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Author: admin | 22.02.2016 | Category: Ear Drops For Tinnitus

It used to be that the idea of designer accessories under $100 was an oxymoron, but these days it’s increasinglyA not the case.
Here, I’ve scoured the web and found ten reallyA hot designer accessories all under $100 that will make perfect holiday gifts for designer-name lovers or equal-opportunity accessorizers like me.
Pearls are hot this year and show no signs of going away, but they’re often not as modern as I like. I love these playful gloves that even have an index finger slit for texting–or checking to see how many people liked your photo of your new glovesA after you post it on Instagram. Ever since I saw aA necklace from Falllon on our Editor Liz, I’ve been obsessed with this high-end, contemporary jewelryA brand. I’m a sucker for rose gold, andA when you add shimmery diamonds, well, thisA is an easy sell.

Sometimes you don’t need to carry very much, or you just want to be able to grab your essentials out of your big bag and go, and this wristlet is perfect both times. These are such a fabulous twist on thoseA ubiquitous hoops, with just a bit of added bling which doesn’t put them over the top for everyday use. I love the pervasive edge in Rebecca Minkoff’s jewelry line and this pendant is no exception.
If you (or your lucky recipient) has been chomping at the bit for a Chan Luu bracelet but just can’t swallow the price, this is anA affordable but still fantastic option. The stripes and color combo (love navy and black!) of this scarf make it one you can wear all the time, which is exactly what I tend to do with scarves this season. This necklaceA tops out right at $100, but it’sA such a versatile all-season piece that you can wear it dressed up or down.

This bangle is also available in yellow gold, and even better, it’s on sale, which means you might just be able to rationalize both. It’s a fab length and size for my own fall and winter uniform of solid sweaters and leggings.
Make it extra special and pop a gift card in there so the lucky recipientA can shop after the holidays too.

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