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Towering 48 stories over the Malaysian capital and offering panoramic city views, Menara Citibank is one of Kuala Lumpur's finest buildings.
If you're looking to start or expand your office, Servcorp's Executive Suites can get you there in style - without the expense and risk of long term leases or capital expenditures.
A range of meetings rooms, boardrooms and private offices throughout our network of prestigious worldwide locations available for one off hire and casual bookings.You control exactly how your meeting is set up. Subscribe to receive access to exclusive Servcorp content, news, insights, special offers and early product release notifications. And if you missed the 4-minute message Anonymous sent Clinton on April 9th, it’s below, too. Well I have, for two weeks, in Chile and Argentina, and some areas are the most inhospitable places, depending on the seasons.
This is the last Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis report for 2015 and it is a good time to look back and see how much has changed in the past year. The biggest sign the Europeans have rejected the gangster regime headquartered in Washington DC is their decision to reject US pressure and join the Chinese initiated Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which formally opened its doors last week. The French and the Germans, for their part, rejected the Washington DC crime regime’s attempt to start a war in the Ukraine by by-passing the US and directly negotiating the Minsk Peace accords with Russia.
There is also a systematic attempt to cut off all funding for the Zionazi (neo-con) faction of the Khazarian mob. The plunge in oil prices from over $70 a barrel late last year to the $30 range recently will start hitting these gangsters in earnest in January as their one year price hedges begin to expire. The battle to cut off Khazarian mob drug revenues has also been reflected in the move by the US Congress, the government of Columbia and the government of Mexico to legalize medical marijuana.
The Russians have also been arming both the Kurds and the Taleban to cut off Khazarian mob heroin money from Afghanistan.
The Bush side of this crime family has already been marginalized with the widespread recognition they were responsible for 911 but Clinton side, while under attack, is still going strong. The New York Times and other Khazarian mob controlled corporate media propaganda outlets find Clinton “eating a chicken burrito bowl” more newsworthy than well documented evidence of rape, drug dealing, murder and other crimes linked to the Clinton crime family. You can see why the world is turning its back on the disgusting, lying criminal cartel based in New York, Washington D.C. This has been happening despite a rapidly increasing pace of false flag events (with diminishing psychological impact) and other hysterical attempts by the Khazarian mob to start World War 3. The Pentagon has already distanced itself from the Khazarian mob by refusing to be tricked again by false flags (“Malaysian air flight 17”) or lies (“Syrian sarin gas attacks”) into fighting on behalf of these mobsters. Even the controlled corporate media has been forced to admit, through their limited hang-out Seymour Hersh, the Pentagon has been going against Washington DC policy by supplying useful intelligence to the Syrian regime. There is in fact, a civil war by proxy going on in the West now with the Pentagon allying itself with Russia and Iran against mercenary armies paid for by the goons in Washington DC.
In addition, Pentagon sources are now saying Yemen is planning to annex the Southern Saudi Provinces of Asir, Jizan and Najran as compensation for Saudi aggression against their country. They are also fully exploiting Turkish historical resentment at the break-up of the Ottoman Empire after World War 1 to encourage the Turks to retake their empire.
There has also been a suspicious regime change in Argentina, hinting that many Khazarian Zionazi mobsters may be planning to flee there from the United States and Europe as their crimes against humanity continue to be exposed.
Zionazis have already bought a large strip of coastal land in the Southern Argentine Province of Patagonia and may be preparing for exile there. The Khazarians have also used nuclear weapons against Japan, Syria, Yemen and the Eastern Ukraine in recent years and can be expected to try to use these weapons again. Also, despite the Khazarian trouble making, outside of the United States, lots of good news was seen in the world in 2015. Also, in a sign that people are waking up to the dangers of allowing privately owned banks the power to create money out of thin air, the Swiss are going to hold a referendum to decide if only a government representing the people should have that right. However, the White Dragon Society is not going to wait for a giant space fleet to save us, instead the WDS wants humanity to save itself. Citigroup Inc’s consumer bank has been ordered to pay $700 million (?450 million) in relief to borrowers for illegal credit card practices, the U.S. The CFPB, set up under the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act aimed at reforming Wall Street, has been cracking down in recent years on credit card companies offering payment protection, credit score tracking and other add-on products. Citi will also pay civil penalties of $35 million each to the consumer finance watchdog and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. The settlement is the CFPB’s tenth such case, Director Richard Cordray said in a statement on Tuesday.

Tuesday’s settlement is about 1 percent of the bank’s estimated revenue for 2015, according to Thomson Reuters StarMine. As of May 21, Citi had paid out over $17 billion in fines and settlements since the financial crisis. The CFPB said that about 7 million customer accounts were affected by Citibank’s “deceptive marketing” practices, which included misrepresenting costs and fees and charging customers for services they did not receive.
A Citibank unit also “deceptively” charged nearly 1.8 million consumer accounts often unnecessary same-day payment fees while collecting payments, the CFPB said. Citi said it had been issuing refunds and had stopped selling products that were part of its agreements with the regulators, including credit monitoring and debt protection products. Capital One Financial Corp , American Express Co and Discover Financial Services are among other card issuers that have been fined by the CFPB since 2012. CALEXICO — Several banks along the border in Calexico have shut their banking operations claiming it was a “business decision.” Those banks include Rabobank and JP Morgan Chase, with the Calexico branch of Bank of America scheduled to close in mid-June. Daniel Fitzgerald, president of the Chamber of Commerce said, “Business is necessary as we all know. Yet, Fitzgerald noted banks in nearby cities such as El Centro, Imperial, Holtville and Brawley are also in jeopardy. Karina Bustos, Union Bank, AVP of branch administration, said Calexico does not need to worry about Union Bank following suit of the other banks. Representatives from other banking institutions such as Wells Fargo Bank, Sun Community Federal Credit Union and First Imperial Credit Union were also present, and reassured Economic Committee members that their doors will remain open and may include possible expansions. Another bit of trivia they found is that Calexico is the third most dangerous border town in America. There is a minute or so with two feeds going at the same time so it’s hard to hear but it corrects itself. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Current Updates: Global Reset, USG Lying Via Mass Media, Hillary Clinton, Land Grab in Fort McMurray? El embajador Francisco Borja revisa los productos donados por la comunidad y que abarrotan los salones de la embajada de Ecuador en Washington.
Incontables cajas y bolsas repletas de viveres, vituallas y medicamentos estan siendo entregadas desde el lunes 25 por centenares de personas y organizaciones de Maryland, Virginia y DC, para ser transportadas en barcos o aviones hacia las localidades mas afectadas por el fenomeno telurico que mato a unas 700 personas y dejo heridas a mas de 2 mil. Francisco Borja Cevallos, Embajador de Ecuador en Washington, declara a Washington Hispanic y recomienda las donaciones en efectivo para afrontar la dura tarea de reconstruccion en las localidades afectadas por el terremoto de hace dos semanas.
Al respecto, Borja explico que la emergencia inicial de construir albergues y de llevar alimentos y agua a las personas “esta caminando bastante bien”.
El embajador ecuatoriano recibio en su despacho a Washington Hispanic para expresar su “enorme agradecimiento” a la comunidad ecuatoriana y latinoamericana e incluso la estadounidense en estos momentos de duelo para su pais. Tambien agradecio al personal de la embajada y a los voluntarios y organizaciones comunitarias que colaboran en el trabajo de clasificar la ayuda. Especiales06 may 2016 0LATAM Airlines inicia vuelos directos de Lima a WashingtonEntre risas y celebraciones. Especiales08 abr 2016 0Los secretos de Don Pedro RiveraEl padre de Jenny, Lupillo y Pedro Jr. Korzeniak's paintings are images created of the intertwine of signs ans symbols that contain a fine mesh of mythical narrations.
One Should always be Thankful for artist such as Bernard Korzeniak, who renew our faith in a final harmony, a unified world, a dream of oneness.
Studying and researching Art, especially Jewish Art, Graphic Design, Architecture, Photography, Art History, Sculpture, Painting, Engraving, Music and new technologies on Digital Graphics since 1979.
Starts art studies in Montevideo, Uruguay at the Clever Lara Studio, Arditti Studio Art Club, Berta Fernandez Musical Center, Violinist Liber Fernandez, and later intensifies art studies through travels to museums in all the World. 2006 Exhibition "Jewish Pictorial Harmoni" in The Shul, Miami, USA, sponsored by Citibank, Consulate General of Uruguay in Miami, Consulate General of Argentina en Miami, Florida Israel Cultural Institute, Michael Ann Rusell JCC & Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center. 2004 Exhibition at Hillel Schusterman International Center, Ann Loeb Bronfman Arts Pavilion, Washington DC.
2003 Exhibition at Alliance Francaise, Uruguay.Sponsored by the Embassy of France, Alliance Francaise and the Culture and Education Ministry of Uruguay. If you are looking for an investment in fine arts, you are in the correct site, contact me, you will receive your painting at your home in 72 hrs in any place in the world you are. Tenants of Menara Citibank enjoy a gourmet cafe and a range of local dishes in the building's food court.

The cowards would have to live underground and be self-sufficient, because the locals are not all on par with American creature comforts.
In many ways the situation now is similar to the situation in Eastern Europe just before the fall of the Soviet Union. This move was led by the UK, usually the US’s most firm ally, and was quickly followed by France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland etc. These are the people who wanted to star World War 3 in order to reduce the world population by 90% and enslave the surviving 10%. The North Koreans are also continuing to cut off amphetamine money that used to go through the Khazarians. In Maumee, Ohio, she stops at a Chipotle for takeout, a news event that produces a spasm of political journalism.
This regime is likely to forfeit a large portion of its $650 billion in foreign assets as compensation payments for the horrors perpetrated by widespread pseudo-Islamic terrorist movements they have funded, CIA sources say. The Saudi, Turkish, Israeli alliance has given passports to, and paid, over 1 million refugees to flood Europe as punishment for their government’s disregard of Khazarian orders. This has led to a war in the region that has embroiled the US, France, Germany, Russia, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, the UK, Iran, the Gulf Cooperation Council and others. The biggest is that world leaders have begun serious attempts to fight poverty and end environmental destruction as seen in the recently signed Paris accords. Representative Juan Vargas 51st Congress District, also attended the meeting and assured city officials that Vargas’ office is searching for a solution. Other discussions include offering “safe harbor,” lining up what banks need to do and how to complete paperwork correctly and completely when detecting money laundering, and lastly, establishment of state-charter banks, added Walsh.
El pais andino golpeado por el terremoto necesita dinero en efectivo para levantar viviendas de miles de damnificados.
Especiales22 abr 2016 0El cirujano de los hispanos en VAEl doctor Shlomo Widder lleva 25 anos sirviendo a la comunidad de Washington, DC y Baltimore. The Korzeniak's Collection in Florida is composed by more than 40 fine art works, all of them original paintings and signed. Sponsored by the Uruguay Cultural Foundation for the Arts and de Embassy of Uruguay in USA.
Conveniently located along Jalan Ampang, the building is easily accessible from the Light Rail Transit Station. Most of Eastern Europe had overthrown their Stalinist overlords and only the big kahuna, the Soviet Union, remained standing.
The New York Times (we are not making this journalism up) breaks the story, reporting that Clinton wore sunglasses and ordered a chicken burrito bowl. The ongoing military blockade of Israel and the grounding of their air-force may be the biggest under-reported news event of 2015.
It is a shame, of course, that unscientific global warming was used as their excuse but nonetheless, rich countries have promised to pay poor countries $100 billion a year to clean up their environments. Now who would go to all the trouble of doing a story that would point to an online document infected with malware?
All we can do is wait and hope for the best.” Fitzgerald added, “Surprisingly, branch managers only receive an email in the morning when they come into work informing them their branch is closing without them having a clue of the situation” he added. Europe has already rejected Khazarian mafia rule and what the world awaits is the collapse of the criminal rogue regime still in control in the Israel, the United States and a few vassal states like Japan.
Now Pakistan and India have begun serious moves to end their 68 years of conflict with serious peace attempts. There has also been an increase of on-line banking and ATM usage, which ultimately influences banks to make such financial decisions,” he said. Spo nsored by the Uruguay Cultural Foundation for the Arts and de Embassy of Uruguay in USA. This can be done in 2016 but only if the White Dragon Society plus their BRICS and European allies keep up the offensive.
The US military is also forcing Japan and South Korea to end their Khazarian engineered never ending quarrels about a war that ended 70 years ago. The North Koreans are also ready to make peace with South Korea, and Japan, two countries occupied by the US military since the end of World War 2.

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