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Oval Polished Square Tube Hoop Earrings 10k Yellow GoldEnjoy this classic high polished 10K yellow gold square tube oval shape hoop earring.
Oval Stamp Hoop Earrings 10k Yellow GoldThese 10k yellow gold hoop diamond cut earrings with a unique sparkling look.
Classic and polished, these lightweight, hollow sterling silver hoop earrings are perfect for everyday wear, finished with a hinged snap back for pierced ears.

Distinctly stylish, these unique sterling silver earrings feature a modern design sure to make a statement.
Dimensional and petite, these stud earrings are intricately crafted in hollow sterling silver with textural accents. Simply inspired, these large hoop earrings are crafted in sterling silver with a rounded design and finished with a diamond cut engraved texture.

Discover timeless stud earrings, modern hoops and dramatic drop earrings that offer exceptional value and instant shine.

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