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You may have heard this awful projection: According to the the World Health Organization (WHO), by 2030, the amount of disability and life lost as a result of depression will be greater than that resulting from any other condition, including accidents, war, suicide, cancer, and stroke. It's an international problem, for sure, but one that hits our country particularly hard; 35 million American adults will struggle with depression at some point in their life. I was disappointed that the WHO report did not attract any coverage from major news organizations like CNN, NBC, or The New York Times. Public safety authorities are committed to preventing travelers' deaths from airline crashes. Another rationalization is wishful thinking: I need not act because someone is going to invent a magic pill to make this problem go away. The ugliest rationalization of all is a kind of indifference toward depressed people that is driven by prejudice: I need not act because they should pull themselves up by their bootstraps.
Students use this graphic organizer to determine cause and effect in a text, two or more texts or part of a text.

Depression is one of the main drivers of suicide, which takes the lives of 30,000 Americans yearly. That same week, there was intense daily coverage of the MERS virus, which has killed zero Americans and 200 people worldwide. According to this line of reasoning, anyone who cannot pull themselves out of the morass of depression and suicidal thoughts is morally suspect and presumably not worth saving. Students download the organizer and open in Microsoft Word or compatible word processor and enter their information. A Nebraska native, Gavin graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a BA degree in English and earned his law degree at the Nebraska School of Law in 2012. Among those hospitalized for depression, perhaps up to 15 percent will go on to die of suicide.
As someone who struggled with severe depression and suicidal thoughts for years, I find that this judgment cuts close to the bone.

When a plane crashes, there is an inquiry, an intense dialogue about "what went wrong." Over the past few weeks, there has been wall-to-wall coverage discussing what might have gone wrong on one missing flight.
The number of compounds have multiplied, but there has been no corresponding increase in their efficacy, nor is this likely to change. In truth, I am alive today because of the concern and caring of other people, not because of my high moral purity or titanic strength.
Where is the inquiry, the dialogue, the coverage, about what allows suicide to kill 800,000 people a year?

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