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Q: “In your conversations with all of these people who have FMS do you ever come across swollen glands in the neck and under the jaw line?
If you have swelling or pressure in the center of your neck, it could be your thyroid gland.  Be sure to get that checked out right away. I get painful, swollen lymph nodes that don’t appear to be connected to immune problems.
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I can usually tell the difference because, at least for me, immune-related swelling is mildly painful and confined to the site, while stagnant-lymph swelling causes a deeper ache that radiates.

Growing up I had many respiratory and ear infections and then infectious mono in high school and hepatitis in college. Mary Mercy Hospital and is easily accessible from Plymouth, Livonia, Canton, Northville, Redford, Westland, Farmington Hills, Southfield, Dearborn Heights, and other locations in Oakland County and Wayne County Michigan. However, especially in FMS, they may also be a consequence of what some researchers describe as thick or sluggish bodily fluids. All my adult life I have occasionally gotten terrible pain under one jaw which seems to come from a swollen gland. I have to be thorough in communicating with my massage therapist so she knows how much pressure she can use on any given day.

I used to take over the counter acetaminophen and pseudophed and then lie on a heating pad.
A few years ago I got the idea of rubbing aspercream on my neck along with the over the counter pain meds and it has really given me relief. Although I sometimes used to push on it to localize the pain and stop the throbbing pain that was being referred to my head I believe pushing on it or manipulating it would just make it more irritated.

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