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Much of the situational awareness that I want in my G-1000 so that I can fly VFR, safely, alone, any place I like, becomes much less needed in the Avanti because every flight is pre-planned and then flown IFR with constant ATC supervision.
Startup is typical PT-6: Engage the starters and igniters, then introduce the fuel AFTER the engine is humming along at at least 13%, and make sure the temps don't go over redline when the fuel lights up.
When you push the throttle forwards, you are pushed firmly back in your seat, and you just BARELY hear a tiny buzzing of angry bees way back behind you. The plane hops right up to 250 mph or so and then we pull the throttles back and within what seems like 5 minutes we have travelled 50 miles to our destination, a little airport in the middle of Kansas for a stop-and-go.
I believe that this means that an aircraft-carrier mentality seems quite necessary: You need to be on-speed, on-glidepath, on-course, and ride the path right down to the runway, with no time for fiddling around with niceties like a flair. Anyhoo, it was really interesting to fly this plane that operates in the IFR system with the speed and range and payload of a light jet, but on HALF the fuel. The Splendor is equipped with LG's newest user interface, Optimus UI 3.0, which isn't as stylishly simplistic as the vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich skin. A couple of other services include Wi-Fi Direct, Wi-Fi hot-spotting, and a power saver module that lets you customize which features (Bluetooth, auto-syncing, display brightness) to turn off or adjust when your battery gets low. The 5-megapixel camera offers a variety of options: autofocus, touch focus, a flash, a 15x digital zoom, face tracking, geotagging, a timer, continuous shooting, and panoramic shooting. The front-facing camera offers the same exposure meter, white-balance options, color effects, timer, and geotagging feature, but only two scene modes (normal and night) and one image size (640x480p). Video recording options consist of the same digital zoom, flash, exposure meter, geotagging, color effects, and white balances. Though it doesn't operate at the fastest network speed, nor have the best camera, the LG Splendor is a reliable and affordable option for U.S. This article is one in a series that have been released in conjunction with Wayne's new book, 101 Performance Projects for Your BMW 3 Series.
At this time, also disconnect the rear shock where it attaches to the rear trailing arm (see Project 61).
Around the time that the Z3 was designed, BMW realized that this rear shock mount design placed a lot of stress on the sheet metal surrounding the rear shock towers. If you wish to go a step further in performance, install an aftermarket rear shock mount kit. If you find your chassis sheet metal torn around the mounts, there is a BMW factory retrofit part that can be welded into place to repair the metal (part number 41-14-8-169-027 for the left side and 41-14-8-169-028 for the right side). If you would like to see more technical articles like this one, please continue to support Pelican Parts with all your parts needs. With the rear shock assembly removed from the car, disassemble it by removing the top retaining nut from the top of the shock. Followup from the Pelican Staff: Did you replace the bushing at the front, that mounts to the body?
Followup from the Pelican Staff: The shock mounts (upper) are accessed from the convertible top storage area. Comments: Thank you you for all your help, I will attempt to change the shocks and let you know how it went, again, thanks.
Comments: What are the torque specifications for tightening the bolts on the lower shock arm, the upper shot mounts?
Followup from the Pelican Staff: It should fit, you may have to stretcg it a bit if there is a small size variation.
Followup from the Pelican Staff: If your vehicle has the adapter, then reassemble in the order the parts were removed. Comments: should there be any play between the new shock mount and the rod of the new shock? Comments: From reading this tech article, it appears as if you do NOT jack the rear of the car up to remove the shock? Comments: Not sure if I need shocks, shock mounts, something else or a rebuild of suspension, but here is my situation. Comments: Does the Z3 reinforcement plate work on the BMW e30 convertible rear shock mounts? Comments: Do you know of a replacement sheet metal piece for the Right Rear strut tower mount for a convertible Z3? Comments: Does the top of the Sleeve get pulled up over the bumper and does it lock onto the top large washer just below the mount? Followup from the Pelican Staff: That's a good question, it doesn't lock in there - the grooves in the plastic are to hold the foam bump stop.
Comments: The original totally blown OEM shocks on my '88 325i did not have bump stops, nor did my new KYB shocks. My girls are at camp this week and my sister said, “Hey, want to do something fun with our boys this week? So we’re packing up our boys — my one and her twins, and heading into the woods for a day and a night and a morning. This makes the old panel adequate for the needs of the airplane, even though a new G-1000 would provide much, much greater situational awareness and flexibility. There is almost no noise or vibration at all during this process: There is only the slightest, quietest, barely-perceptible whine from way back behind you as you watch the numbers on the cockpit gauges.

The engine makes no noise that can be discerned, and the prop makes only a little, quiet, far-away buzzing sound.
Regardless of my feelings, however, our pilot takes the controls from me on short final, rounds out in a quick flair, and gets a very smooth landing in the first 25% of the runway, brings in about half of his reverse thrust, and gets the plane stopped with 25% of the runway still remaining! The equipment that makes this possible (old-style panel, propellers, small wings with high stall-speeds) provide interesting challenges in flight, but reward you with the smoothest, quietest ride of any airplane, and a fuel bill half of what the jets pay. The prop also gives better low-end thrust, as you see indicated by the shorter take-off distances. The icons are boxy (but luckily customizable), the widgets look clunky (especially the unattractive weather widget), and even though I like that it's sporting the Roboto font, the keypad and app drawer still look a little outdated.
It also has an exposure meter, five image sizes (ranging from 1,280x768p to 2,560x1,920p), six scene modes, four ISO options, five white balances, four color effects, and the Cheese Shot function, which lets you operate the shutter through a voice command. There's also a mirror image option that saves a vertically flipped version of your photo and a "beauty shot" meter that lets you adjust the brightness and blurriness of an image. In addition, there's audio muting and you can choose from five video sizes (ranging from HD 720p to QCIF). As previously noted, the Splendor is faster than the L7, so recording was smooth with no lag. There were no problems with signal quality -- I did not get any dropped calls, extraneous buzzing, or audio clipping in and out. The book contains 272 pages of full color projects detailing everything from performance mods to timing the camshafts.
If you have an E36, you'll also have to remove the rear speakers to gain access to the rear shock mount (see Photo 1).
As a result, BMW engineers have included a top-mounted support bracket that sandwiches the rear shock mount and distributes the load better (part number 51-71-8-413-359, about $15). Don't reuse the rubber bumper, as these are typically near disintegration by the time most people replace the mounts.
Count on spending about $100 or so for a good welder to fit and weld these plates into the rear of your trunk.
If you like what you see here, then please visit our online BMW catalog and help support the collection and creating of new and informative technical articles like this one.
On E30 cars, you only need to pull back the carpet, and the mounts should be easily accessible underneath.
Secure the top of the shock with a set of locking pliers so you can tighten and affix the top locking nut (inset).
28 about the e36 where the rear still feels loose, your question was were the bushings that mount to the body replaced?
My shock has completely ripped the metal and iv been told to use a sheet of metal to fix it.
I'm using full length KYB shocks on lowered springs, so omitted the bump stop to make sure I don't run out of suspension travel. Join us in our BMW E36 Technical Forum Message Board and ask a question to one of our many automotive experts. And when we get there … when we enter into our cocoon of green and mottled, smelling of moss and wood and earth, we will be truly happy and relaxed and able to open our eyes and ears and hearts. We fly IFR so we do not care if it is foggy or raining, and ATC guides us around the bad storms.
Once the engines are running, which basically only determined by the gauges in the absence of any sound, you taxi on out to the runway, the only sound being the radios, or the thumping of the nosewheel on cracks in the pavement. There are a few welcome changes, however, like the fact that you can access up to four apps of your choosing from the lock screen by simply swiping over its icon.
There are fewer front-facing video options; it has the same exposure meter, white balances, color effects, geotagging, and audio muting, but there are only three video sizes (ranging from VGA 480p to QCIF). However, edges weren't crisply defined as I've seen from other 5-megapixel cameraphones, and colors were a bit muted. Images were crisp, colors were true to form, and the lens for the most part kept moving images in focus. On average, the Splendor loaded CNET's mobile site in 19 seconds and our desktop site in 48 seconds.
After spending a few hours with this device playing games, watching videos, and chatting with my friends, I found the battery had only drained by about two-thirds of its total capacity, though it does need a good charge or two throughout the day. Not only is it marked at a competitive price, but the device also has a zippy processor, a recent version of the Android OS, and a vibrant display that is ideal for anyone looking for an updated but inexpensive midrange phone to get by with. With more than 650+ full-color glossy photos accompanying extensive step-by-step procedures, this book is required reading in any 3 Series owner's collection. Repeated wear and tear on these mounts causes them to crack and break after many years of use. If you have a convertible, the rear shock mounts are located in the convertible top compartment behind the rear seat.
BMW also redesigned the mount for the E46 3 Series cars, making sure the mount was backward compatible with the earlier 3 Series cars.
This kit replaces the rubber inner bushing with a polyurethane bushing that is much stiffer and far more secure than the stock mount.

Use new self-locking nuts on top of the shock, and affix the rear shock mount to the chassis. Your continued support directly affects the expansion and existence of this site and technical articles like this one. The red arrow points to the actual rear shock mount (RSM), and the blue arrow points to the very tip of the rod that runs the length of the rear shock. Closer examination of this rear shock mount upon disassembly reveals a large crack (red arrow).
On the right is a stock mount with the Z3 reinforcement plate, a less-expensive alternative to the aftermarket kit. Jack the vehicle, then move the suspension around, looking for the loose or worn component.
1% less speed on the blades is 2% less compression across them, with the resulting loss in efficiency.
At power-application, you are pushed back amazingly firmly in your seat as the plane rockets forwards. Touch-down in the Avanti is a bit surreal: You cannot hear the engines or see the wing or the nose or the prop or really anything at all except runway racing past the huge windshield. Personally, I prefer Android's minimalistic interface, but it's refreshing to see LG actively changing and taking chances with its products' UIs. Turning the volume down helped somewhat, and I could still hear what was being said, but it was unpleasant regardless. The worn-out shock mounts result in a clunking noise that emanates from the rear suspension while you're driving. Carefully pull back the molded carpeting in the trunk and remove whatever carpet fasteners hold the carpet down. This upgraded mount is used on the E46 M3 and E46 convertible cars, and is the mount to use if you swap out your rear shock mounts for replacement stock units (part number 33-52-6-754-096).
In addition, the aftermarket kit contains a beefy support plate that reinforces the sheet metal at its weak point. As always, if you have any questions or comments about this helpful article, please drop us a line. From the back seat, pry off the speaker grille and remove the two screws that attach the speakers to the chassis (green arrows, lower left). There are some Citation Jets that have about the same size and performance as the Avanti, but they use TWICE the fuel to get it. The power-to-weight ratio of the Avanti is the same as a car that weighs 3,000 lb and has 500 hp.
Left unchecked and unfixed, the broken mounts can inflict permanent damage on the chassis by tearing the sheet metal in the rear wheelwells. Reinstall the shock mount and replace the rubber boot on top if it was there when you removed the old mount. You will notice from this shot that the layout is totally overwhelmed by the silly splattering of gauges that results from not having an EFIS system. Panel covered with warning lights that will almost never activate and radios that include DME or ADF that are almost never used?
This is Ferrari F-430 Scuderia territory, with a twist: The props push just as hard at 200 mph as they do at zero. The smaller number of megapixels did lead to more digital noise and poorer focus, but you can still make out faces easily. Reattach the shock at the bottom, reinstall any speakers or carpet removed, and you're finished.
Observe the 6 nav-com radios, for example: The plane has 6 radios, and without an EFIS, it must have the displays, knobs, and controls for each of them, in hardware, taking up panel space all the time. The plane pushes you back in your seat, and KEEPS pushing just about as hard as you come through 200 mph. As a result, a good portion of the panel is taken up with just radios, leaving no space for really good stuff like a weather-display! Every Avanti in the world is operated IFR, every moment of flight, under air traffic control and supervision for every moment, flying airways as cleared by ATC. There is still no noise at all other than the stall warning, but when the nosewheel touches you get a bit of bumping and rolling sound from the nosewheel.. May 14, 2016farmgirlfollies A refreshing little #strawberry #cocktail in the cutest little #mug! In an EFIS system, one area of the EFIS could simply annunciate any problem with the plane. You then engage the reverse, which flips the big prop blades (all 10 of them) into reverse, acting as big strong speedbrakes that push the air right back where it came from, slowing the plane vary strongly without touching the carbon-ceramic brakes, which apparently run about $15,000 each or so to replace. Note the artificial horizon: It has no synthetic vision, so it does not give nearly the situational awareness that it could.

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