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Tinnitus is a common phenomenon with most people experiencing it at some time, especially in quiet surroundings. If tinnitus exists without a hearing loss, the aim of tinnitus treatment and management is to achieve habituation. With over 15 years experience providing the very best in Hearing Healthcare, the convenience of home visits and the flexibility to see you outside of office hours, we believe there is no easier way to care for your hearing. Logitech have been making computer peripherals for as long as I can remember (and yes, I know that’s a long time, no ageist comments please! The Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 comes in a well packaged retail box which shows the left ear piece and USB transmitter through a transparent window which is neatly aligned with a picture of the other side of the headset.
Inside the box you will find the headset, USB transmitter and a full-speed USB charging base. The documentation pack contains a Getting Started Guide, Important Information and End-Of-Life battery disposal information sheet and a driver CD. At the time of the review the Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 was retailing for approximately ?135. I must admit that once the items are removed from the box it doesn’t look like you’re getting much for your money! The USB transmitter is just slightly longer than a standard size (physical) USB Flash Drive and is used in connection with the USB full-speed charging base. The full-speed USB Charging base (I don’t know why, but I have to smile every time I say full-speed USB charging base, why the marketing people feel they need to say full-speed and I haven’t got a clue but it makes me smile) is made of solid plastic which houses the USB connection to the PC and the mini USB charging wire used to charge the headset. On picking up the headset you will be pleasantly surprised at how light it is, it only weighs 330 grams (including battery) compared to 370 grams for the Speedlink Medusa NX 5.1. The headband of the headset has a small foam insert which is about 15cm long by 1cm wide (to 1.5cm in the centre). It’s nice to see that Logitech provide information on how to remove and replace the lithium-ion battery from the right ear piece and provide information on how the battery should be recycled. The Logitech G930 headset will be tested using my rig running windows 7 64bit (service pack 1) with all relevant drivers installed. The first time I came to use the headset and install the software I unfortunately didn’t have an internet connection (one of the rare times my ISP was experiencing issues) so I decided I would install the software on the CD as I couldn’t check to see if there was a later version.
As I previously mentioned, I currently use a Logitech G15 keyboard and Logitech G5 Mouse as part of my rig. The software provided on the disk installed with the normal ‘accept terms and conditions’, ‘select directory to install to’ etc, but then when attempting to connect to the headset an error was reported!? Assuming that the product was fine I decided to uninstall both versions of the software and then re-install the Logitech Gaming Software driver only. Unfortunately over the next 10+ days of testing I had major issues with the headphones and any application that was using surround sound. After numerous days I decided to re-install windows 7 on my rig and try the headset after installing the Logitech Gaming Software, which I am happy to report solved the issue. The full-speed USB charging base was connected to my rig via the USB cable and the headset was connected via the mini USB cable.

If you have used the Logitech Gaming Software driver for another Logitech product then you may possibly wonder where the application settings are for the headset.
This is the opening screen I received when clicking on the Logitech Gaming Software after installing the G930 headset. Once you click on the picture of the Headset the software will display the home page for the headset. This screen shows the Logitech G930 headset with the various buttons and wheels highlighted. The 3 Logitech G Keys (left ear-cup) can be programmed to perform various actions by dragging the commands from the left hand drop down to the relevant key on the picture. Personally I only used this for testing the headphones when listening to music, when playing a game like Battlefield 3 I don’t tend to take my fingers away from the keyboard or mouse.
The advanced setting can be activated by the ‘On’ button which is a nice option to allow you to use the advanced setting for one application and the simple setting for another.
It’s also worth noting that the software doesn’t remember the volume of the headset when it is next used.
This screen allows you to test the surround sound by clicking on the ‘Experience surround sound’ button. Out of the box this screen allows you the ability to select 6 different options to change your voice electronically. And then adjust the pitch of the voice over a range of six options from Lowest, Very Low, Low, High, Very High and Highest. Once a voice is selected you can either select another voice or deselect it to return to your own voice. I often leave my office, which is at the front of the house and go to the kitchen which is at the rear of the house wearing the headset.
To be honest unless my rig’s PSU is switched off there is always power to the USB connections. The small foam band under the headband is surprisingly comfortable considering the size of it.
The plush, noise-isolating ear pads are made of the same foam but are covered in a ‘pleather’ material (synthetic plastic leather is the best way I can describe it). Over several long gaming sessions I can report that I didn’t experience any unpleasantness with wearing the Logitech G930’s.
The plastic boom was easy to bend and get into the optimum position (for me) and also there wasn’t any cracking type noises that are often associated when bending plastic style microphones. Other than the issue noted with the Voice Preview in the avatars software page the noise cancellation aspect of the microphone performs as expected.
The overall sound quality is clear and faithful to the original, but unfortunately it is flat and has very little depth to it when compared to a headset with multiple speakers in each ear piece (like my Speedlink Medusa NX 5.1 headset). This headset is extremely comfortable to wear and for long gaming sessions that is a big plus. The biggest benefit and I suspect the main reason why anyone would want this headset is the fact that it is wireless.

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It can be heard as a ringing, buzzing, hissing, whistling, throbbing, booming, clicking, roaring or cicada-like noise.
Approximately 20% of the population experience persistent tinnitus and 4% of the population have tinnitus that severely impacts on quality of life. Tinnitus habituation is when a person becomes less aware of their tinnitus and, when heard, does not associate distress or adversely affect lifestyle. The other pages may be selected from the buttons on the bottom of the screen or by clicking the relevant highlighted option.
Want to know how to stop ringing in the ears?The perception of noise or sounds in your ears when no external sound is present is called Tinnitus. Tinnitus can be a single sound or a number of different sounds and it can develop gradually or suddenly. These noises can range from a high pitched ringing, hissing, whistling or buzzing, to a low roaring, humming, clicking or pulsing sound. But if you were to turn the lights on in the room - suddenly the candle’s glow seems hardly noticeable.
It’s also worth noting that the Mute button on the headset only mutes the microphone on the headset. This type of tinnitus can lead to elevated stress levels, anxiety and even depression. People who are negatively affected by this condition often become desperate to learn how to stop ringing in the ears. This can be achieved through having a radio playing, the trickling of a water feature, using environmental noise makers and specialized tinnitus masking devices. Your Hear Again Clinician can work with you to recommend appropriate strategies and devices. Our reviews are based on product popularity, positive customer feedback and value for money.
Pinpointing the exact cause of the problem is not always straightforward, and in many cases it is never found.Regardless of the cause, there are certain things that can aggravate tinnitus and make the symptoms worse. The main culprits include noisy environments, excessive stress, certain medications, caffeine and alcohol; so you’ll need to reduce or eliminate these while learning how to get rid of tinnitus. These include increasing the amount of exercise you do each day, getting regular quality sleep, eating more fruit and vegetables and taking specific supplements and vitamins for tinnitus. All of these can be very beneficial and will also boost your immune system, lower stress levels and get your body in better general health which is ideal for the healing process.Studies have shown that tinnitus sufferers are often lacking in specific vitamins and minerals, and by increasing the intake of these their symptoms have been significantly reduced. It’s important to note however that simply taking vitamins in an attempt to stop ringing ears is unlikely to eliminate tinnitus completely, but can be used as a means to provide relief as part of a complete solution. TRT involves the use of counseling combined with sound therapy and relaxation techniques as a way to retrain the brain and help break the negative reaction to the sounds that tinnitus makes.

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