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Washington, May 10 : Hearing loss in a single ear of a child hurts his ability to comprehend and use language, says a new study.
Hearing loss in one ear can stem from congenital abnormalities in the ear, head trauma or infections such as meningitis. Children with hearing loss in one ear may go undetected because they can appear to have normal hearing. Even children with recognised one-side hearing loss often aren't fitted with hearing aids and often don't receive accommodations for disability.
Lieu says the study demonstrated the strongest effect from hearing loss in one ear in children who are living below the poverty level or with mothers who have little education. The children were tested with the Oral and Written Language Scales (OWLS), a widely used tool to assess language comprehension and expression. An average OWLS score is 100, and hearing loss in one ear caused about a 10-point drop in scores. The oral composite score - which reflects both children's ability to understand what is said to them and their ability to respond or express themselves - averaged 90 in children with hearing loss in one ear, said a WUSM-SL release.
Hugely successful Japanese pop star Ayumi Hamasaki has revealed she has gone deaf in her left ear, but vowed to go ahead with an upcoming tour of Asia.
The 29-year old wrote on her blog that her left ear "doesn't work anymore" and that it was inoperable. The star is thought to have tinnitus, a ringing in the ear that can be caused by constant exposure to sound.

Ayumi is Japan's top-selling singer scoring 28 number one hits and has sold nearly 50 million albums. She has known of her condition since going in for an ear check last year, according to her website. Ayumi is due to launch her second tour of Asia in April to mark her 10th anniversary as a performer. Speaking of injuries, Liam talked about hurting his shoulder nearly six months ago from doing a cartwheel.
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Elisa MenzelElisa Menzel's tattoo behind her left ear, telling strangers she's deaf in one ear, has gone viral.
One woman in Berlin got a miniature tattoo behind her left ear to let people know she's deaf in that ear.
A photo of Elisa Menzel's cute ink, with her caption explaining why, has now gone viral with more than 2.7 million views on Imgur. Menzel, 24, who said she's been deaf since she was young, told ABC News she was inspired to get the tattoo of a small speaker with an "X" beside it after years of being frustrated by strangers. Now our study has shown that on average, children with hearing loss in one ear have poorer oral language scores than children with hearing in both ears," Lieu says.
Their difficulty in hearing may be mistaken simply for lack of attention or selective hearing, says Lieu, also assistant professor of otolaryngology.

Each was matched with a sibling with normal hearing so that the researchers could minimise the possible effects of environmental and genetic factors on the children's language skills. That's why I would like to continue singing until I reach the limit with my remaining right ear," she wrote on her members-only fansite. I had a double ear infection, because I had to keep diving into the water," she said, adding that the jets from the water punctured her eardrum. Yep, you read that right.When asked what skill each actor would perform for the Game Makers, Hemsworth said, "I dislocated my shoulder doing a cartwheel just recently actually. Watch the chat below and find out more from the Catching Fire cast!Meanwhile, the second installment in the series, Catching Fire, hits theaters Nov. Online - Your source for entertainment news, celebrities, celeb news, and celebrity gossip. Off to the doctor, pop it back in."Additionally, viewers found out that Hutcherson is an amazing dancer (can someone arrange a dance battle, please?) and Lawrence explained that her dramatic pixie cut was done just because her hair was fried from all of the dye jobs.

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