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The Pebble earrings with their slender shape and lustrous palette, feature an anodised aluminium plane, framed delicately by a hypoallergenic stainless steel contour. Created in four colours (ruby, navy, stone and mauve) and four organic shapes, the earrings are designed to form various pairs based on either shape or colour. Australian award-winning studio inSync design maintains an independent approach to contemporary jewellery, whilst marrying industrial materials and processes with traditional hand-craft techniques to produce clever contemporary jewellery of exceptional quality and distinct aesthetics.
Fluid organic shapes are folded to form necklaces and earrings that are made of hypoallergenic and light weight aluminium and stainless steel.

These dynamic mini structures reveal interior and exterior spaces that draw the eye in movement to various parts of the composition, and bring us back to the essence of form and colour with refined and simple elegance.
A one of piece, designed and hand manufactured exclusively for Ixtlan Melbourne Jewellery Store. I like how the different stones compliment each other picking up different colours and reflections of each others.
Whimsical ‘hand drawn’ brooch with a continuous line that extends seamlessly from the body of the brooch to become the closing pin.

Available in either raw stainless steel, 22ct gold plating or brightly coloured powder-coated finish. We recommend inserting the pin vertically into a garment, in the chance that the catch opens; the brooch will remain on the garment.

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