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Barrel or Post Pierced to Clip On Earring Converters are a popular way of making stud pierced earrings wearable by anyone! With a no bend pierced to clip on converter, you don’t have to bend the post of the pierced earring at all however the earring will sit low beneath the earlobe.
Let’s look at how you convert a pierced earring to a clip on earring using a post pierced to clip on earring converter. The whole process shouldn’t take long but do support the back of the earring as you convert it, bending gently and steadily rather than in quick jolts. Make Me Beautiful stocks allergy safe post and no bend pierced to clip on earring converters. One of the biggest complaints people have about jewellery is that it makes their skin itch.
Hallmarking is necessary because when jewellery and silverware are manufactured, precious metals are not used in their pure form, as they are too soft.
Owing to the high value of gold, platinum and silver, there are significant profits to be gained by reducing the precious metal content of an alloy at the manufacturing stage. The problem is that in the modern age, many jewellery items are made overseas where small amounts of money (to us) may be worth large amounts (in local currency) especially when repeated for hundreds or thousands of items. In the last month I’ve seen news on lead reaching jewellery made in India and how Health Canada found Chinese sources were melting toxic car batteries and electrical goods to make jewellery. If you are at all unsure and on holiday, stick to safe jewellery types – things made from string, beads, pearls and wood or resin.
Secondly, if you are buying fine jewellery (that’s something that claims to be gold, silver, platinum or palladium), it should be hallmarked.
Lastly, for all the other jewellery (commonly called costume or fashion jewellery), there are ways of protecting yourself if you’re at all uncomfortable wearing it. One of our favourite ways is the use of a professional grade hypo-allergenic jeweller’s skin guard.
This is a type of hard wearing varnish lacquer that you can paint onto every part of your jewellery that would come in contact with your skin.
There are several different types of clip on earring fastening and whilst all bar mini clips can be adjusted using a clip on earrings adjustment key, there is also a very easy way to make Shepard’s hook style clip on earrings more comfortable to wear. So easy to adjust you might even feel the need to go to the bathroom immediately and splash cold water on your face for not having thought of it yourself earlier… Yes, really! If you are looking to convert either of these two types of pierced earring to a clip on earring then you should only use no bend clip on earring converters since these do not alter the pierced earring post in any way and can be removed at a later date if so desired.
The no bend style of clip on earring converter does a fantastic job for some styles of earring, notably hoops as these cannot be reasonably modified by bend clip on earring converters.
Most clip on earringgs have a movable part to the clip and a fixed part that has the actual earring on. If you examine the moveable fastening part you’ll see that as well as the hinge that holds it on to the earring, there is a central tongue that rests upon the hinge. Decorated with dark-purple cabochons, this ornate 22-karat gold-plated pair is the perfect accompaniment to this season’s ladylike looks. Wear this bold pair with a lace LBD and neatly pinned chignon for guaranteed evening glamour. Make Kenneth Jay Lane your go-to for vintage-inspired accessories and lend eclectic glamour to every evening look.
A modern take on the look, wear this 22-karat gold-plated pair with your hair swept up for maximum effect.
Kenneth Jay Lane earrings have a designer signature at interior and bell backs to fasten to ear.

Kenneth Jay Lane clip-on earrings have padded clasps to fasten to the ear, tiered detail and multiple tear-shaped drops.
You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. High lustre, white freshwater cultured pearls grace these very pretty pearl cluster clip-on earrings that swing gracefully from comfortable silver-plated omega clips.
Any item of costume jewellery you purchase from us is protected by a 30-day full satisfaction policy upon receipt (extended over the Christmas period) guaranteeing you a full refund or replacement as long as the item is unused, unworn and is returned in a saleable condition in the original presentation box.
Service: Royal Mail 1st Class Delivery Delivery within 2-3 working days of receipt of order, excluding weekends. Service: Royal Mail Next Day Special Delivery Available on orders placed by midday, Monday to Thursday only, for guaranteed next day delivery by 1pm (excluding weekends).
Service: Royal Mail International Signed For Service Delivery within 5-7 working days, excluding weekends.
Service: Royal Mail International Signed For Service Delivery within 7-10 working days (excluding weekends). We will always aim to despatch your order within 24 hours of receiving it, subject to availability of stock. We do recommend that you request a certificate of posting (free) from the Post Office if you return goods. Returns are processed within 48 hours of receipt but please allow 7 days for clearance to your card account. Eternal Collection Ltd., Eternal House, Wades Bridge Road, Old Bridge of Tilt, Pitlochry, PH18 5TZ. They have an important feature that might make you choose them over a no bend and that is that the earring will sit high up on the earlobe once converted from pierced to clip on. This looks perfectly acceptable for drop or dangle earrings and you may enjoy wearing these earrings as a clip on using a no bend pierced to clip on earring converter. If the one you are trying to convert looks especially thick, first check to see it can enter the barrel of the converter. Remember that any earring you convert in this way won’t be wearable as a pierced earring any more, however the bending will make the earring sit well in the converter without fear of it falling. Gold, Silver, and Platinum are always alloyed with copper or other metals to create an alloy that is more suitable to the requirements of the jeweller. Base metal articles plated with a thin coat of gold or silver look the same as articles made wholly of precious metal, at least until the plating wears, and even an expert cannot determine the quality or standard of precious metal items by eye or touch alone. Consequently jewellery made in Asia will often be cut with many cheap metals to increase their profits.
Bronzed items may look attractive in the summer sun but we want you to keep gleaming long after the moment is over, so think twice markets. One way of dealing with earrings is by changing the fastening to a sterling silver or gold one. For those of you new to this conversation, a clip on earring converter allows you to change a pierced earring into a clip on earring so that you do not have to have pierced ears to wear it.
Such earrings are often made from alloys, that’s combinations of different metals melted together. However there are other styles like buttons, studs and shields that plain look odd if hung below the ear lobe.
On the plus side the earring will sit inside the converter nicely and you’ll be able to shake your head about without too much fear of launching an earring into someone nearby’s face! Sometimes they pinch straight away, others seem to take a while before really beginning to nip by the end of the night.Why are they always so tight?

Here’s a picture just so that you know what I mean by the moveable part of the clip on fastening and aren’t glazing over in confusion!
It’s this central tongue that determines the amount of tension in the clip on fastening. To loosen off the amount of tension all you need to do is lift the tongue so that it isn’t making the clip clamp shut. 22-karat gold-plated earrings with Swarovski crystal and turquoise and red resin embellishment.
If we have a note of your email address we will notify you as soon as your order has been despatched. VAT at the current rate will be deducted at the time of placing your order if you reside outside the EU. However, if you return an item for an exchange, you will not be charged for the second despatch. That tickling you feel is not just the item rubbing against you, especially if you’re finding that it intensifies if you get hot and sweaty. Metals used in jewellery are often combinations as different types of metal have different properties. Chinese produced goods are particularly likely to have this, with a far higher rate of problems and product recalls than anywhere else. The EU has the strictest standards anywhere so your best bet for quality is to by European jewellery. You are then prevented from coming into direct contact with it and therefore never need suffer from allergies or rashes! On the downside, your earring won’t be any good to pierced earring wearers so you may not want to convert any earrings you may want to sell at a later date. It’s simply because most of the press cover pierced earrings that fewer women today know how to adjust their earrings. Some have nice colours, some are rust resistant, some are too soft to be easily used on their own. Toxic metals that may be blended in might be nickel, but cadmium, lead and others have all been found and frequently continue to be found. And as an added bonus it helps prevent cheap alloys from becoming oxidised and changing colour too. These are sometimes called Clip On Earring Converter Posts since they have a vertical barrel you insert the pierced earring’s post into. In order for the same finding to work on the woman with a very slender earlobe, the woman with a fuller lobe will  find it a pinch! Once inside and holding both the clip on earring converter and the pierced earring firmly so as to focus pressure on just the pierced earring’s post you then bend the earring so that it faces the right direction. It’s best to use a comfort key to loosen clip on earrings than just trying to force a butter knife underneath. You may have to lift the tongue gently several times, tetsing after each, before you get it right, however if you just yank the tongue up, you’ll make it too loose.

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