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Herbalogic's mission is to help the world discover the healing benefits of natural, plant-based remedies by making them easy to understand and simple to use. Our care is based on a foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine integrated with modern knowledge of nutritional sciences and health — providing safe and effective care for both acute and chronic problems. The body is a highly complex web of interrelated functions, all of which need to act in concert with one another. Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine is the oldest and most comprehensive form of herbal medicine in the world. Chronic health problems begin when the body attempts to correct an underlying imbalance by stealing resources needed elsewhere in order to compensate.
The foods we eat are the building blocks for every cell in the body and provide the tools the body needs to carry out all of its biochemical processes. Body-Feedback identifies the best essential oils to promote healing and maintain health based on your individual needs. Chinese herbs are effective and safe when prescribed by a well-trained herbal practitioner.
Many doctors dismiss people’s health concerns because of an incomplete blood test that only looks for full-blown disease. In contrast, the ranges most doctors use are based on a bell-curve analysis of all the people who visited that lab over a certain period of time, many of whom are very sick.
Because functional nutrition is based on an in-depth knowledge of human physiology and how various systems in the body work together, we also look at a blood test for patterns instead of just looking at individual markers.
A blood test can also help us know what other tests may be necessary, such as a gastrointestinal panel or further testing for anemia. Just recently, the whole of Singapore was engulfed in haze due to forest fires in Indonesia. The above was the msg I received from Kat, who had kindly shared the recipe with her friends. You may filter the leaves off, but I prefer to keep them in the cup to top up the hot water for a second round. More and more people realize Chinese herbal medicine is safer than conventional synthetic medicine and has much fewer adverse effects.
More Americans are turning to traditional Chinese herbal medicine after failing to find relief from conventional treatments.
However, because of the language barrier, lots of people don't know where to find the safety information about Chinese herbal. The easiest way to make sure you are taking the right Chinese herbs for the right reasons is to consult with a qualified Chinese herbalist. Often these experts will be licensed acupuncturists, who within their licensure have extensive training in Chinese medicine and herbs.
There are some potent multiherb formulas on the market , which are non-prescription Chinese herbal medicine for self-care. Second, for safe use of Chinese herbal, avoid excessive use, long-term use, and inappropriate dosage. One should not use certain Chinese herbal medicine for long-term use or consume them in excess. Third, stop using the Chinese herbal medicine if you are not feeling any improvement after taking it two weeks. Fourth, for safe use of Chinese herbs, buy herbal formulas made by reliable manufacturers or imported by credible companies.
These sources always supply standardized organic, low pesticide-residue and sulfur-free herbs and herbal formulas that meet the international pharmaceutical standards of GMP(Good Manufacturing Practice).
March 14, 2012 1 Comment Chinese Hibiscus benefits in dealing with ailments like arterial hypertension, heart problems, diabetes, burning sensation during urination, menstrual disorders, cough, fever, and so on.
Chinese Hibiscus has expectorant, antipyretic, antimicrobial, hypoglycemic, astringent, anti-inflammatory, emollient, laxative, refrigerant, emmenagogue, and aphrodisiac properties.

It is valuable for patients suffering from type 2 diabetes and protects against liver damage and as well. Another natural cure for this ailment is to boil five hibiscus flowers in a cup of water until its quantity reduces to half.
Those like to use henna in their hair can also add ground hibiscus petals (petals should be soaked in water for about five minutes before grinding) in the henna paste. Individuals suffering from kidney problems usually prefer to have this home medicine several times in a day without sweetening it.
Apart from these medicinal purposes, Chinese Hibiscus is used in various culinary preparations. Although Chinese Hibiscus benefits in curing various diseases, excessive consumption of this herb can have fertility inhibiting effects. Tibetan medicine is mysterious to many people, but this book is meant to enlighten people about Tibetan medicine.
Tibetan medicine has been practiced for thousands of years, and it has been perfected as a holistic treatment for many illnesses.
4.This book will teach you some common Tibetan herbs and the importance of pre-blended teas.
5.This book will teach you about the golden needle Tibetan medicinal practice as a form of acupuncture. 6.In this book you’ll learn about Tibetan moxibustion, and how it can help treat many ailments. 7.In this book you’ll learn some of the answers to common questions about Tibetan medicine.
Our minimally processed, small-batch formulas for everyday health concerns combine multiple herbs long used by traditional healers to support the body's ability to achieve and maintain a healthy, balanced state. Our goal is to hone in on what core systems of the body are out of balance and restore their function using natural treatments. Chinese herbs are often combined into formulas customized for your specific needs and changed gradually as your condition improves. With various lab testing to help determine what systems or biochemical pathways are malfunctioning in your body such as hormone imbalances, adrenal fatigue, digestive problems, detoxification capacity, food sensitivities and other hidden stressors, we can pinpoint exactly what is pushing you off balance and support your body’s healthy physiological functioning naturally.
Every organ system is associated with specific muscles and acupuncture points that can become tender when imbalances occur. Careful attention to dosage, combinations of herbs, and any known drug-herb interactions are covered in comprehensive Chinese herbal medicine education programs. In functional nutrition, however, we use a blood test for assessing trends towards disease that may be symptomatic even though you fall within the grey area between health and a full-blown diagnosable disease. These lab ranges have broadened over the last few decades as health of the American population has declined. By doing this, we see how these different systems influence one another to cause a constellation of symptoms. Thus, using Chinese herbal for preventing diseases, self-care and clinic treatment can be very safe and effective.
The key to avoiding side effects of Chinese herbal medicine is to have a knowledge of chinese herbal.
Although the toxicity of some Chinese herbal medicine is low, long-term use or excessive use may lead to intoxication. Stop using the Chinese herbal medicine if you experience nausea, dizziness, headache, skin rash, or any other symptoms after taking it. They also control the heavy metal and bacterial content according to the international standard. It has a flavonoid known as cyanidin, which has antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory qualities. Thus, when taken regularly for a few weeks, Chinese Hibiscus benefits in lowering blood cholesterol level, decreasing blood pressure, and fighting heart disease.

Herbal tea prepared from Chinese Hibiscus works as a natural diuretic and is hence, useful for individuals suffering from kidney problems. Besides, intake of Hibiscus flower extract may help reduce the absorption of carbohydrates, thereby aiding in weight loss as it contains an enzyme inhibitor. Finally, squeeze the leaves and flowers to prepare infusion and rinse your hair with the solution.
To prepare this herbal tea, steep a handful of hibiscus flowers in a cup of hot water for five minutes. It’ll even teach you some of the formulas you’re able to use at home through Tibetan medicine.
The only way to really understand Tibetan medicine is to experience it firsthand, but you first need to understand at least a basic concept of what it is and how to start.
This allows us to match your signs and symptoms exactly, and enhance the formulas positive effects.
Understanding how certain foods could be negatively affecting your health is a cornerstone to restoring optimal wellbeing.
Essential oils easily cross the blood-brain barrier affecting brain chemistry, which in turn causes a response in these reactive areas of the body. Elizabeth has over 3000 hours of training in Oriental Medicine and is NCCAOM Herbal Board Certified.
One tool we use to accomplish this is to interpret blood tests using functional ranges which outline the parameters of good health. As a result, more and more people with real health problems are told they’re fine because their lab results fall within these wide ranges.
The Chinese herbal medicine are divided into three categories according to the properties: superior , medium , and inferior. For instance, you can grind 10 hibiscus flowers, add the paste in a glass of milk and take it on an empty stomach during menstruation. Then, squeeze a lime in the solution and apply it on your head before shampooing your hair.
Those who are allergic to plants of the mallow family may be susceptible to hibiscus allergy. There are many practices, medicinal formulas, and medicinal herbs that are used in Tibetan medicine, and there are even therapies that are unique to treating various ailments.
They do not contain harsh chemicals, fillers, alcohol or preservatives, and are very gentle to your system. The two Chinese herbs most commonly misused seem to be ephedra and herbs containing aristolochic acid (can cause kidney problems if misused).
Superior herbs that are non-toxic can be taken in large amounts for extended periods; they are known as tonics. But this time, let’s just stick to herbal remedy which you can use them for #post-haze healing too.
Aristolochic acid can be found in various Chinese herbs including aristolochia fangchi (guang fang ji), akebia (mu tong), asarum (xi xin), clematis (chuan mu tong), clematis chinensis (wei ling xian), and stephania (han fang ji). They are Chinese herbs that when inappropriately used has been implicated in causing heart failure.
One also needs to know if the Chinese herbal formula will interact positively or negatively with other foods, herbs, supplements, or medications one takes.
There are some common formulas with toxic ingredients, such as Six Spirits Pill ( Liu Shen Wan), Cholonex(Niu Huang Jie Du Pian).

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