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NIOSH, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health recommends 85 dB for eight hours a day. A-Weighted Sound Level – the sound level as measured on a sound level meter, using a setting that emphasizes the middle frequency components similar to the response of the human ear. Day-Night Average Sound Level (Ldn) – day-night sound level in dBA is derived by averaging time varying sound energy over the daytime (daytime Leq) with the varying sound energy over the nighttime (nighttime Leq) to which an additional 10 decibel weighting is applied to the nighttime hours of 2200 to 0700. By understanding your child’s hearing loss you can understand how much the technology enables your child to hear, listen and talk. Developing listening and language starts with appropriate prescription of digital hearing aids. There are different types of hearing loss and they are usually described in terms of the decibel level at different frequencies. The child will hear that you are speaking, but will not be able discriminate the quieter elements of conversation which carry a lot of meaning. Where decibels are talking about loudness, frequency is talking about the range or pitch of hearing. The frequencies that are measured by your audiologist are the important sounds for speech development.
Hearing levels are usually plotted on an audiogram that identifies the decibels levels of loss and frequency range of loss.
An audiogram is a graph which shows how loud (ie the decibel level) sounds have to be at each frequency for the child to hear them Audiograms represent the loss for the right ( red O ) and the left ear ( Blue X) on the graph since the loss can be different in each ear.

Hearing levels are gained when the audiologists measures the response of the child to sounds going through the ear, middle ear and inner ear. The audiologist will set up the digital hearing aid to match your child’s frequency and amplification needs. In this way only the frequencies required will be amplified so your child will hear soft sounds and loud sounds will be controlled so that they will have a comfortable listening experience and hear all the frequencies required. The level of a specific sound must be above the ambient noise level in order to be perceived. The A-weighted sound level is found to correlate well with subjective assessments of the annoying or disturbing effects of sound. Zero on the decibel scale is based on the lowest sound level that a healthy, unimpaired human ear can detect. To know if a sound is loud enough to damage your ears, it is important to know both the loudness level (dBA) and the length of exposure to the sound. Pitch is similar to the difference we hear between a low note played on a piano and a high note. Most vowel sounds (a,e,i,o,u) in English are low frequency but many consonants, like s, t, k, are high frequency. We do this to provide information, support, and encouragement for families who wish to learn more about how their deaf children can learn to listen and talk. These noise components are forever changing in intensity, fluctuating up and down as vehicles come and go or as gears shift up or down.

As an example, the ambient noise level in the residential area west of Circle Drive and south of 8th Street East was recorded at 54 dBA Ldn. Decibels are not linear units, but representative points on a sharply rising (exponential) curve. Leq1h condenses an hours worth of noise fluctuations into a single number, with units of dBA.
Remember, noise levels above 85 dBA will harm hearing over time, anything above 140 dBA can cause damage to hearing after just one exposure. Learning to Talk provides more information about how to help your deaf child learn to listen and talk. Your child will gain more from hearing normal pace of language including intonation, accent and clear context.
To understand traffic noise requires an understanding of the physics of sound, and a familiarity with the terminology and definitions of noise descriptors. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (1998), the maximum exposure time at 85 dBA is 8 hours. The level of a shout close by would be about 80 or 90dB as would that of a lorry passing you in the street.

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