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Women love receiving jewelry…for ladies with Irish, Scottish or Welsh ancestry, the gift of Celtic birthstone jewelry can be very pleasing indeed. Since these special designs feature the ancient symbols of Celtic culture, as well as personal gemstones symbolizing the month of birth, they are perfect gift ideas that offer deeper meaning and sentimental value. Since each design is crafted of reasonably-priced silver (rather than gold) you’ll be able to stay on budget this holiday season. These gifts all come in pretty gift boxes – they can be unforgettable stocking stuffers!
Every piece we offer is handcrafted in the Emerald Isle and stamped at the Assay Office of Dublin Castle. Does a special woman you care about enjoy wearing a charm bracelet and collecting unique charms? Shown here in aquamarine (for March birthdays), the charm will be personalized with the perfect gemstone for any month of birth. Crafted of fine sterling silver, this beautiful, handmade design is part of our Tara’s Diary Charm Bracelet Collection. This pretty silver Claddagh ring gets a shot of color from its heart-shaped, gemstone center. Whichever birthstone you choose will be set off to perfection by the smooth, flawless engraving and feminine setting of this traditional ring. A Celtic knot family pendant with Celtic details can be a touching way to honor family ties.

These three-segment designs are symbols of the Holy Trinity – along with special birthstones for each child, this pendant is truly a poignant reminder of faith and love.
Treat a wonderful Mom in your life to this beautiful keepsake – it will be worn with pride for years to come. Intricate and delicate Celtic knot work adds beauty and dimension to this stunning birthstone Celtic ring. If you’re looking for traditional beauty that is still fashionable and versatile, this ring could be the ideal choice for gift giving.
Featuring a lovely heart-shaped birthstone, each handmade pendant is designed to become an everyday favorite that can be worn with casual or dressy attire.
This entry was posted in Claddagh Ring and tagged Claddagh Ring Meaning Claddagh Ring Meaning and history claddagh ring meanings claddagh rings meaning irish claddagh ring meaning irish claddagh rings meaning irish ring claddagh meaning irish rings claddagh meaning meaning of a claddagh ring meaning of claddagh ring meaning of the claddagh ring what does a claddagh ring mean what does the claddagh ring mean what is a claddagh ring and what does it mean on June 6, 2014 by een. Based on Claddagh ring meaning relationship, Claddagh ring meaning depends on the design of the ring’s wearer. The intentions and customs associated with it originated in the Irish fishing village of Claddagh, located at most disguise the advanced in years bishopric walls of Galway, every infrequently deny oneself of Galway Municipality. You may even decide to choose two or three pieces – all of our birthstone designs coordinate beautifully with the others, forming the base for a lovely jewelry wardrobe that will enhance any outfit.
Three lovely birthstones are highlighted by the beauty of traditional Celtic Trinity Knots.
One of the hot story is about a man called Richard Joe who was apart from his lovable woman created this gorgeous ring as the symbol of his hope to marry his beloved woman one day.

We would like to say thank you if you share this Irish Claddagh Ring Heart Designs to other people with facebook, google plus, twitter or other social media accounts. It has a deep meaning and philosophy as the heart represents love; the hands represent togetherness or friendship, and the crown represents loyalty. That is why the dedication, love, and loyalty of the man represent the Claddagh ring meaning. When the women are still single, they should wear it on their right hand and place the heart symbol facing out.
Whether they are married, the ring will be reversed on the wedding occasion, so that the heart symbol facing in. The reason why this heritage is still exist until now because it passes from mother to her daughter or grandmother to her granddaughter over the generations.
The unique thing from this culture is that it needs to be worn differently based on some criteria.
However, if they are still single, but they are dating someone or have someone in their heart, they should wear it with the heart symbol turned in.

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