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Offering bespoke engagement ring ideas and recommendations from London's best independent jewellery designers, The Cut London is a jewellery blog showcasing the most innovative jewellery designers, as well as unconventional and unique engagement ring ideas. We believe in the value of skilled craftsmen; independent fine jewellers who specialise in bespoke luxury rather than mass-made production. The traditional diamond engagement ring is more recent than diamond dealers and advertising campaigns might have you believe. The first and most important tip for successful nail art designs is to know the art of combining colors with each other. As you have chosen the perfect nail polish hues for your nail art, look through these inspirational nail design photos and find your perfect style.
We offer free advice, whether you're looking for a cool diamond engagement ring or other piece of bespoke, handmade jewellery, and can point you in the right direction of a highly skilled, independent London jewellery designer.

Before De Beers, the jewellers, coined its “A diamond is for ever” advertising slogan in 1947, experts say the ring – if it were a ring at all – would probably have been designed around a coloured stone. Although being small details, nails can thoroughly transform your look, adding a dose of style and perfection to your overall image.
If you choose complementing shades, your nail design is sure to look smashing, even if you draw just simply strokes of lines on your nails. You can get inspired from the nature and create fruit or floral printed nails, or you may like to print your knowledge of high fashion on your fingertips, trying to recreate the glamour you have spotted on the famous runways. For instance, for romantic wedding nails, consider using sophisticated pink or other pastel hues, lovely floral or bow details. You may purchase some stickers, studs and gems and try to create textured nails that scream sophistication and elegance.

Therefore celebs and famous fashionistas never spare efforts and time for visiting beauty salons to have their nails done or for creating smashing nail art designs themselves at home. So make sure not to go over the board picking only too bright and screamy colors, neither try to be too conservative and go for only boring monotonous hues. You don’t have to be a professional nail artist or know profound skills in drawing to be able to come up with creative nail art designs. Simply get inspired from these gorgeous top 100 nail designs for perfectly polished nails all the year round!

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