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Wearing the diamond earring studs can make your appearance fresher even in casual fashion style. Recycle your favorite gemstone studs into contemporary double halo earrings with these luxury diamond earring jackets. That’s why most diamond studs are worn by teenagers, adult women and elders to keep them stylish and fresh.
Usually, the yellow gold is used to make the stud body including the pin which would be inserted into your ears. In the Western country, diamond earring studs are more popular with white gold as its main material than the yellow gold.

The first diamond studs involve round shaped diamond to be a gorgeous ornament of the stud. The diamond is definitely small on the stud, but it is still able to attract much attention from people who see it. In a picture, we can see a pair of diamond studs which have four prongs made of yellow gold. In general, the studs only consist of small diamond stone as embellishment and white gold dominating the pins. When you saw someone was wearing round shaped diamond studs, the studs actually aren’t always completely in round shape.

This cut style allows the diamond is designed in cone shape with sharp part on the bottom and round shape on the top.

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