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The Doctor asked how he caused the cancer to leave and the young man said through prayer at a healing service. Munday prayed for this man this year who had been hit by a car in high school walking to school in the snow. As Munday prayed, the compassion of the Holy Spirit flowed and his leg that was shorter than the other grew out before everyone!
This miracle is making Jesus famous in Kansas City where it happened and it is with joy we give God thanks for his contagious love! This year has simply amazed us how many people God is allowing us to see miraculously healed and born again!
To see some of the recent photos and miracles on the road, I encourage you to follow us on Instagram, or simply click the following provided link.
Munday and his good friend Charlie Shamp just retuned from an amazing Mission trip to England. The churches were trained and activated to hit the streets and we left an amazing deposit there that has left many people on fire for a lifestyle of evangelism in their cities! We had the opportunity to witness Jesus heal cripples, put new teeth in people’s mouths, correct spines, dissolve lumps, and tons more creative miracles! One example was 2 boys that were brought to our meeting that were pot smoking and very broken. Munday will be ministering in France with his good friend Charlie Shamp, and is expecting many decisions for Christ, healings, and to see France ignited with the Glory of God. For years this faithful woman who is an apostle with her husband and has planted too many churches to count in the Philippines, suffered with Tennitus- a loud annoying ringing in the ears! This month, we honor The Lord, as Jennifer and I celebrate 10 Years of being in full time ministry for Jesus! We cordially invite you to rejoice with us by clicking on our make a donation page and becoming a monthly partner. This man who walked in crippled on my recent trip to Germany with 2 walking sticks, interrupted my healing message, threw the walking sticks down and ran in the building shouting in Spanish, “God has healed me!” Now that is a good interruption! God completely healed this woman in Loraine Ohio at Church on the North Coast who could not walk without this cane for years from a horrible car accident!
Here is a letter from the director of the community center in Jerusalem that received our gifts to the children.
I would like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks and gratitude for your generous contribution of shoes and sneakers for kids, scarfs, tooth paste and razor blades. Your very kind and generous donation has greatly helped needy families in the Kiriat Yovel neighborhood and in particular touched the hearts of many kids and teens that came and received the shoes, sneakers and scarfs. A story that touched us in the office was of two teens that came wearing torn shoes and as would be the way of the miraculous, we were able to find two pairs of shoes to fit each teenager, both the size and the color of their choice! We want to take this time to thank all our partners for helping put many shoes on the feet of the poor of Israel.
Thanks to my dear friend Richard Frieden who lives in Israel who we partnered with to make this awesome outreach possible. We want to invite you to give your best seed into this ministry as we have some awesome missions planned next year to Germany, England, France, Quebec, and Israel! Please give your best end of the year tax deductible donation at the link below or you can use our address below.
Munday just got back from an amazing trip in Augusta Georgia where he had the opportunity to appear on Watchmen Television Broadcasting!.A powerful anointing was released in the filming for all who tuned in across the south east.

In Aiken, a lady who could not walk or so much as stand up, with pain from a car wreck and having fallen down a flight of stairs got completely healed by the power of Jesus Christ! Munday turns 36 this October 26th, so be sure to send in a love offering on the donation page to help him as he is about to leave for his 18th trip to Israel for a compassion trip!
NIOSH recommends removing hazardous noise from the workplace whenever possible and using hearing protectors in those situations where dangerous noise exposures have not yet been controlled or eliminated.
Having first hand ecixrpenee in the Overhead conveyors business health and safety is our number 1 importance.
I have been in search of inspiring suggestions for bathroom designs when I happened upon your web page site via Yahoo and this excellent blog grabbed my attention.
On January 27th 2016, this young man on the right came to Munday’s meeting in Western New York.
Justina just told me that the doctor wants you to come pray for the other patients that he has!!! The Doctor replied that he wants Munday to come next time he is town and pray for his other cancer patients! The man went to the doctor and the doctor x-rayed him to find to his amazement there was no more metal in his body, but a creative miracle by Jesus of new bones where the metal was!!! This testimony came in from a woman who recently left Islam and received Jesus as her Savior! You can follow us on Instagram with your ios devices or smart phones by downloading the free instagram app on your smart phone or tablet from the app store.
You would be excited to know that we lost count of how many people received Jesus Christ on this trip. People who got saved on this trip we’re so filled with the awe of the Lord that they got full-blown on fire for God while we were there!
Please rejoice with us as we praise God for countless of salvations and miracles in 28 nations of the world. By becoming a monthly partner you get to share in the same benefits of what we are reaping across the world and seeing God do. Both these teens ran out of the community center filled with joy from the gift that came to them quite by surprise. We are praying a mighty harvest of souls came in as Munday delivered a powerful message and call to salvation on the airwaves!
The accident was so terrible that the doctor had to put metal bones in his legs and hips as the bones were too shattered to be usable! Over the years we have seen the Holy Spirit do amazing creative miracles such as giving precious people miraculous dental miracles such as new teeth, gold crowns, new fillings, straightening teeth, and so much more. When I woke on Monday morning after the service, it was closed, and I don’t feel the hole any more!!! Many people were brought into a relationship with Jesus and filled with the Holy Spirit and are being planted in the Kingdom of God in churches there. People with crutches and canes were completely healed, and you could feel the awe of the Lord every where we went. Last night, God put her hip back into place by the power of The Lord and all the pain is gone!
A girl has been told she needs surgery for major carpel tunnel nerve damage, but when I prayed for her the power of God touched her and her wrist popped in my hand and all her pain left!
We also give large proceeds of all of our support to help bless Iris ministries in Africa to help them support an AIDS clinic where many children with aids are getting food every day and medical support.

Too much noise exposure may cause a temporary change in hearing (your ears may feel stuffed up) or a temporary ringing in your ears (tinnitus). Munday prayed for him declaring that he will live and not die and declare the works of the Lord. I just wanted you to know that Tristan, the guy who came to your meeting with lung cancer, has been completely healed. This is such a notable miracle as many people do not have dental insurance and this type of work can be costly. We feel it is a historic time for our ministry and a massive harvest time in the earth as increase is upon us and many young dread champions God is raising up! We continue this year on a lifelong journey to spread the love and fame of Jesus Christ across America and the globe! Amazing love manifested in Augusta Georgia and North Augusta, as well as Aiken South Carolina! In most cases, the ringing in your ears or the pounding headache goes away within a few minutes or hours after leaving the noise. Also, we would love for you to make a one time donation as we are going to be going on many mission trips this year. However, repeated exposures to loud noise can lead to permanent, incurable hearing loss or tinnitus.
He felt all the pain leave his lungs as the heat of the Holy Spirit was working inside them.
6 months earlier I developed a molecular hole in my eye which the doctors said was irreversible. Ear Plugs and Ear Muffs always be used at race tracks, shooting ranges, hunting and in some cases concerts. God also grew a woman’s leg out that was shorter than the other and fixed her posture!
We could not have done all of this without the help of God, and all of our amazing friends across the globe.
A woman with a thyroid condition walked in weak and felt strength and her eye sight was restored to normal! Ear plugs are also helpful for sleeping, that person next to you that is constantly snoring and swimming.
A woman who had a spiral fracture in her foot on crutches had all the pain leave her foot and could stand on it with no pain! I can breathe clearly, the pressure in my chest is gone, there’s no pain in or around my heart anymore and i havent had one single episode at all! Sometimes you see the miracles right there before your eyes and sometimes the person goes home and realizes God did more then they were expecting! When i visited my GP she asked what had happened as we compared the photos from 4 weeks earlier. Thank you Munday for not only for having Jesus in your life, but for using his gift through your heart.

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