanel, which is taking a 25-year lease on the building, will also pay a near record rent for a building of its size (A?2.35m a year), the Financial Times reported. Martin Thomas, director in the central London retail team at Jones Lang LaSalle, said: a€?This section of Bond Street is now the pitch for the best of the brands. LUXUO list all kind of luxury items, from estates, boats and watches, to the most expensive gadgets.
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The regular 2.55 bags with the different shades are mostly suitable for formal to semiformal wears, just match up the color and people will be ready to go!
C’est dans cadre des annees 20, ou la nostalgie se marie avec la melancolie, que la belle Heidi, luxueusement vetue d’un tailleur en noir et blanc des plus chics et des plus feminins, nous emporte dans le nouvel univers de Chanel. Le travail de Karl Lagerfeld met en scene des interieurs austeres parseme de rayons de lumiere passant a travers les fenetres, et il est axe avant tout sur le silence des visages et la meditation au travers des regards des femmes. La blonde aux yeux bleus a le vent en poupe: elle avait deja ouvert et cloture le defile printemps-ete 2009 de la marque Unlimited. The new collection by Chanel enables people to be more creative with the matching part since the newest collection is young and lively, not what you usually think of Chanel! Elle pose sur une serie de cliches pour la campagne Chanel printemps-ete 2009, realises dans la maison du createur Karl Lagerfeld, aux Etats-Unis.

For instance, for the new Chanel Reissue Alligator 2.55 Flap Bag from the pre-Spring collection, critics’ opinions differ from one another, but the bag is utterly gorgeous! The old classics do not always have to be traditional; they can be especially versatile with unique collocations. The bag is made with traditional Mademoiselle Chain, rendered in perfect patina’s alligator. Along with the alligator bag, there is also the watercolor Classic Flap that stands out from the other barnyard themed bags; it is truly elegant with a variety of summer wardrobe options.

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