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It may come as a surprise that there are over thirteen recognized piercings of the ear other than the standard lobe.  So what are they called, where are they situated, and what do people wear there?  As with all modern piercings, style is limited only to imagination, but there are definitely some basics to bear in mind. Orbital: An orbital is also a perforation of the conch area, but is done close to the helix and definitively worn with a larger diameter captive ring that loops around the outside of the helix. For those who wear circular jewelry in their ear piercings, gauge size as well as diameter will be needed to attain a perfect fit.
Also, for industrial wearers, length will vary greatly due to the piercing’s many variations, and some will require custom bent or waved barbells for either comfort or simple aesthetic value. The Uimate Role-Playing Group EverCrossed over from MSN Groups, the Uimate Role-Playing Group is the place to go where you want to be someone OTHER than yourself.
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We think leather jackets should be a staple in every girl’s closet, but styling them can be a challenge when your wardrobe ranges from soft and feminine to hard and edgy. If you’re really looking to pack a pop of color, try one in a bright cobalt blue or golden yellow. Slip Dress: Pull off an easy, breezy look with a slip dress and accessorize with your favorite delicate necklace.
Mixed Prints: We know that mixing prints can be a challenge sometimes, but leave it to a leather jacket to unify the outfit.
Sporty Chic: This effortlessly cool look is taken to the next level with a warm, fuzzy sweater layered under a leather jacket for chilly days. Joggers: Are your sweats just too comfy to justify changing out of them for a trip to the store? Bodycon Dress: Slip on a sexy, curve-fitting dress paired with a sleek leather jacket for a date with your sweetie or a night out on the town. Feminine Colors: We love the idea of bringing a soft, girly vibe to an otherwise all-black and edgy outfit. Comfy Casual: Style your leather jacket with something super comfortable yet stylish, like a cozy knit, boyfriend jeans and some fab pumps.
Peplum Top: A top in a lacy, feminine shape makes the leather jacket look ultra sophisticated, while the boyfriend jeans give the look a relaxed feel. When she’s not indulging in a cup of coffee or exploring the town with her boyfriend, she’s redecorating her apartment and rewatching The Office. We’ve already shown you 21 leather jackets for every budget, now check out 21 of our favorite, blogger-inspired ways to style them. When Felix was old enough he left his hometown for college with the blessing of his family. All his siblings couldn’t wait for him to get back and his mother tried as hard as she could to keep him home. Things started off well but when his first break from school came he got a horrible phone call instead.
His family was dead, ever last one of them and he was left alone, well he was left with the debt of his family but that was about it. The police had said something about arson, so even the things he had growing up were gone.With his family’s debt and his own from school Felix was forced to drop out and find a way to pay off the large sum of money that was now his. This required a change in himself, Felix was the fun loving, social and well liked student by his peers and teachers.

His demeanor changed along with his appearance, Felix became infatuated with the way that he could earn move and fast and that was selling his body. Both her parents are very talented, her father is a well-known painter and her mother is a famous singer. It was no surprise that Ruby would be talented herself, but that could have been because her parent’s pushed her to do every creative thing from theater to pottery.
She would often sit at the piano with her mother’s pianist and learn from him, she spent a lot of time at her father’s studio as well. Though no matter how much interest or achievements she got, her parent’s never seemed to be satisfied.
She saw it as an opportunity to start doing things for herself, however this new change came at a price.
At the age of thirteen Ruby started to lose her sight, the doctor’s said that by the time she was twenty she would be completely blind.
She was supposed to be the heir to their fortune and now since she couldn’t paint, draw or read music her parents started trying for another child, someone who could carry on the family name. At the age of 15 she couldn’t hide it anymore, her sight had become so bad that her photos were crap and her music sounded horrible. She kept her old life a secret once she got into high school, it wasn’t that hard seeing as how her younger brother was now the center of attention, he looked more promising to her parents then she ever did. This was something that she kept from his new friends when she started high school; no one knew what she was actually capable of when she was a child. Now 18 years old Ruby is graduating soon, with no more scholarship opportunities and only the chance to rely on grades to get her into college. Base width 4'' and curl backwards (if straightened they are about 1' long)Personality: That brooding quiet type, has a deep seeded hatred for humans but tries to see the good in them. Studies a lot in his spare time when not keeping his sister under control and it seems like his sister has him whipped. Pandora: Sadistic, likes to punish people but does it with a sweet smile on her face…most of the time.
To protect his sister Zane killed their father when he came to investigate the noise upstairs one day. His father passed away when he was just a teenager and his mother remarried to an American man.
Rune was against the whole thing but listened because his mother asked him to give it a try. His new step-father started to assault him when Rune tried to get help from his mother she wouldn't believe him. As the months went by the beatings turned into rape and his step-father would always threaten that he would do it to Rune's mother if he didn't continue to let his step-father do things to him. Since he was 14 he has taken care of his three brothers, but his parents did do a little something for them before they ran away from them. They made sure that the apartment they were living in was paid each month but other than that Katsu had to find some way to cloth, feed, keep his siblings warm and make sure they went to school.Now Katsu goes part time to school while also cramming for college and he works a part time job in a bar but sometimes he also goes out and fights for money. He pretty much does anything he can to find extra money, he has even been approached by a company to work as an escort but he has yet to give them answer. Though as of recent he has agreed to give it a try before he signs a contract with the company.

Though he can be quite rude and even way over the top with sarcasm but at heart, mostly because it’s a way to protect himself. Shows his rudeness side if someone gets on his nerves like talking too much or he just doesn’t like the person because they don’t respect him. 5 being a complete master with the power) -Dream walking (Lvl 3): can enter a beings dream and fully control them, harm or kill the person, place massages into their mind or take memories using nightmares to store for further use. The range of area affected is proportional to the mastery of the user, with top levels can affect the entire space and time continuum. Her parents are getting old and even Dasha worries about what will become of her when they pass away.
So she packed up Ryu and his brother to leave for the new space station that was now housing civilians.
Well Artemis understood why, she was the only girl to be born into the family for five generations.
She mostly did what she was told though would sneak off to have a little fun however that only lasted till her father and older brother were sent off to war.Her brother came back a hero however her father was pronounced MIA but things didn't end there. Thorin finds no problem with it, it had been his dream to follow in his father's footsteps. Mental Malestorm: able to use an emotion and heighten it to feverish heights, thus controlling it and altering a persons state of being.
For example: anger to rage, making a person into a murderous killer, or sadness to depression causing the person to commit suicide. Element manipulation: Able to control most elements however not so well because he hasn't practiced it. They wanted a weapon that could think like them, act like them but have incredible strength along with the ability to withstand the sun and something they could control. Murphy and Conner were everything the clan had hoped for after so many previous failed attempts, but as they grew their attitudes became worse and it got harder to control them.
They didn't approve of him but she wanted to be with him, Zayn tried to be the best for her for the longest time but her parents confronted him several times and even offered him money to break up with their daughter. After so many times he got it in his head that she was better off without him, Zayn could only find minimum wage jobs and he thought he saw that she wasn't happy. So one day at the height of his depression he went to the cliff that over looked the ocean and dove head first.
However when he woke up, Zyne found himself with a fish tail and as he looked around there were others that looked like him. He doesn't care to have many friends, only that he is secure in his job and can continue living the way he wants to.
He takes his job seriously but most look at him like he is a little kid but that's due to the fact that when he is at work his appearance looks like he is barely 18 when in fact on his drivers license it states that he is 23.
Skylar thinks it's because at work he wears glasses and always has his hair pulled back so it's out of the way.

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