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Lawyers say dozens of employees who worked at the former Foden truck works in South Cheshire are set to win thousands of pounds in compensation.According to the lawyers, payments are on the way for more than sixty men who suffer with hearing problems after working at Foden's factory in Sandbach. The devastation that fatal accidents cause in terms of emotional pain and anguish is hard to describe. Michael Lewin Solicitors have years of experience with providing help and support for relatives in the aftermath of fatal accidents and have recovered millions of pounds in compensation for the families involved. Established more than 10 years ago we have a superb reputation for customer service and speed of response. We have a very friendly team of highly qualified legal advisors who will help you every step of the way.

Some of them were very noisy but most of the time there was no form of hearing protection available. CompensationIndustrial compensation and personal injury lawyers Attwood Solicitors are acting for more than 60 former Foden employees. Solicitor Rachel Birchall from the firm says that agents acting for Foden are now prepared to give compensation, though final amounts for individuals were still to be worked out. Sandbach was home to two of the biggest names in British truck manufacturing, Foden and ERF. The last badged Foden truck was produced in July 2006, after 150 years of truck manufacturing in Sandbach.

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