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2016's biggest jewellery trend involves countless hoops, loads of studs and a fairly high pain threshold.
Remember when getting your ears pierced meant sitting in the window of Claire's Accessories, clutching a teddy bear (with her very own set of studs, of course) and closing your eyes, while an enthusiastic 17-year-old trainee counted to three?
Change up the sizes, shapes and designs Had the pleasure of piercing this young lady's Tash rook with our 18k diamond flower garland. Aah yes, the pride of returning home with your very own bottle of aftercare solution and those cubic zirconias in your lobes is a feeling you can't beat!Well, you may just find yourself back in that dreaded chair this year, because ear piercings are back in a big way. 2016's take is actually pretty tasteful, teaming tiny studs with fine hoops and minimal pieces.

How long before we’re all getting our belly buttons pierced again?Have you got any unique ear piercings you want to show off?
From celebs to supermodels, people are punching their lugholes from top to bottom with hoops, studs and gems. With Gwyneth Paltrow, Ruby Rose and Kylie Jenner all braving the needle, we thought it was high time we saw what all the fuss was about.In fact, master piercer and body jewellery mogul Maria Tash has seen great success with her range of super-chic micro designs, clustered across the ear for maximum effect. Her first-of-its-kind piercing pop-up at LFW last year saw hundreds of budding piercees queuing out the door to experience her renowned 'technique'.
Getting ready for #NY fashion week with our Opal Horizontal Princess Clicker and Opal Four Ball Trinity Threaded Stud.

Go with someone reputable, recommended, and most importantly, clean and sterile.Choose minimal, chic-looking designs, and lots of them One of our beautiful #mariatash Opal eternities in a fresh daith piercing.

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