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Save your favorite design, share your ideas, work together to design your own ring or other custom jewelry, get prices, inspiration and innovative ideas. This word for the measurement of a diamond's weight is derived from the carob seeds that were used to balance scales in ancient times.
A diamond's clarity is affected by any external irregularities and internal imperfections created by nature when the diamond was formed. According to the quality analysis system of the Gemological Institute of America, clarity is graded on a scale ranging from internally flawless (IF) to imperfect (I). Pure gold is defined as 24k, and can be formed into pure gold jewelry items, as if frequently done in the Far East.
All gold alloys, primarily used in jewelry construction, are expressed in fractional parts of 24k. Pure gold is a highly inert metal, and has almost no tendencies towards oxidation or tarnishing.
14k white gold jewelry items, when properly rhodium plated, look exactly like the same items made in Platinum.
Since the two (2) metals basically look alike, the decision of which to purchase is usually based on cost. Since there is no visible difference, consumers can decide for themselves which they prefer. One troubling aspect of wearing rings is when the middle knuckle becomes larger than the back part of a finger.
Clarity Enhanced diamonds are priced as much as 40-50% below the price of an equal grade non-enhanced diamond. One of the most interesting aspects of jewelry finishing is the process called electroplating. We frequently get inquiries about converting yellow gold rings, etc to the more popular white gold.A  We can duplicate most designs in White gold and reset your stones. The only drawback to Rhodium plating is the process is not reversiblea€”if you change your mind after plating, it is too late! There are many techniques that can be employed in making a custom designed piece of jewelry. Many designs visualized by our clientele cannot be accomplished strictly by the assembly process described above for various reasons. The Lost Wax Casting process basically starts with rendering the design of the desired piece of jewelry in a sketch or drawing, detailing all parts and styles needed, and then fabricating each part in wax, then assembling all the wax components into a full size wax model of the item.
The meaning of the term Lost Wax become apparent when the next step of the process--casting--is accomplished.
Download the complete list of Traditonal & Modern Anniversary gifts by clicking the link below. To be graded flawless, a diamond must have no inclusions visible to a trained eye under a 10x magnification in good light. Although the great majority of diamonds come in shades of white, the gems also come in a spectrum of majestic colors, from red and canary yellow to blue, green, and brown.

The most common cut, the round brilliant, has 58 facets, or small, flat, polished planes designed the yield the maximum amount of light to be reflected back to the viewer. Above the girdle of a brilliant cut diamond are 32 facets plus the table, the largest and topmost facet.
However, pure gold is generally considered to be too soft for many jewelry applications, so other Alloy metals are added for strength.
Gold alloys below 50% pure, such as 10k gold, can show some oxidation--tarnishing--under certain conditions, due to the presence of more reactive metals, such as silver and copper. Due to factors such as the cost of base metals (Platinum 2x pure gold), the fact that 14k gold is only 58% pure gold, the fact that Platinum items weighs almost twice as much as their gold counterparts, and the costly specialized casting equipment and procedures that are required to cast and finish Platinum, most Platinum items cost 4 to 6 times what an identical gold item would cost. If a ring is large enough to fit over an enlarged knuckle, it is generally too loose on the finger itself, and if top-heavy, will spin around constantly.
This procedure involves sizing the ring to fit over the knuckle easily, and then soldering two (2) small beads of gold, smaller than BB's to the lower inside of the ring shank. This process is a permanent treatment that results in a diamond's clarity grade being raised from an Imperfect grade (visible, noticeable imperfections) to an SI or VS grade, wherein imperfections are no longer visible to the unaided eye. This is because the selling price of an Enhanced diamond is based on its original value before enhancement, plus the minimal enhancement processing costs. This is a process in which metal is transferred onto an electrically conductible object by running an electrical current through an electrolytic liquid. As the name implies, we have the capability -- and willingness-- to make the article of jewelry you desire exactly the way you want it. Sometimes the principle stone is of non-standard dimensions, and cannot be set in any available standard dimension setting.
This wax model can be easily adjusted to finger size, in the case of rings, and the settings (or heads) can have the proper stones temporarily mounted, so that the finished model-- at actual size--can be shown to the client for approval. There are several ways to accomplish this--we use the centrifugal force method, whereby the molten metal is placed in a horizontally-mounted centrifugal caster, in line with the hot flask. Stones are graded by color and given designations dependant on how far they deviate from the purest white. These colorful diamonds, known as fancies, are valued for their depth of color, just as white diamonds are valued for their lack of color. This reflection, known as brilliance, is an extremely important factor in evaluating the quality of a diamond.
The amount of Alloy added to a given amount of pure gold determines the purity--and value--of the resulting metal. In some cases, it is appropriate to replace the bottom half of a ring (the shank) with an adjustable shank, usually hinged in some fashion so it can be opened several sizes to fit over the knuckle, and then closed and locked down to the proper finger size. The location of the beads has to be about 5 o'clock and 7 o'clock, using a clock face reference, and looking at the ring down the center of the shank. The end result is the purchaser gets either a larger diamond for their money then they would have been able to get in an un-enhanced diamond, or pays less for the same size and quality diamond they originally planned on purchasing. For example, one might own or select for purchase a diamond or colored gem of a certain shape and size, and then select a band style and the appropriate setting (head) style and size to secure the stone.

In addition to these, however, one of the most versatile ways to make a desired piece to custom dimensions is through the Lost Wax Casting process, which is another option at Jack Hood Jewelers, Inc.
At this point, with the stones removed, the wax model can be weighed, and the finished weight in gold, silver, or platinum can be calculated.
The core of the caster is a high tension coiled spring, when released, allows the molten metal--gold, silver, platinum-- to be centrifugally forced into the cavity of the flask left by the wax model.
Unfortunately, many ring styles do not lend themselves to this solution for various reasons--also, this is a relatively expensive solution.
Although this sounds uncomfortable, it isn't and when passing over the knuckle, the beads are oriented to be low enough to press into the muscle part of the finger, missing the tendon area higher on the knuckle. When all parts are permanently assembled and polished and the stone is set, the finished piece is unique to your taste.
The finished price of the item based on metal used, stones used, and labor can be projected, usually to within 2 or 3 percent accuracy.
In this way a perfect reproduction of the wax model can be produced in the precious metal of choice.
Inclusions can interfere with the passage of light through the stone, diminishing the sparkle and value of the diamond. Color grading continues down through the alphabet, with each letter designating a more yellow tint.
In addition to the round brilliant, other popular cuts include princess, emerald, pear, marquise or oval.
Once the ring is on the finger, these little beads tend to stabilize the ring on the finger and largely eliminate spinning and turning.
Many jewelry items are made with silver, and then gold plated, producing a product called, Vermeil gold. The plaster is allowed to harden, after which the flask, with the wax model enclosed in plaster, is placed in an electric or gas high temperature oven, called a Kiln, and heated to 1350 degrees Fahrenheit for several hours. Normal finishing, polishing, and stone setting, if applicable, is then performed, and the item is checked and certified ready for delivery.
Believe me this works if the beads are the right size and in the right place, and the entire procedure costs under $50.00! The addition of the gold layer can completely cover the object, or selectively cover some areas, leaving other areas with the silver surface showing.The most commonly used plating metal for jewelry is Rhodium. This is a Platinum group metal that produces a bright silver-like coating on receptor metals.

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