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Because these symptoms are shared with many other illnesses—and because many of these conditions lack a diagnostic test or biomarker—unraveling which illnesses are present can be difficult. We all are well aware of what fatigue is but, when I head of the term Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I got a little curious to find out what is it exactly.
Since there is no known cure for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, treatment is aimed at symptom relief.
In general, people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome should avoid too much physical or emotional stress.
Living with chronic fatigue syndrome can be difficult but, with the help of a professional and your family you can achieve positive results with time. Central pain syndrome: causes, symptoms, treatments, What are the symptoms of central pain syndrome? Chronic pain - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Chronic pain is pain that lasts a long time.

Pain management - symptoms, causes, treatments, Visit practical pain management for doctor-reviewed information on chronic pain, including fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain, and rheumatoid arthritis. PEM occurs following mental or physical exertion and is described as worsening symptoms lasting 24 hours or more. They experience difficulties with attention, concentration and memory that have been linked to problems in how the brain processes information – particularly processing speed and complex information processing.
Seek care first from the health care provider who knows you best and will work with you to rule out other possible causes of symptoms and identify other conditions. Acupuncture, hydrotherapy, yoga, tai chi, and massage therapy have been found to help and are often prescribed for symptom management.
Persons with CFS most often gets so fatigued that they can’t perform normal daily tasks like they used to before the onset of illness. However, the conditions that have been proposed to trigger the development of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome include virus infection or other traumatic conditions, stress, and toxins.

A combination of drug and nondrug therapies like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Graded Exercise Therapy, Pharmacologic Therapy are generally suggested for the patients. Sleep problems, pain, heart rate irregularities, gastrointestinal difficulties, allergies, and depression are some of the symptoms that can be relieved treated. Physical or mental activities often make the condition worse, and rest usually doesn’t improve it either. In addition to these therapies Professional Counseling, Support Groups and Antidepressants also may help. I think its wise to get a complete health checkup done every 12 months if you are below 30 and once every 6 months if you are 30+.

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